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More Than Speed Click Here for Integrated Solutions Overview

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1 More Than Speed Click Here for Integrated Solutions Overview
Industry Applications Overview Click Here for Advanced Products Overview

2 Fully-Integrated Signal Solutions Overview

3 for advanced applications.
Designing Advanced Signal Technology Solutions Since 1988 Signatec is a leading designer and manufacturer that works with its customers to build real-time signal solutions… for advanced applications. RADAR Aerospace & Defense Ultrasound & NDT Communications Instrumentation

4 Fully-Integrated Systems
Signatec’s specially designed, high-performance PC systems can house multiple interconnected boards for maximum system performance. Signatec systems utilize multiple independent PCI peer buses for efficient high-speed transfer rates with high-end base components and also support disk storage systems integrated within a single chassis. Signatec can also provide alternative customized systems tailored for your application needs. These products can be interconnected via Signatec’s high-speed buses with efficient data throughput for real-time applications. The Signatec Auxiliary Bus (SAB) consists of a 64-bit data bus mechanized via two 100 conductor ribbon cables running across the top edge of PCI boards. This allows the boards to accomplish multiple tasks under control of a signal processor device without PC intervention, effectively bypassing the PC host bus and PC operating system and therefore significantly improving system performance. Complimentary yet powerful system software is also provided for manipulating Signatec products at the individual board or system level. Use Signatec’s powerful Maestro System Software to setup all hardware settings, record data from arbitrary data acquisition boards, recreate analog signals, view large amounts of signal data, run DSP applications and much more. In short, Signatec customers receive a fully functional signal system right out of the box. Signatec designs and manufactures state-of-the-art PC based products in four key signal technology areas: DAQ - Data Acquisition Signal Waveform Digitizers DSP - Parallel Digital Signal Processing DAC - Signal Waveform Generation and Playback REC - Real-Time Signal Waveform Recording

5 High Speed Waveform Recorder
MS per second! What separates Signatec's data acquisition signal waveform digitizer products from other similar products in the industry is the ability to acquire and transfer data simultaneously. Signatec’s high-speed digitizers, complete with deep onboard memory configured to work as a FIFO, are ideal for applications where extremely long waveforms must be captured and recorded without any break in the analog record. Integrating Signatec's products allows for the creation of a high-speed waveform recorder with unprecedented performance. PDA Series Digitizer Board + IC1000 PC System Start by selecting a PDA Series Digitizer with options for 8-bit or 14-bit A/D resolution and sample rates from 100MHz to 1GHz Integrate into a high-performance workstation class IC1000 PC Add up to 4TB of IDSS RAID storage integrated within a single chassis Utilize our easy to use recording software included at no charge + IDSS Integrated Disk Storage + Maestro System Software

6 Scalable Recording Systems
Multiple Channels Synchronized Recordings! The following configurations can be achieved by linking multiple Signatec digitizer boards together: Our data acquisition products are also designed with a master-slave operation feature that allows for connecting multiple digitizer boards together to create a simultaneous synchronized multi-channel acquisition system. In master-slave operation, the master board drives the clock and trigger signals for the slave boards so that data on the slave boards align sample-for-sample with the data on the master board. 1-6 Channels, 8-bit Resolution, 1 GHz Sampling Per Channel 1-6 Channels, 14-bit Resolution, 200 MHz Sampling Per Channel 2-12 Channels, 14-bit Resolution, 100 MHz Sampling Per Channel

7 Acquisition, Real-Time DSP and Playback Capabilities
Stream Data to Powerful DSP and Playback Options! Continuously transfer your digitized data to Signatec’s PMP1000 at up to 500 MB/s for 72 GIPS of real-time processing performance using 9 of TI’s C6414 DSPs, the perfect solution for many demanding processing applications. Signatec’s new PDAC4000 signal generator provides 4 16-bit DAC channels to accurately produce output signal frequencies up to 400 MHz, each capable of outputting up to 1 GS/s. Please contact Signatec to learn more about X-PORT, the PMP1000’s 3rd external interface, an open source, user-programmable device that opens the product up for a new level of advanced signal applications

8 Maestro – System Software
Added-Value Software Maestro – System Software Use our powerful Maestro System Software for manipulating Signatec products at the board or system level. Maestro can be used to setup all hardware settings, record data from arbitrary data acquisition boards, recreate analog signals, view large amounts of signal data, run DSP applications and much more. Signatec designed the Maestro system software suite as a menu driven program to orchestrate all Signatec products within a PC and requires little to no programming on the part of the user. Maestro's ability to allow users to begin using their Signatec products immediately rather than having to develop their own unique custom software saves costly development time.

