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Stay Connected to the World’s Most Powerful Network In today’s complex and competitive world, it is absolutely essential to stay connected. That’s why.

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2 Stay Connected to the World’s Most Powerful Network In today’s complex and competitive world, it is absolutely essential to stay connected. That’s why YPO graduates continue their experience in WPO. FIVE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT WPO Founded in 1970 as the World Business Council by 200 former YPO members Name changed to World Presidents’ Organization to reflect rapid growth and global reach More than 167 WPO chapters throughout the world; many members belong to more than one chapter. 6,606 members total. Tiered international dues starting at age 50 provide full benefits at a cost savings Lifetime Membership for permanent access to WPO benefits 2 3 4 5 WPO connects you to 20,000 of the world’s most successful business leaders. 1

3 WPO offers programs that bring families together – an emphasis unique to executive leadership organizations. FIVE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT GETTING INVOLVED AS A WPO FAMILY The WPO experience is as powerful for families as it is for members. 2 3 4 5 STRENGTHENING YOUR FAMILY: Opportunities for families, spouses/partners and children Spouses/partners participate in Forums, select Networks and Groups, leadership opportunities, the YPO-WPO website and more Young adult children participate in Forums, youth-only events, global internships, the YPO-WPO@University program, a Facebook group, a youth exchange program and more Family Universities, Experiences and conferences bring parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren together Parent-child and grandparent-grandchild events strengthen bonds Online access to easily view and register for hundreds of events 1

4 WPO education is equal parts business and passion. LIFELONG LEARNING: Programs to Enhance Every Aspect of Your Life Whether you are running your business, transitioning between leadership roles or preparing to retire, WPO education meets the diverse needs of members. FIVE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT WPO’S EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES 2 3 4 5 Access to YPO-WPO events plus WPO-only Experiences for an in-depth look at a specific interest YPO Global Pulse survey for exclusive economic forecasts every financial quarter Global Conferences Calls moderated by experts The Learning Channel for online access to archived audio and video from major YPO-WPO events GetAbstract for downloadable online summaries of more than 4,000 top business books 1

5 WPO assures that your family’s health and safety are in good hands. Through M2Mx, 25,000 members of WPO, YPO, CEO and EO, and spouses/partners of WPO and YPO members, share the wealth of their knowledge and resources on a wide-range of personal, business and medical issues. A NETWORK THAT SAVES LIVES: Information and Support No Matter Where You are in the World FIVE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT WPO’S HEALTH SERVICES 2 3 4 5 M2Mx is a free, confidential service to help jumpstart your child’s career, solve business problems, find medical care and more PinnacleCare Health Advisory provides complimentary customized referral reports that identify top physicians worldwide, facilitate appointments and offer emergency support PinnacleCare offers customized user-pay services for you, your family, associates and friends International SOS provides emergency travel support when you are more than 100 miles/161 kilometers from home; service is free for members and available for immediate family at reduced rates Regularly updating your M2Mx online profile with your areas of expertise maximizes benefit to all 1

6 WPO members take Forum to the next level by expanding their focus beyond business to discussions about relationships, family and “What’s next?” Global and Regional Couples Forums connect WPO couples from diverse backgrounds International and Regional Member and Spouse/Partner Forums to expand beyond your local chapter More than 70 Forum facilitators offer tools and support Transformational Forum experiences leverage members’ passion for knowledge and growth Youth Forum (ages 18-22) and Young Adult Forums (ages 23-39) for your children to connect in a confidential peer network WPO provides a trusted, confidential support system as you journey through life’s stages. FROM BOARD OF ADVISORS TO CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: A WPOer’s Most Valuable Asset FIVE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT WPO FORUMS 2 3 4 5 1

7 WPO keeps you connected to the right people, information and ideas. WPO members actively share their personal projects and passions, creating a vibrant culture of exchange. Networking starts at the chapter level and expands through WPO’s 15 regions More than 50 Business, Personal and Social Enterprise Networks connect members around shared interests Groups can be created online to exchange ideas on business ideas, personal projects, music and more Network at annual international events, such as the Global Leadership Conference and Family Universities Members-only website with discussion boards and other online networking tools CONNECTING YOU AT HOME AND AROUND THE WORLD: A Powerful Network Locally and Internationally FIVE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT NETWORKING IN WPO 2 3 4 5 1

8 Who are the Members of WPO? Stay connected to the world’s most powerful network. Spouses/Partners Spouses/partners can register for more than 100 YPO-WPO events scheduled for 2010-2011 Thirty percent of WPO spouses/partners are involved in Forum Children Eighty-seven percent of WPO members have children There are more than 12,000 children of WPO members, with an average of 2.5 children per member The average age is 28 Ages 50 - 64 73% 65 - 74 19% Over 75 5% Under 49 3% Average age: 59.53 5%5% 3% Location United States66% Asia-Pacific10% Canada10% Latin America/Caribbean6% Europe5% Africa/North Africa/Middle East3% 5%5% 3% 6%

9 Primarily comprised of members from: YPO Chicago, Chicagoland, Illini and Windy City Our education program has been voted best of the best 4 out of the last 6 years 2011 Best WPO Chapter in the World Internship program for siblings Vibrant young adult forum program with 8 forums serving ages 23 to 30 years old. One more coming in three weeks. 2 3 4 5 WPO CHICAGO FIVE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT WPO CHICAGO 1

10 WPO CHICAGO Chapter and Regional Leadership Tony DiTommaso Pat Borg

11 WPO CHICAGO 2012/16 EDUCATION PROGRAMS Bruce Taylor 2013/14 Scott Robinson 2014/15 Craige Stout 2015/16

12 WPO CHICAGO Forum and Spouse Forum Pat Borg (sitting in for Charles Vogel and Susan Herman)

13 WPO CHICAGO Young Adult Forum Mark Chudacoff

14 WPO CHICAGO Q&A Pat Borg Greg Cozad Mark Chudacoff Eric Wasowicz

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