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DreamSpark Enrollment Getting Started Guide. DreamSpark Subscription Overview.

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1 DreamSpark Enrollment Getting Started Guide

2 DreamSpark Subscription Overview

3 Access to software and resources for learning, teaching and research Easy-to-manage program to outfit software labs, and provide the latest professional software at no charge to students and faculty Why DreamSpark Subscription? Reduced IT training and teaching budget Enable faculty with the latest technology to engage students and prepare them to achieve their career goals 1

4 DreamSpark Subscription Offering Audiences K-12Higher Education (tech dept. only) StudentEducatorsStudentEducatorsStudentEducators DreamSpark Standardxxxx DreamSpark Premiumxx Overview DreamSpark Standard Direct and campus-wide offering for students, educators, and labs Offers development and designer products Access via: MSDN Subscription Portal Electronic License Management System (ELMS) Overview.aspx managed by Kivuto (formerly known as E- academy) Electronic License Management System (ELMS) Overview.aspx Electronic delivery Audiences Offers Renewal Path as of 1/6/12 2

5 DreamSpark Subscription Licensing EULA Perpetual rights: Software can be used after graduations according to EULA terms (non- commercial use). Software can be used for research, training, learning purposes only. Two copies of software for each student enrolled in at least 1 course and faculty members (for use in school and on a personal machine). Only physical lab machines that do not leave campus grounds qualify for “naked PC’’ clause, i.e. can install without having previous version of Windows. 3 Note: Detailed usage guidelines can be accessed on these pages: DreamSpark Standard Guidelines.aspx DreamSpark Standard Guidelines.aspx End-user Licensing information can be accessed on these pages: DreamSpark Standard DreamSpark Standard Licensing DreamSpark Standard DreamSpark Premium Perpetual Rights Academic/Non-commercial usage Usage Campus Wide Distribution School, college and University STEM Department Only Lab and Classroom Installation Students and Faculty Machines

6 DreamSpark Subscription Product Catalog DreamSpark Standard: About 27 products, mainly developer, gaming and designer tools, plus Microsoft Windows Server, Visual Studio Professional, Expression, and SQL Server. DreamSpark Premium: Extensive product catalog, hundreds of Microsoft products, including Microsoft Windows client, Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate, and SharePoint Server. Microsoft Office not included. 4 Product Categories Line-up DreamSpark Standard DreamSpark Premium Operating Systems Windows Client Windows Server Developer & Design Tools Visual Studio Professional Visual Studio Premium Visual Studio Ultimate Expression Windows Embedded Applications Visio Project OneNote Servers SQL Server BizTalk Server SharePoint Server

7 How to Enroll in or Renew a DreamSpark Subscription

8 For Computing at Schools Member institutions Microsoft includes a 3 year subscription to DreamSpark Standard as a benefit at no cost. How to obtain DreamSpark Standard: Please use the following DreamSpark Promo Code XXXXX Code will be sent separately in Note: The above guidelines do not apply for ITA customers that purchase an IT Academy membership throug a Microsoft Campus Agreement, School Agreement, or Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Agreement. They will need to enroll in a DreamSpark subscription follow the process for customers purchasing these agreements outlined in the following slides. 5

9 How to order or renew a DreamSpark Subscription The person enrolling must be the person that will act as Program Administrator for the subscription 1.From, click on “Academic Institutions”. 2.Click on tab 3 “Enroll” * Note: review the information on Tab 1 and 2 to understand the difference between DreamSpark Standard and DreamSpark Premium and check eligibility before enrolling 6 * Once you have finished the entire process Microsoft Ltd will be asked to verify your institution as a school, college or university. This is to prevent fraud.