9 Added-Value Software Software Tools
Signatec prides itself on helping its customers to create their own specific applications. Inside of each product software suite, at no additional charge, one can expect to find: Product installation software Windows and Linux drivers and libraries A complete library of functions for developing user specific applications Source code for the Signatec function library Source code examples that illustrate how to use the function library for building applications Diagnostic executable programs for verifying product functionality Signatec's Integrator software for application development and debugging for DSP products

10 Additional Support Options
Signatec Training and Development Services Signatec also offers comprehensive training sessions and development services to select customers. Training can be held at our corporate headquarters in Newport Beach, California, or at the customer's site location, and allows customers to work with our highly skilled engineers to provide a comprehensive hands-on approach in understanding Signatec products and how to maximize their performance potential. A typical training session schedule includes: Physical System Layout System Overview System Specification Details Functionality Testing Software Coding Instruction

11 Industry Applications Overview

12 RADAR Signatec Products are Ideal to Create High-Performance, Low-Cost RADAR Systems Continuously Receive and Process 500 MB/sec of Digitized Data in Real-Time A Fraction of the Price Delivering Several Factors of Greater Performance High-performance processing of data is essential for 21st Century RADAR systems to detect and classify targets. For the many different types of RADAR systems, each with their own specialty for detecting and/or tracking, additional technologies are required for combining multiple RADAR system results into a higher order and more trusted integrated picture. Signatec delivers the ability to digitize analog signals at up to 1 GB/s and stream that data at up to 500 MB/s to a powerful parallel DSP board for real-time processing.

13 Communications Use Signatec’s High-Speed Acquisition, Parallel Processing and Playback Systems for Real-Time Communications Solutions Parallel DSP Processing Board Makes Any System Software-Definable Automate SIGINT Systems to Rapidly Scan and Process Spectrum Data Continuously Many Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) systems require vast amounts of real-time processing capability. Yet, a paradoxical relationship exists between the need for advanced processing power and a marginally increasing, or stagnant, federal budget. As a result, aerospace and defense communities place an ever increasing demand for quality, efficiency and affordability from commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) processing systems. Signatec signal systems deliver at every level.

14 Ultrasound & NDT Signatec’s products dramatically enhance analysis for critical ultrasound applications with the ability to acquire, process, and/or playback data in real-time. Signatec’s products offer extreme advantages to NDT applications where it is cost critical to get tested components back into service in the quickest manner possible. Digitize pulsed signals at up to 1 GHz per channel and stream that data continuously to Signatec’s powerful DSP board for the advanced real-time processing required in many advanced medical imaging (e.g. tissue elasticity) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications. Aging structures, airframes and materials, especially when exposed to harsh environments, require NDT to ensure material integrity, airworthiness and overall safety for humans as well as the environment. For health applications, and commercial situations where downtime equates to significant loss of revenue, Signatec’s systems deliver essential high-speed, high-resolution and real-time solutions.

15 Aerospace & Defense Command Control Communications Computer Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) Network Centric Operations (NCO) Software Defined Radio (SDR) Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Signatec, proudly serving the Aerospace and Defense communities since 1989, delivers unparalleled speed and performance for affordable, real-time signal system solutions. Signatec’s mission is to ensure the US Military and our allies continue to employ the best signal technology hardware possible for the 21st Century. Signatec’s signal technology products will support the vision of DoD decision-makers to transform the 21st Century land, sea and air battlefields.

16 Instrumentation Laser-based applications for materials processing and aerosol or spray characterization Weather-based applications such as monitoring lightning conditions Topography-based applications for chartering land terrains General automation-based applications for quality control testing of product Signatec's products are useful for a wide variety of instrumentation applications and ideal when your applications require highly integrated, performance-based analog capture, signal processing and analog signal playback capabilities.

17 Other Applications LIDAR Mass Spectroscopy
Mass Spectrometry-Time of Flight Laser Doppler Velocimetry Data Fusion High-Speed Encryption/Decryption Transmitter/Receiver Image Analysis Digital Video Data Compression All High Data-Throughput & Demanding Real-Time Processing Applications

18 Advanced Products Overview

19 1 GHz Data Acquisition Board
PDA1000 1 GHz Data Acquisition Board 1 GHz Sample Rate 8-bit A/D Resolution 256 MB of Onboard Memory Bandwidth from DC-500 MHz 500 MB/sec SAB Transfer Rate 266 MB/sec 64-bit PCI 33MHz Transfer Rate Link up to 6 Boards for 6 Channels Full Length PCI 32/64-bit Compatible Board

20 100 MHz Data Acquisition Board
PDA14 100 MHz Data Acquisition Board 100 MHz Sample Rate 14-bit or 8-bit A/D Resolution 512 MB of Onboard Memory Bandwidth from DC-50 MHz 500 MB/sec SAB Transfer Rate 266 MB/sec 64-bit PCI 33MHz Transfer Rate Link up to 6 Boards for 12 Channels Full Length PCI 32/64-bit Compatible Board

