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1 The Business of Learning: 15 Steps for Running Learning Like a Business Presented by: Dave Vance Former President of Caterpillar University Kevin Oakes.

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1 1 The Business of Learning: 15 Steps for Running Learning Like a Business Presented by: Dave Vance Former President of Caterpillar University Kevin Oakes CEO, i4cp October 26, 2010

2 2 What Does i4cp Do? We help organizations leverage the core areas of high performance through 4 delivery vehicles: 1.Research 2.Peers 3.Tools 4.Technology

3 3 The 5 Domains of High-Performance Organizations And i4cp’s Centers of Knowledge That Support Them

4 4 High-performance organizations consistently outperform most of their competitors for extended periods of time. These companies performed better over the past five years, based on these four indicators: 1.Revenue growth 2.Market share 3.Profitability 4.Customer satisfaction Defining High Performance

5 5 3M Adobe Systems Alliance One Allstate American Mgt. Assoc. Ameriprise Amway Apollo Group APS Booz Allen Boston Scientific Cameco Catholic Health CitiGroup ConAgra Foods ConnectiCare Darden Restaurants Deloitte & Touche Depository Trust Duke Energy Duke University Edwards Lifesciences Eli Lilly & Co ExxonMobil FedEx Express FedEx Ground Federal Reserve Fidelity Investments Flextronics GAP, Inc. General Electric General Mills Home Shopping Network ING Americas Intel Jack in the box KFC Kraft LG Electronics Lockheed Martin McDonald’s Corp MetLife Microsoft MITRE Northrop Grumman Olive Garden Pelco PETCO Pfizer Pizza Hut PNC Financial Services Prudential Financial Qualcomm Raytheon Rio Tinto Group Samsung SaskTel Shell Oil Starbucks Takeda Pharmaceuticals Tampa Electric Company T-Mobile Toyota Motor Sales United States Navy U.S. OPM United Water The Y YUM! Brands Members (partial list)

6 6 Kevin Oakes CEO i4cp About Kevin Oakes Background  Founder, CEO of i4cp  Chairman, Jambok  Former Chairman, ASTD Board  Founder, President, SumTotal Systems  Former CEO, Chair of Click2learn  Founder, CEO Oakes Interactive

7 7 About Dave Vance Background  Former President of Caterpillar University, which he founded in 2001.  Dave was responsible for ensuring that the right education, training, and leadership were provided to achieve corporate goals and efficiently meet the learning needs of Caterpillar and dealer employees.  He is a member and former director and treasurer of ASTD Dave Vance President Manage Learning, LLC

8 8 All corporate members will receive a PDF copy of today’s presentation. A link to a recording of today’s webinar will be available on the i4cp site. If you have any questions, please type them into the Q&A box. We will do our best to address them as we go along or at the end of the session. Webinar Logistics

9 9 1.Appreciate that learning is a business 2.Resolve to run it like a business Implies that  Learning should produce results  Must be planned carefully  And executed with discipline  Also, that numbers will be involved! Steps 1 and 2

10 10 3.Adopt a strategic focus 4.Create a board of governors 5.Create vision and mission statements 6.Create a multi-year plan to achieve your vision  This will be your journey  Manage expectations  Communicate Steps 3-6

11 11 The Business of Learning

12 12 7.Ensure that your organizational structure will support a strategic focus  Centralized or hybrid 8.Adopt a workable funding model  Often will be a combination of corporate, allocation and discretionary (charge back) Steps 7 and 8

13 13  Single most important action for an L&D leader  Start with the business and strategic plan  Meet with the CEO, senior leaders, key stakeholders  Understand company goals and challenges  Learn the priorities  These are business discussions Step 9: Strategically Align Learning to your Organization’s Goals

14 14  Perform a “macro” level needs analysis to determine if learning has a role to play in achieving these goals  Make a preliminary determination of recommended learning programs and their alignment to the prioritized company goals Step 9: Strategically Align Learning to your Organization’s Goals (cont.)