10 How to order or renew a DreamSpark Subscription 1.Users must select their country to get to region- specific order form. 2.Then select which subscription level they want to enroll in based on eligibility: a. DreamSpark Standard 3.Click “continue” to proceed. 7

11 How to order or renew a DreamSpark Subscription Users must select whether they are purchasing a new or renewal subscription. 8

12 How to order or renew a DreamSpark Subscription 9 In case of renewals, users need to input the First and Last name of the current subscription administrator (account holder) and the current subscription ID # of the subscription they wish to renew Note: If you had previously activated an Electronic License Management System Webstore as part of your subscription, please make sure to renew within 60 days from your expiration date to keep your current subscriber ID and ensure that you can continue to use the same ELMS webstore

13 How to order a DreamSpark Subscription 1.User must completes the order form. 2.This is where the user inputs the DreamSpark Promotion Code XXXXXX 3.If known enter your applicable Academic Agreement Number. This will set the price to £0. 10

14 How to order a DreamSpark Subscription 1.The user must choose the type of subscription to enroll in. Price is set £0 because of the previously entered promo code. 11

15 How to order or renew a DreamSpark Subscription 1.Users sign in with their Windows Live ID. This address will be associated with the subscription, i.e. as the Program Administrator 12

16 How to order a DreamSpark Subscription 1.User will need to complete the order form, which requires: Contact information Institution’s information Tax information is not required since you are enrolling using a 100% off promo code. 13

17 How to order a DreamSpark Subscription Once the order is complete the information is collected and reviewed by a Microsoft representative (10 business days): DreamSpark Standard is campus wide, for any institution whether primary, secondary, trade/vocational, or higher education. Fulfillment Once the eligibility check is completed, the subscription will be activated within 5 days. You will receive first an with your order information and then a welcome with your subscriber ID #. 14

18 How to access software

19 How to Access Software 1.Through MSDN Subscription Portal This is for Administrators only. Administrators can download software and products keys and make them available to student via the Institution intranet or by burning DVDs for check-out. 2.By activating an ELMS (Electronic License Management System) A webstore that allows administrator to administer user accounts for students, faculty and labs, provide product keys and also restrict product catalog if required. A benefit offered by Microsoft to customers at no cost via our partner Kivuto (formerly known as E-academy). 3.By giving student access directly to For detailed information refer to software deployment guide which can be downloaded from There are 3 methods to access software once an Institution has enrolled in DreamSpark: Note: Even when choosing to activate the ELMS webstore, it is important that the Administrator creates a MSDN Subscription Portal account. This is required to get access to certain products and keys for lab installation. For example, to get product keys for lab installation for Microsoft Operating Systems, since Kivuto cannot distribute these product keys via their ELMS webstore. 15

20 Academic Institution Subscription Access Administrators can access their MSDN Subscription Portal and their Electronic License Management System (ELMS) Webstore (if they deployed one) at any time through the academic institutions Subscription Access ion/Access.aspx ion/Access.aspx Remember: MSDN Subscription Portal access if only for administrators, not for students. 16

21 Webstore Access For Students ELMS webstores are the recommended way to deploy software to your students and faculty so we encourage you to contact Kivuto and set one up. ELMS URLS can be hard to remember. For students to easily access your ELMS webstore in the future, they can follow these steps: 1. Go to https://www.dre udent/ px?tab=2 https://www.dre udent/ px?tab=2 2. Type in the name of the institution in the search box (see picture) 3. Click on ‘’Visit the webstore” 17

22 FAQs How can I determine if my institution is already a member of the DreamSpark program? Go to the page and enter your institution’s name in the “find your academic institution” textbox. If your school or institution does not appear in the search box, your institution is not currently a member of the DreamSpark subscription program. How do I change the Program Administrator for the subscription if needed? In the event you need to, you will need to update the mailing address and the name of the contact person. the customer service department for your region. A full list of our Regional Service Center is available on Make sure to provide your Subscriber ID # and name of the institution/school. Can an institution/school enroll both in a DreamSpark Standard and a DreamSpark Premium subscription? Yes, absolutely, particularly since DreamSpark Premium is only for a single eligible department. If you want to have a campus-wide subscription, you need to enroll in DreamSpark Standard even if one of your departments has a DreamSpark Premium. Also if your institution has multiple eligible STEM departments, each department needs to enroll in a DreamSpark Premium subscription, so in this case it is very common that an institution would have multiple subscriptions. I have seen that the DreamSpark for Student program (direct to student offering), offers free access to students to post their apps on the Windows Store, Windows Phone Dev Center etc. How can my students avail of these offers? Your students will need to have a verified account, which is separate from their ELMS account. They can sign up through You can find more information at Development.aspx Development.aspx Note that we have added functionality to the ELMS to get DreamSpark verification codes to simplify the DreamSpark account verification process. Look for an ad related to ‘’Free Windows Store access for students’’ on the ELMS Home Page to learn more. 18

