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YTU Communication Design Dept. Kerem Odabaşı

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1 YTU Communication Design Dept. Kerem Odabaşı
Week 2 Physical Interaction through Physical Computing YTU Communication Design Dept. Kerem Odabaşı

2 Summary

3 Human – Computer

4 Course Format Interactive – Active Participation Hands-on
Syllabus/Schedule Flexible (Depends upon your abilities, expectations, ideas)

5 Grading: Participation & Attendence: 30% Assignments: %50 Journal: %20

6 What is Computer?

7 Mini Computers Mini – Nano – Pico ITX Board

8 MID-Level Microcontrollers
Ardunio Wiring

9 Ardunio

10 MaxMsp

11 PureData

12 Last week Assignment Create a new personal blog for yourself where you can post your weekly assignments, work, personal course contents and links. Observe interactive products/installations on the street/outdoor environment. Choose one interesting medium for physical interaction and make photos of it. Publish photos in your new web blog with details of it’s functional description and it’s approach for physical interaction. Send your blog link with your name to before 1pm next Tuesday.


14 Remarks Personal Blog just for Phy. Int. Place Your Name Add link to Course Official Web Blog Your own photo shoots and words Dont fill it - copy/paste (link to source)

15 Introduction to Digital World
Digitus (latin) = Finger

16 Introduction to Digital World
Digitus (latin) = Finger

17 Electronics deals with the controlled flow of electrons
The ability to control electron flow is usually applied to information handling or device control.

18 Electricity phenomena resulting from the
Presence and flow of electric charge deals with the generation, distribution, control and application of electrical power

19 Electric potential

20 Electric current  a flow of electric charge unit for rate of flow of electric charge is the ampere. conductive metal 

21 Electric ~ Trafic

22 Electric Components

23 Wires carry electricity and telecommunications signals

24 Switch (anahtar) electrical component that can break an electrical circuit

25 Resistors (direnç) V = IR produces a voltage across its terminals
that is proportional to the electric current  V = IR

26 Potentiometer ? three-terminal resistor with a sliding contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider

27 Diode (diyot) allow an electric current in one direction and to block the current in the opposite direction

28 Light Emiting Diode (LED)
electronic light source lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size and faster switching

29 Circuit a closed path or paths formed by the interconnection of electronic components through which an electric current can flow

30 Arduino Board


32 Assignment week2 Imagine and create a concept for a fantasy interactive outdoor installation. This installation should be visually communicative with people around on street, square, metro, shopping mall, ext. based on physical interaction methods. Visualize your concept; explain functionality and your approach for physical interaction. Publish the content in your web-log. (before 1pm next Tuesday )

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