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AOC Services EPA Analytical Operations/Data Quality Center August 14 th, 2001 US Navy/NAVSEA Training Session.

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1 AOC Services EPA Analytical Operations/Data Quality Center August 14 th, 2001 US Navy/NAVSEA Training Session

2 2 AOC’s Mission Supporting the appropriate analytical services (e.g. Routine, Special, Field) to meet Superfund’s needs Focusing on QA for all analytical needs and establishing information technology tools for data users Managing Contract Laboratory Program (CLP)

3 3 Critical CLP Functions Cradle-to-grave tracking of samples from collection, through shipment, analysis, assessment, payment and cost recovery Maintaining financial records of transactions from the initial payment through contract closeout Data storage and reporting for project specific CLP Data Quality Assurance oversight of all essential functions

4 4 Analytical Services Includes both organic and inorganic analytical services Provides an economy of scale for lab analyses and eliminates duplication of effort for procurement, sample tracking and invoice processing Provides data users with flexible method, detection limit and data turnaround options

5 CLP Key Functions & Users Begin Here

6 6 AOC Analytical Tool Box To develop a combination of integrated tools and complimentary stand-alone applications which take advantage of recent advances in technologies, (e.g., high speed PCs, e-commerce through Internet) This has led to the development of: Sample Tracking Software – FORMS II Lite Data Assessment Tool - DAT Web-based Invoicing System – WIS Superfund Electronic Data Deliverable – SEDD Environmental Data Management Warehouse - STORET

7 7 FORMS II Lite FORMS II Lite – Field Operations Reporting Management Systems Electronically generates both CLP and non-CLP sample documentation Produces tags, labels, and Chain-of- Custody/Traffic Report Forms Runs on laptop computer with dot-matrix, ink-jet or laser printers Captures sample information in a database

8 8 DAT/CADRE DAT – The Data Assessment Tool HQ contractor assesses CLP data for over 3,500 contract compliance and quality control parameters Regional customers receive customized electronic files via E-mail within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of laboratory data. Data validation can be faster to meet Superfund’s goals. Since implementation, DAT has potentially saved over $2.8 million dollars in data validation costs. Future – Web-based Data Assessment Will eliminate software distribution and confusion in selecting latest software version

9 9 Web Invoice System WIS – Web Invoice System Automatically generates secure invoice, based upon information in EPA databases All parties receive the same invoicing information at the same time Reduces invoicing errors Reduces mailing costs Reduces labor costs Future - Electronic Approval System (EASY – Agency System) Implementation will eliminate paper and all mailing costs from the invoice approval process.

10 10 SEDD Common structure and use of a common Data Element Dictionary (DED) allows a variety of data to be reported to multiple customers. Reduces the number of EDDs that laboratories would be required to support. Common tool sets could be utilized for data verification, validation, and data processing. The SEDD system can be used to easily develop site- specific EDDs through site-specific DTDs. The SEDD system easily accommodates future requirement changes with minimal modifications to existing systems through modification of the DTDs. The XML output file is independent of proprietary data systems.

11 11 STORET

12 12 Future Initiatives Lab Sample Login Interface with LIMS Capitalizes on Electronic Chain of Custody (COC) Decreases Laboratory Data Entry Increases Accuracy Electronic COC Submission Internet-Enabled COC Submissions Central Hub for COCs – Regions, CLASS/SMO, Labs PDA Version Gets Data at the Source More Convenient and Less Costly Than Using Laptops

13 13 Paper Based COC Flow

14 14 Future Concept of COC Flow

15 15 Willie Wong, USEPA OERR/AOC 703-603-8846 - Web Sites FORMS II Lite  Technical Support 703-715-4474 (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM EST) Contact Information

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