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Pre-med Diversity 2013 Data from MCAT ® and AMCAS ® January 2014.

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1 Pre-med Diversity 2013 Data from MCAT ® and AMCAS ® January 2014

2 Diversity Data Snapshots January 2014 Edition Diversity Policy and Programs

3 Overview 2013 MCAT Diversity Indicators Examinees from Groups Underrepresented in Medicine Testing Accommodation Numbers MCAT Outreach Efforts 2013 AMCAS Diversity Indicators Fee Assistance Program Numbers Applicant Diversity Measures SES Disadvantaged Indicator Figures 3

4 Underrepresented MCAT Examinees Increased by 35% Since 2010 *Individuals from underrepresented groups in medicine self-identified as Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, and American Indian/Alaskan Native individuals. 16,505 MCAT examinees self-identified* as part of a group underrepresented in medicine in 2013. The total number of examinees has increased 17.4% since 2010 (shows that increase in underrepresented are outpacing regular examinees) 4

5 5 642 Examinees Tested with Accommodations in 2013 Examinees with accommodations accounted for less than 1% of total examinees. Total increase in accommodation approvals since 2010 is 117% Most commonly provided accommodations were extra testing time, extra breaks, and separate testing rooms. Fee Assistance recipients needing updated evaluations are eligible for scholarships for their evaluations New in 2013: Online accommodations application system Option to submit documents electronically Automatic communications keep applicants updated on where they are in the review process

6 6 MCAT outreach efforts targeted underrepresented groups in medicine and under-resourced institutions. Khan Academy MCAT video tutorials and questions – Free, online, and open access tutorials cover concepts tested by the 2015 exam The Pre-health Collection within MedEdPORTAL’s iCollaborative – Free online teaching resources for pre- health competencies A list of free online sociology and psychology textbooks Exhibits and presentations at groups sponsored by T4D, Mentoring in Medicine, and other events MCAT website includes free additional resources, FAQs, and videos Learn more at MCAT Outreach

7 Approved applicants had a total family income of 300% or less of the 2012 poverty level for their family size. Total number of approved applications – 8,847( 15%) 2013 Fee Assistance Program (FAP) applications and approvals increased from 2012. Total number of applications – 11,662 ( 11%) 2013 Fee Assistance Recipients 7

8 Fee Assistance Recipients Receive $800 Worth of Scholarship Benefits Benefits include: Reduced MCAT Registration ($275  $100) Free Official Guide to the MCAT® Exam ($30 value) Free Official MCAT® Self-Assessment Package ($104 value) Complimentary access to the MSAR Online ($22 value) Waiver for all AMCAS fees for up to 15 medical schools ($650 value) 8

9 Medical school applicant diversity showed two notable gains in the applicant pool for the 2014 entering class: 1. The number of first-time female applicants increased by 6.9% (by 1,102 applicants) after no increase the previous year. 2. The number of Hispanic/Latino matriculants continued to increase, rising by 5.5% this year to 1,826 students. Similar to past years, women comprise slightly less than half (47.2%) of medical school matriculants. Find more details at AMCAS Applicant Diversity for the 2014 Entering Class 9

10 AMCAS Now Reports SES Disadvantaged Indicator The Socioeconomic Status (SES) Disadvantaged Indicator is designed to help admission officers identify applicants who may come from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. The indicator is derived from information applicants provide about their parents’ and guardians’ occupation and education levels using a schema developed by the AAMC. For applicants to the 2014 entering class, preliminary figures for the SES Disadvantaged Indicator showed 28.5% of applicants may come from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. 10

11 For More Information, Contact: Becky Rice Manager MCAT 2015 Outreach Association of American Medical Colleges General Queries MCAT: AMCAS: 11

12 DDS Contact Information For more information regarding the Diversity Data Slides (DDS), please contact: Sarah Conrad, M.S. Senior Research Analyst Diversity Policy and Programs Association of American Medical Colleges Ph: 202-828-0560 12

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