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Study Guide for 9 Weeks Test Business and Computer Science I.

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1 Study Guide for 9 Weeks Test Business and Computer Science I

2 Mouse Input device When a user moves the mouse they are moving an arrow called the pointer around the screen. Every movement and click sends information to the computer. Most mice have two buttons, but some have more or only one button.

3 Drawing Toolbar Button Clip Art

4 How many spaces come after a period at the end of a sentence? 2

5 Standard Toolbar Undo

6 Date Date with the month spelled out Example: September 1, 2009

7 Left Index Finger F, R, T, G, V, B

8 Formatting Toolbar Bold

9 Letter Address Receiver's name and address Example: Mrs. Lori Defoor 115 Memorial Drive Clarkesville, GA 30523

10 Drawing Toolbar Button Text Box

11 Speakers Output device Allows user to hear sounds from the computer

12 Salutation Greeting line Example: Dear Mrs. Defoor:

13 Excel Toolbar Button Sort Ascending

14 1.Feet on the floor. 2.Back straight. 3.Wrists off the table. 4.Fingers on home row keys. 5.Eyes on the screen.

15 Writer’s name Sender’s name Example: Lauren Coffee

16 Formatting Toolbar Align Center

17 Left Little Finger A, Z, Q

18 Return Address Sender’s address Example: 6021 Adams Street Alto, GA 30510

19 Drawing Toolbar Button Fill Color

20 Keyboard Most often used input device When each key is pressed it sends information into the computer.

21 Left Ring Finger S, W, X

22 Drawing Toolbar Button WordArt

23 Left Middle Finger D, C, E

24 Digital camera Input device Instantly view pictures taken Comes with software to help download the pictures onto a computer

25 Standard Toolbar Print

26 Complimentary close Closing Example: Sincerely, or Sincerely yours,

27 Right Middle Finger K, I

28 Excel Toolbar Button AutoSum

29 Classroom Work Ethics Reliable/Dependable Reports to class on time Personal Appearance Follows Directions Finishes work on time Cooperative Gets along with others Quality of work Does not lie, cheat, or steal On task/Gives 100%

30 Formatting Toolbar Font Color

31 Right Index Finger J, U, Y, H, N, M

32 PowerPoint Toolbar Button Slide Layout

33 How many spaces come after a semi-colon (;)? 1

34 Drawing Toolbar Button AutoShape

35 How many spaces come after a comma (,)? 1

36 Printer Output device Allows a user to print a “hard” copy of what is on the monitor There are two types: laser and inkjet.

37 Standard Toolbar Save

38 Right Little Finger P

39 Monitor Most often used output device Information is displayed on the screen. A monitor is measured diagonally from corner to corner.

40 PowerPoint Toolbar Button New slide

41 Right Ring Finger L, O

42 Word Toolbar Button Insert Table

43 Body Letter’s message Example: Text in paragraphs

44 Excel Toolbar Button Merge and Center


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