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Draft Island Development Plan Chamber of Commerce 19 th February 2015.

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1 Draft Island Development Plan Chamber of Commerce 19 th February 2015

2 Introduction Approach & process Plan Structure & Policy Gateways Key Policy Areas Agenda

3 SLUP gives guidance and direction for the preparation of planning policies which needs to be carefully balanced against the purposes of the Law. The draft Island Development Plan policies seek to, in accordance with SLUP, be flexible, positive, enabling and proactive support a successful economy conserve, enhance and protect the environment, cultural identity, and the quality of life for Islanders This has been achieved by balancing the competing demands on land recognise opportunities for enhancement through development recognising the linkages between some land uses Monitoring and review General Approach Strategic Land Use Plan

4 The Principal Aim : “To ensure land planning policies are in place that are consistent with the SLUP which help maintain and create a socially inclusive, healthy & economically strong Island while balancing these objectives with the protection and enhancement of Guernsey’s built and natural environment and the need to use land wisely.” General Approach Principal Aim of Draft Island Development Plan

5 Plan Review Process July 2013 Feb 2015 Autumn 2015 2016

6 Draft Plan Structure

7 Spatial Policy Main Centres, Main Centre Outer Areas, Local Centres

8 Employment Designated Office Expansion at Admiral Park & offices in Main Centres Consolidating Industry and Storage & Distribution onto KIAs land Redefined Retail Cores, flexibility outside within and around MCs, retail in coastal Locations

9 Office, Industry and Storage & Distribution APPROACHEmployment Land Study Majority of future forecast (30,000sq.m.) for office accommodation provided at Admiral Park expansion area The Plan also encourages refurbishment and provision of offices in MCs e.g regeneration areas. However greater flexibility for smaller premises (less than 250 sq.m. ) to change use and some flexibility other existing offices to change of use if demonstrated no longer satisfactory accommodation Outside of Admiral Park, no new large floor plate offices will be permitted in MCOAs (over 1000 sq.m.). Support for existing uses only.

10 Office, Industry and Storage & Distribution APPROACHEmployment Land Study Four Key Industrial Areas remain, with expansion areas identified. Longue Hougue is for heavy specialist industry including waste facilities. KIA Expansion areas only to be released where the need is demonstrated Flexibility for change of use for stand alone industrial/storage premises within MC/MCOAS. Particular consideration will be given to sites off the Inter-harbour route. Opportunities for small business outside centres


12 Identified Areas of Opportunity Regeneration Areas Harbour Action Areas

13 Regeneration Areas & Harbour Action Areas APPROACH Draft Plan identifies areas of opportunity: Four Regeneration Areas within Main Centres, which will be expected to be developed to contribute positively towards reinforcing the vitality and viability of the retail offer through the provision of a mix of supporting uses such as employment activities, housing and modern retail facilities. St Peter Port and St. Sampsons Harbours are designated as Harbour Action Areas and will require a LPB to be prepared.

14 Approach to Historic Environment Proportionate approach to Protected Buildings Rationalised Conservation Areas

15 Approach to Protected Buildings APPROACH Development can help sustain the special interest of the building The Plan policies seek to positively consider the development of Protected Buildings Important to balance the economic and social value of the proposed development with environmental considerations.

16 Conservation Areas Merge & Targeted removal - 25

17 Approach to Primary Industries Agriculture Priority Areas Horticulture Redundant Glasshouses

18 Agricultural Priority Areas

19 Redundant Glasshouses APPROACH Options for Redundant Glasshouse sites: Contribution to Agricultural Land Contribution to Open land e.g. Incorporated into curtilage Outside of Centres sites can be considered for small scale industry, storage and distribution; harnessing of renewable energy and outdoor formal recreation. Mixed use development within Main Centres, Main Centre Outer Areas or Local Centres assessed under their policies

20 HOUSING 5 year supply - Allocated sites & Windfalls Affordable Housing Using Development Frameworks

21 HOUSING APPROACHAllocations & Windfalls We have identified a 5 year land supply (1500 homes) through: Allocations of sites in Main Centres & Main Centre Outer Areas together with existing consents (80%) Allowance for Windfalls (20%) i.e. mixed use to development elsewhere in Main Centres, development in Local Centres to meet need and conversions/subdivisions outside centres will make up the rest Allocations primarily for housing but can include other complimentary uses e.g. shop, hall

22 HOUSING APPROACHAffordable Housing Proposals for 5 or more units will be required to contribute starting at 20% on a sliding scale to a max of 30% Emphasis on transfer of land, where feasible. If not, completed units developed to acceptable standards No commuted sums in lieu. Exceptions to contribution are considered based on viability of the scheme

23 “A responsive, positive, flexible plan which meets the requirements of the Strategic Land Use Plan and enables the delivery of the social, economic and environmental objectives of the States of Guernsey.” Draft Island Development Plan

24 Next Steps

25 NEXT STEPS Planning Inquiry Key Provisional Dates ActionKey Date Publication of draft Island Development Plan 16 February 2015 Informal Drop-in Sessions 21/2/15 9-2 Earlswood garden centre 28/2/15 9-2 Le Friquet garden centre Initial Representations16/2/15 - 10/4/15 Further key dates see

26 Further Information Planning Inquiry Stage Planning Inquiry Programme Officer Planning Inquiry, Policy Council Sir Charles Frossard House La Charrotorie, St Peter Port. GY1 1FH [t] 01481 717108 [e] Queries on Content Forward Planning Team, Environment Department Sir Charles Frossard House La Charrotorie, St Peter Port. GY1 1FH [t] 01481 717200 [e] [w]

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