23 FAQs –multi-sites Academic VL agreements/ITAs I have purchased Academic VL Agreement as part of a multi-site deal (e.g. a State or Country-wide deal), how many DreamSpark subscriptions can I enroll in at no cost? You can enroll in 1 subscription for EACH of your institutions, i.e. each of your institutions/schools can enroll using the same DreamSpark promo code and valid Academic VL or ITA agreement number. We actually recommend that each institution gets its own subscription. Make sure to pass on the agreement # and DreamSpark promo code to all of your institutions’ administrators. If you have multiple departments eligible for DreamSpark Premium, each department should enroll. I have purchased Academic VL Agreement as part of a multi-site deal (e.g. a State or Country-wide deal), can I have a single subscription and a single ELMS webstore for all sites? Will I still be able to have multiple administrators? Yes you can but you need to be aware of the following limitations: -Only 1 administrator will be able to access MSDN Subscription Portal, which means that only that administrator will be able to get access to Microsoft Operating Systems lab keys. So s/he will need to distribute keys to all other institutions’ lab administrators (and the software too if you do not deploy a ELMS). The administrator needs to be the person enrolling in the DreamSpark subscription. MSDN Subscriber portal does not allow to have multiple administrators. -ELMS webstores allow to have multiple administrators but you need to contact to set them up. You can then organize the users of your single webstore in different user groups (one per institution/school), each with an administrator if you prefer, or just have the one administrator manage the site and software access for all institutions, whatever you prefer. Sub-administrators will be able to download products for labs but not all product keys. See 19

24 FAQs - Renewal How can I find out when my subscription is expiring? Go to and check the details and expiration date under "My Account". How can I find my current Subscriber ID? Go to the to find the subscriber ID under “My Subscription” in "My Account“ page. Can I renew again at no cost? In order for you to renew again at no cost, you need to first renew your Academic VL subscription or renew your IT Academy. You will receive again the DreamSpark promo codes in you Welcome letter. I have an ELMS webstore, what do I need to do to ensure that I do not lose my webstore if my DreamSpark subscription is expiring? You will receive a DreamSpark renewal notice 60 days before you subscription expires, and then again at regular intervals as reminder. We recommend that you renew your subscription within 60 days to be able to keep the same subscriber ID and webstore. All your student accounts, product catalog and settings will be preserved. Does my DreamSpark subscription expire at the same time as my Academic VL Agreement or IT Academy? Not in most cases: the DreamSpark subscription is valid for 1 or 3 years, depending on the promo code, from the moment you enrolled and your subscription became active. The only exception is DreamSpark Standard subscriptions for customers that purchased IT Academy directly since we automatically enrolled you at the same time as you enrolled in ITA. 20

25 Resources

26 New Subscriber Resources Software Deployment New Software Deployment guide for institutions, Deployment-Guide-en-us.pdf, detailing step by step how administrators can provide software access to students, faculty and labs via MSDN Subscriber Portal and ELMS Deployment-Guide-en-us.pdf ELMS overview: Licensing and Usage DreamSpark Standard usage guidelines: DreamSpark Premium usage guidelines: DreamSpark Standard License Agreement: DreamSpark Premium License Agreement: STEM definition page: Support: DreamSpark subscription support: ELMS Webstores support: FAQs: (click on Institution tile) 21

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