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BURJ AL ARAB 7 ******* HOTEL IN DUBAI. The Most Expensive Hotel in the World The 'Arabian Tower' - the realization of the vision of HH General Sheikh.

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2 The Most Expensive Hotel in the World The 'Arabian Tower' - the realization of the vision of HH General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - stands on its own man- made island 280 metres offshore in the surf of the Arabian Gulf. At 321 metres (or 1053 feet) the Burj Al Arab is the world's tallest hotel. Two massive arched struts radiating from the central 'mast' - joined by a 'sail' to create a huge 60-storey atrium within - are studded with spotlights set like jewels in a crown, and washed with coloured exterior lighting in the evenings. The dazzling white 'sail' - fabricated of double- skinned Teflon-coated woven glass fibre - is illuminated by 142 floodlights at night, creating a dramatic light show visible for miles.


4 The hotel use only ‘Rolls Royce Silver Seraphs’ to chauffer its guests.

5 A Spectacular Entrance & Dazzling Interiors A stunning water and fire display at the hotel entrance greets guests before they enter a sumptuously decorated lobby. Granites and marbles, textiles and carpets, artworks and sculptures were produced all over the world exclusively in Arabic themes for the hotel.




9 Twin escalators alongside a huge coral reef aquarium wall ascend from the lobby to the Mezzanine floor, with a spectacularly illuminated water cascade between them.

10 Reception Level Here in the 'Sahn Eddar' or ‘reception area’, the awesome 60 storey atrium dominates, with the blue triangle of the ceiling soaring 180 metres overhead. There is no ‘check-in’ area - guests are met by a personal guest service manager to complete check-in in privacy and comfort, then escorted to the bank of lifts where some of the fastest elevators in the world deliver guests to their accommodation floor at speeds of up to six metres a second. Once at their suites, guests are greeted by butlers who demonstrate the suite's sophisticated technology before unpacking the luggage.

11 Hallways






17 Guest reception at each floor is equipped with a ‘Futronix Floor Master Controller‘- when a guest arrives the receptionist selects the room number and turns all the lighting in the guest's room to a pre-programmed 'welcome' scene. Similarly, when a guest leaves, all lights can be turned off. There is a master panel by the front door of each suite for guests to turn all lighting to a 'welcome' scene, or to an 'exit' scene that excludes important areas possibly still occupied, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

18 Finest in Dining - The Restaurants Elevators to 'Al Mahara' Seafood Restaurant take guests on an amazing underwater journey to a restaurant surrounding a 300,000 litre coral reef aquarium. Subdued lighting reflects from polished surfaces and rich carpets with downlights set in the reflective ceiling. There are also three exclusive private dining rooms with aquarium views.



21 Other restaurants in the hotel include the 'Sahn Eddar' lounge in the Mezzanine, 'Al Iwan' Arabian cuisine restaurant in the Atrium, 'Babu Al Yam' - the Sea's Door- next to the pool and sundeck, and the nearby 'Juna' lounge.

22 Sky-view bar

23 At the very top of the hotel is 'Al Muntaha', an amazing 140-seat restaurant housed in the 'wing' across the mast at 200 metres with incredible views extending over the Arabian Gulf and back over Dubai.

24 Afternoon tea with silver

25 Spa and Health Club The Assawan Spa and Health Club features décor reminiscent of ancient Arabian spas. On the lower level are the large circular reception area, squash courts, sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room and plunge pool, and two spectacular ancient-style swimming pools with mosaic columns and breathtaking views.

26 Swimming pool

27 Spa pool

28 Garden pool

29 On the upper level are aerobics rooms and gyms. Adjacent are the spa boutiques, and the Amphitheatre Lounge with terraced seating and the same decor as the pools. The 'Diwania' lounge offers snooker tables and a library well-stocked with the latest books and CDs.

30 Ballroom and Meeting Rooms ä ä The 'Al Falak' Ballroom on ä ä the 27th level seats 220 for ä ä dinner and up to 400 for ä ä cocktails. An unobtrusive ä ä but excellent sound system ä ä and lighting controlled by ä ä computerised technology ä ä completes a room suitable ä ä for functions of all kinds.

31 Also located on the 27th level are two boardrooms and two 'majlis' or meeting-areas, as well as several conference suites. Both of the boardrooms seat 20, and feature two fully-equipped simultaneous translation booths. All conference and meeting rooms are equipped with the latest computer technology, and with lighting, curtains and air-conditioning operated by remote control.


33 A Suite with a View The Burj Al Arab's 202 double-level suites range from 170 up to 780 square metres, with 142 1-bedroom suites, 18 end-suites, six three-bedroom suites, two Grand Suites and two Royal Suites.

34 All suites are decorated in nautical blues and yellows, and feature floor-to- ceiling and wall-to-wall windows with sea views, with an entrance hallway with curved staircase leading to bedrooms on the upper level.

35 In-room automation includes surveillance system, curtains and air conditioning, all operated by remote-control.



38 Private butlers in each suite

39 Dining area on the lower level

40 Every suite, regardless of size, is a showpiece of technical excellence. More than 100 computer controlled channels of cable TV, video on demand, real time recording, surround-sound stereo and large 42” plasma- screen TVs framed in gold.

41 On the lower level is a fully-equipped business desk. Communications are comprehensive, ranging from 14 telephones in a 1- bedroom suite to 27 handsets in the two Royal Suites, in addition to internet, private copier and fax in all suites.

42 Adjacent are discreetly-lit dressing rooms with large wardrobes and mirrors.

43 Complimentary items in each suite

44 Upper level of duplex suite


46 Spacious mural-decorated bathrooms feature power showers and whirlpool baths, large mirrors and sinks. Exquisite marble surfaces and subtle lighting make the bathrooms a relaxing refuge.

47 Complimentary ‘Hermes’ bath items

48 Jacuzzi bath

49 Shower cabine

50 All suites have guest bathrooms on the lower level and ensuites upstairs.

51 Grand and Royal Suites Each of the two Grand Suites on the 24th level has an entrance reception, with lounge, dining and kitchen areas, an office and two bedrooms on the lower level.



54 Upstairs by elevator is the main bedroom, decorated in royal purple and gold with hand-embroidered wall panels, with adjacent dressing room and bathroom. There is also a second upstairs bedroom with ensuite.

55 The two Royal Suites on the 25th level are the most luxurious hotel rooms in the world, each complete with private cinema and state-of- the-art lighting controls, audio and visual equipment.

56 Each suite has two lavishly appointed upstairs bedrooms, one featuring a slowly-revolving bed.

57 Large bathroom with complimentary ‘Hermes’ bath items

58 Helicopter Platform Guests can reserve transfers to and from Dubai International Airport or book a scenic flight over Dubai.

59 BarA.

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