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Illinois Space Society First General Meeting August 28 th, 2014.

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1 Illinois Space Society First General Meeting August 28 th, 2014

2 Illinois Space Society2 Executive Board  Director – Brian Gardas  Assistant Director – Alex Case  Administrative Director – Min-Yee Deng  Treasurer – Rick Wilhelmi  Tech Director – Chris Lorenz  Educational Outreach Director – Kelsey White  Social Director – Jack Fuller  Corporate and Publicity Director – Nathan Dye  Freshman Positions – ??? [It could be you!]

3 Illinois Space Society3 Freshman Positions  Engineering Council Representative  Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Advisory Board (AEUAB) Representative  Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) National Representative  Applications will go live immediately following this meeting – The deadline will be Monday, September 1 st at midnight – Interviews will be Wed., Thurs., Fri. of that week

4 Illinois Space Society4 Technical Projects Chris Lorenz

5 Illinois Space Society5 Student Launch Initiative  Highly competitive NASA project  Hands on rocket building  Creative payload design – Mars sample return

6 Illinois Space Society6 RASC-AL  Revolutionary Aerospace System Concepts – Academic Linkage  Space mission design for National Institute of Aerospace  Present before a panel of industry experts  This year’s options: – Self-sufficient Mars base – Lunar Base – Robotic mission to Phobos and Deimos – Martian sample return  Team Lead position open

7 Illinois Space Society7 High Altitude Balloon  Scientific balloon into the upper atmosphere – 80,000-110,000 feet  Payload chosen by team  Team Lead position open

8 Illinois Space Society8 Hybrid Rocket Engine  Solid fuel liquid/gaseous oxidizer rocket  More hands on designing and building experience  Educational outreach demonstration [Video removed for ease of attachment]

9 Illinois Space Society9 Other Possible Projects  NASA’s Microgravity University  Space Grant Regional Rocket Design Competition  CanSat  Other Ideas?  Meeting Wednesday, September 3 rd at 6PM, 103 Talbot [Here!]

10 Illinois Space Society10 Educational Outreach Kelsey White

11 Illinois Space Society11 Educational Outreach  What is Ed-Out? – Spread knowledge of and interest in space! – Reach out to all age groups-Elementary, middle, and high school kids as well as adults – No experience necessary  Why participate in Ed-Out? – It’s FUN! – Also, it’s extremely rewarding to inspire someone’s interest in space

12 Illinois Space Society12 Major Events  Engineering Open House – Student run showcase of the entire College of Engineering – Multiple exhibits Space Shuttle tile, liquid nitrogen, hybrid rocket engine, orbital simulator Possible EOH leadership positions to be chosen at the end of the semester  Illinois Space Day (ISD) – Organized and run by ISS – Similar exhibits to EOH, but entirely focused on space – This years speaker TBD; Previous speakers have included distinguished UIUC alumni – Need volunteers to run exhibits, help with sign-ins, set up, take down, etc. (i.e. A LOT of people) – Possible ISD leadership positions to be chosen at the end of the semester

13 Illinois Space Society13 Other Events  Millennium Girls – Early October  Elementary and middle school visits  Boy Scout Space Exploration Merit Badge  SWE Little Sisters Weekend  Other ideas!?  Typical Activities/Demonstrations – Space Shuttle Tile – Liquid Nitrogen – Egg Drop Contest – Orbital Simulator – (small) Model Rocket Launches – Hybrid Rocket Engine – New Demos!?  Meeting Wednesday, September 3 rd at 7PM, 103 Talbot [Here again!]

14 Illinois Space Society14 Social Activities Jack Fuller

15 Illinois Space Society15 Social Events!

16 Illinois Space Society16 Past Events and Bar Crawl  Yuri’s Night – Celebrate the first human in space!  ISS vs. AIAA Paintball  Movie Nights  Fall Bar Crawl – Doodle poll to be sent out soon for exam schedules

17 Illinois Space Society17 Society Trips Alex Case

18 Illinois Space Society18 Professional…Trips?  Why attend conferences: – Meet industry leaders – Meet researchers pushing the boundaries of space – Listen to panels on topics you have never even considered before – Complimentary AAS Student membership with conference registration – Meet Astronauts!

19 Illinois Space Society19 Past Conferences  2013 Wernher Von Braun Memorial Symposium – ISS’s first time attending the conference – Listened to detailed progress updates for SLS and Orion programs – Attended after conference receptions with industry professionals  2014 Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium – 7 th time attending this symposium – Listened to keynote speech by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden – Had a private sit down discussion with Administrator Bolden – Toured NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – Attended after conference receptions with industry professionals

20 Illinois Space Society20 This Year  2014 Von Braun Symposium – Dates already announced: Oct. 27-30 – Looking into setting up tour of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center while at conference – Can view entire conference program online – Signups will go out in a few weeks  2015 Goddard Memorial Symposium – Waiting on dates to be announced

21 Illinois Space Society21 In Conclusion… Min-Yee Deng

22 Illinois Space Society22 The Next Step  Fill out Membership Forms – Indicate interest in projects and sections of ISS – Available tonight and on the website, at, soon  $10 Dues payable by Cash or Check to “Illinois Space Society” – If you do not have money tonight, give it to an executive member or to Laura Gerhold.  Tell your friends about ISS and how they should get involved too!  Find us on Facebook!

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