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5 6 7 8 Lights on It’s time for Hoochie Coochie.

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15 Lights on

16 It’s time for Hoochie Coochie

17 Date:Oct 19, 2012 Place:Markham Theatre

18 The Raindrops Dance team showcased my latest choreography “Hotel Nacional“ at the 2012 Dance in Fall Performance Night Event organized by Lily Choi. I have since received numerous complimentary comments & praises for our dance from other instructors, dancers, friends & families.

19 I am so proud of my team members, some of whom were only first time performers from my Beginner/High Beginner Classes. Good Job!

20 As usual, once I had selected the music, searching for appropriate costume became the top priority even before I put any thoughts into what the dance would be like.

21 On the day of the show, we gathered a team of volunteers for all logistics including make-up, hairdressing, catering, photo-taking, video- taping, wardrobe, … etc. Everyone was in high spirits. If you happened to be in the backstage or the dressing room, you would no doubt be infected by the heat & excitement.

22 Francis Since Francis Chan & I were invited to be the Emcees, it was rather challenging for both of us as we had to get ready for our dance and at the same time run the show with all the other performing groups throughout the night. Thumbs-up to Francis for his excellent Emcee job and diligent support in coordinating our team.

23 I want to take this opportunity to thank all my dancers for your hard work in the past weeks to learn the dance from scratch, despite the fact that I continuously modified the routines & uplifted the standard of requirements.

24 Well Done !! Agnes Chan Alice Ng Belinda Kwong Catherine Lo Fancy Chau Francis Chan Freya Chen May Ho Michelle Tran Sally Nan Sandy Yue Winnie Yeung

25 Anita Chan Ada Wong Sandy Yue Candy Poon Stephen Yue I would like to thank Anita Chan for being my personal make-up / image specialist. I must also thank Ada Wong for her fascinating make-up for the dancers, Sandy Yue for helping with make-up & hairdressing, Candy Poon for hot (but warm in heart) coffee, Stephen Yue for all the fun filled photos & videos, and all my students & friends who came to support us by being such a wonderful audience.

26 Gabriel Chan Special thanks should also go to Gabriel Chan who willingly dedicated her birthday celebration time to not only running around all day to get things in good order for the team; but also organizing the wardrobe for Francis (my Emcee partner).

27 Elaine Lai Last but not the least, I must thank Elaine Lai for organizing all the pre-show activities (including costume, rehearsals, & ticketing) & helping me get organized with my costumes throughout the entire show. Without such a “superb assistant”, I cannot imagine how I would have made it through the show!!

28 Raindrops Dancers, I LOVE YOU ALL !!


30 Emily Woo Raindrops Dance











41 See You Next Time

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