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How Do We Mix Color? How do determine complimentary color?

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1 How Do We Mix Color? How do determine complimentary color?

2 How Do We Mix Colored Light? There are two types of color mixing: 1. The mixing of lights (additive). 2. The mixing of pigments (subtractive).

3 What are Additive Primary Colors? Red, Green and Blue Notice white in the center

4 Additive Primary Color Arithmetic Red + Green = Yellow Green + Blue = Cyan Red + Blue = Magenta

5 How Does Your Old TV Work? Three electron beams strike three different phosphors At a distance you don’t notice the individual colored dots

6 How Does Your Laptop Screen Work? Each dot is a device or pixel is made up of 3 cells (Blue, Red and Green) Light behind screen passes through the cell or pixel to combine into one color

7 Laptop Screen Continued The brightness of the three colors determines the final color of the pixel Instead of phosphors, the laptop uses a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

8 How Do We Describe the Color White? Primary additive + Secondary additive = White; Considered Complimentary Colors Blue + Yellow = White Blue comes from 1/3 of the spectrum and Yellow contains light from the other 2/3 of the spectrum (Red + Green)

9 Complimentary Color Arithmetic Secondary + Primary = White Yellow + Blue = White Magenta + Green = White Cyan + Red = White

10 How Do We Determine Complimentary Colors from White Light? White – Primary = Secondary White – Blue = Yellow White – Red = Cyan White – Green = Magenta


12 How Do We View Colored Objects in Colored Light? Red light Shirt looks red Shorts look black Blue light Shirt looks black Shorts look blue

13 ObjectColor of light Color object seems to be Red socks Red BlueBlack GreenBlack Blue teddy RedBlack Blue Green Green camel Red Blue Green Magenta book Red Blue Green

14 What are Subtractive Complimentary Colors Blocks and their shadows appear as different colors depending on the color of light that illuminates them.

15 What are Subtractive Complimentary Colors If white light falls on a pigment that absorbs red light, the light reflected appears cyan. Subtract a color from white light and you have the complementary color.

16 What are Subtractive Complimentary Colors White light passes through all three transparencies, the light of all frequencies is subtracted and black is produced Adding Cyan, Magenta and Yellow together will produce Black


18 Why Does Mixing Blue and Yellow Paint Give Us Green?

19 Color with Magazines and Newspaper A printing press prints each page with four different inks or pigments, CMYK (Cyan- Magenta-Yellow-Black) Each color is transferred to paper with a different plate The plate transfers tiny dots of color to the paper The overlapping dots plus black produce many colors

20 CMYK Printing

21 Homework Read pp. 554-558 Answer Ques. 1, 2, 4, 26.

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