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Chief Executive, Nimbus.

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1, Chief Executive, Nimbus

2 Adoption of business change R = I x A 2 “As chairman, the most important part of my job was stopping initiatives, not starting them” Sir John Harvey Jones – Chairman ICI

3 Strategy definition Hierarchy of information COP Documents & files Resources & roles Planning Alerting Common….. Operational…. Platform…. Process Procedures Scorecards Metrics

4 It’s all in the name Business Management System TheWayThatWeWork (TW TW W) HitchhikersGuide The AvayaWay HqO OurValues knowhow LEAN

5 Lockheed Martin : UK Air Traffic Address Interpretation GBAD DFTS Soothsayer Census CEC Merlin JSF C130J Falcon WECDIS

6 Lockheed Martin : drivers Change from single programme to multi- programme [13+] (matrix organisation) IEP (Integrated Engineering Process) Paper based QMS Competitive pressures CMMi Level 3 mandated from group

7 Lockheed Martin : problems IEP (Integrated Engineering Process) Core process defined by US in 200 page MSWord document Not related to performance metrics or measures Stored on intranet with supporting documents >>> 400 hits per month

8 Lockheed Martin : how “We realised that in order to achieve our aims and objectives we needed a software partner that would enable us to map and evolve our processes visually and collaboratively, and provide a way of measuring improvement” Steve Bailey Director of Engineering Excellence Lockheed Martin

9 Lockheed Martin : how

10 Lockheed Martin : how Processes People Facilities 3 rd Parties Organization Technology They have defined a standard programme with processes at the heart

11 Lockheed Martin : how Our Bids  Developed from the standard by Project Managers with clients  Used for scoping, activity based costing and pricing Used to create bids Formal feedback loop - leverage expertise Our Standard  Actively maintained by Project Managers  Deep domain expertise  Our intellectual property Configuration to create a new project Our Programmes  Maintained by Project Managers  Used by the Project Team I II III IV

12 Lockheed Martin : results Every programme based on standard processes All process related information accessed dynamically over intranet –Processes, documents, systems, measures –Personalised by role –Mechanism for suggesting improvements –Compliance as a by-product

13 Lockheed Martin : results £5.7m savings this year, £4.5m predicted next year £15m in process improvement year to date Greatly improved employee ownership of processes CMMI Level 3 6 months ahead of plan >> page hits now 40,000 / month ….ADOPTION

14 Lockheed Martin : results Win rate from 30% to 100%

15 Lockheed Martin : results

16 Lockheed Martin : next steps Gap Analysis to CMMI L4 completed, Gap analysis to L5 underway Full integration of CMMI activities with ISO & LEAN Complete the Cultural Change to a true Process Focussed organisation

17 In summary CMMi is a mechanism for driving up consistency and adoption CMMi should be a “by-product” Look to reuse information - YourCOP Read the book* and get the results you deserve * To get a COMPLIMENTARY copy of the book email me at

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