15 15 Strategic Alignment of Learning

16 16  The business case brings together the expected impact (and perhaps benefits) of the recommended learning and the costs  Impact: Increase in sales, reduction in injuries, or an increase in productivity (often these can be dollarized)  Cost: Budget costs (design, development, delivery, reinforcement) and opportunity cost  Net benefit or ROI (if appropriate) Step 10: Build the Business Case for Learning

17 17 2011 Summary Business Case

18 18  Ideally, a written document with the following chapters:  Executive Summary  Last Year’s Accomplishments  Strategic Alignment  Business Case for Learning  Learning Resources, Expenditures, Budget  Detailed Work Plans  Evaluation Strategy Step 11: Create the Business Plan for Learning

19 19  Created with input from CEO, governing bodies, stakeholders, learning professionals  Approved by CEO and governing body  This is your plan for the year  Very scalable: An L&D function with just one person can still do this  With all the information gathered and tables created, a simple one can be done in 8-12 hours Step 11: Create the Business Plan for Learning (continued)

20 20  Create scorecards to measure progress against goals  Use high-level, program and detailed scorecards  Calendar at least one staff meeting per month dedicated to a review of your progress  Ideally, the same day each month like the second Tuesday from 8-10 am  Share progress at least quarterly with the board of governors and/or CEO Step 12: Plan for Monthly, Disciplined Execution of the Plan

21 21  Start with the basics and add as you go  Sample strategy:  Level 0: number of participants, courses, completion dates, costs  All courses  Level 1: reaction  All courses, not necessarily all participants  Level 2: learning  Where appropriate. All compliance courses Step 13: Adopt an Evaluation Strategy that Ensures Planned Impact is Achieved and Provides for Continuous Improvement

22 22  Sample strategy (continued):  Level 3: application  Select courses  Level 4: impact  A few key courses  Level 5: ROI or Net Benefit  A few key courses  Purpose: Ensure results and improve Step 13: Adopt and Evaluation Strategy that Ensures Planned Impact is Achieved and Provides for Continuous Improvement

23 23 14.Use business and economic concepts to make better decisions  Like opportunity cost and marginal analysis 15.Benchmark with others. Learn. Improve Remember, it is a multiyear journey. The goal is continuous improvement. Steps 14 and 15

24 24  The Business of Learning: How to Manage Corporate Training to Improve Your Bottom Line by Dave Vance  A 36-page Sample Business Plan for Learning (pdf, word, and excel files) available at  Book is also available at Resources

25 25 The i4cp 2011 Annual Conference Next Practices of High-Performance Organizations Speakers include:  John Coné former CLO of Dell  Dr. John Sullivan Professor  Stephen M.R. Covey Thought leader  Marshall Goldsmith Author  Bill Price former VP of  Dottie Brienza SVP of Hilton  Kevin Wilde CLO of General Mills  Antoinette Handler VP of Lockheed Martin  Marilyn Figlar CLO of Metlife  Paul Humphries VP of HR, Flextronics Members Only – Vendors and consultants aren’t permitted. For more information, visit March 15 – 18, 2011 | InterContinental Montelucia | Scottsdale, AZ

26 26 Upcoming Events & Programs Register online at Webinar : Accelerating Employee Productivity Through Onboarding Presented by Claire St. Louis, Vice President of Human Resources, United Water October 28, 2010, 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST Online - complimentary Webinar Hosted by HRPS - Leadership Agility in High-Performance Organizations Presented by i4cp's Kevin Oakes, CEO and Jay Jamrog, SVP of Research November 2, 2010, 11:00am - 12:30pm EDT Online Webinar : Global Leadership Development: Best Practices and Top Strategies Presented by Sandra Edwards, SVP of Corporate Learning Solutions, AMA; Maria Van Parys, Director of Leadership Education & TM, Boston Scientific and Mark Vickers, VP of Research, i4cp November 3, 2010, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT Online – complimentary Webinar : Applying the Lessons of Best Service Presented by Bill Price, former Global VP of Customer Support, November 18, 2010, 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST Online - complimentary Webinar : John Coné – A History of Failure Presented by John Coné, Principle, 11th Hour Group December 9, 2010, 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST Online - complimentary

27 27 Corporate 411 First Avenue South Suite 403 Seattle, WA, U.S.A. 98104 Telephone 866-375-i4cp (4427) Fax 206-624-6951 Research 8950 Ninth Street North Suite 115 St. Petersburg, FL, U.S.A. 33702 Telephone 727-345-2226 Fax 727-345-1254

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