21 200 MHz Data Acquisition Board
PDA14-200 200 MHz Data Acquisition Board 200 MHz Sample Rate 14-bit or 8-bit A/D Resolution 512 MB of Onboard Memory Bandwidth from DC-100 MHz 500 MB/sec SAB Transfer Rate 266 MB/sec 64-bit PCI 33MHz Transfer Rate Link up to 6 Boards for 6 Channels Full Length PCI 32/64-bit Compatible Board

22 Digital Signal Processing
PMP1000 Highest Performance Parallel DSP Board Up to 72 GIPS Peak Processing Power Parallel Processing with up to 9 TI C6414 DSPs 64MB of Memory Mapped into each of the 8 Main Processing DSPs (>512 MB of total DSP memory) Continuous Input Data Processing up to 1 GS/sec (Depending on Application) Unique Program Execution Processor for Dynamic Thread Allocation

23 Digital Signal Processing
PMP1000 Continued Advanced Parallel DSP OS Simplifies User Programming 2.5 GB/sec of Total External I/O via 3 Interfaces 2.0 GB/sec Internal I/O via Switching Network Customizable External Interface for accommodating Gigabit Ethernet, RS-232, SMA, or 26-pins of Definable I/O with Optional X-PORT Module

24 Digital Signal Processing
PMP1000 Continued 500 MB/sec SAB Transfer Rate (1 GB/sec Specification Pending) 266 MB/sec 64-bit PCI 33MHz Transfer Rate (1 GB/sec PCI-X 133MHz Transfer Rate Pending) Full Length PCI 32-bit/64-bit Compatible Board Designed to Create True High-Speed, Real-Time Systems in Otherwise Non-Real-Rime Environments

25 4 GS/s Signal Waveform Generator
Signal Generation PDAC4000 4 GS/s Signal Waveform Generator 4 16-Bit DAC Outputs at 1 GSPS 512 Megabytes of Onboard DDR RAM Wide Selection of Output Filters Based on Analog Devices AD9779 Dual 16-bit, GSPS (Interpolated) DAC Interpolation at 2, 4 and 8x Data Rates Digital Quadrature Modulator Full Length PCI 32-bit/64-bit Compatible Board

26 Signal Generation PDAC4000 Continued
Modular Plug-In for PMP1000 Base Board Add 32 GIPS of DSP Functionality with Optional Quad TI C6414 DSP Array Module 500 MB/sec SAB Transfer Rate (1 GB/sec Specification Pending) 266 MB/sec 64-bit PCI 33MHz Transfer Rate (1 GB/sec PCI-X 133MHz Transfer Rate Pending)

27 Signal Generation PDAC4000 Continued
High-Speed Continuous Playback Mode (RAM, DSP and Disk) Embedded Execution Processor Allows for Creating Truly Software-Definable Solutions Ideal Solution for Wireless Communication and Signal Simulation Applications

28 Signal Recording PMEM1000 5 GB Memory Board
5 Gigabytes of Onboard Memory Link up to 4 Boards for a Total of 20 GB Storage 500 MB/sec SAB Transfer Rate 266 MB/sec 64-bit PCI 33MHz Transfer Rate Full Length PCI 32/64-bit Compatible Board Ideally Suited for Expanding the Storage Capacity of Signal Waveform Digitizer Boards to Perform Larger Waveform Recordings

29 Signal Recording IDSS / DSS Disk Storage Systems
Integrated Internal Storage or External Storage Up to 4 TB of Storage within a Single Chassis Up to 250 MB/sec Sustained Data Rate (400 MB/sec Sustained Data Rate Pending) Scalable Storage Capacity and Data Rates Specifically Tailored for Real-Time Waveform Recording Applications that Require a Guaranteed Continuous Transfer Rate with no Missing Data

30 PC Systems IC1000 Performance PC Systems
Maximum Performance for Signatec Products with High-End Base Components and Customizable Options Multiple Independent PCI Peer Buses for Efficient High-Speed Transfer Rates Support for Integrated Disk Storage Systems for Real-Time Waveform Recording Applications Ready for Use Right Out of the Box with all Signatec Products and Software Installed

31 When you factor in all of Signatec's performance capabilities, and note the comparable low cost of its solutions, Signatec delivers exceptional value for the high-speed signal technology community. We encourage you to contact Signatec and discuss your application in more detail with the experienced engineering team. Signatec can provide tailored custom solutions to meet your specific requirements and looks forward to exploring opportunities to add value to your applications. Signatec, Incorporated 359 San Miguel Drive, Suite 300 Newport Beach, CA USA Tel: (949) Fax: (949) Web Site:

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