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Federal Acquisition Service

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1 Federal Acquisition Service
Making Informed Cost Saving Travel Decisions Garlette Jordan, Center For Travel Management General Services Administration September 18, SGTP EdCon ‘14

2 GSA Mission Statement “The mission of GSA is to deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to government and the American people.” Delivering Better Value and Savings Serving our Partners Expanding Opportunities for Small Businesses Making a More Sustainable Government Leading with Innovation Building a Stronger GSA

3 What are GSA’s Integrated Travel Programs?
E-Gov Travel Services (ETS) Airline City Pair Program (CPP) GSA Lodging® Travel Services Solutions (TSS) Travel Training If you missed the travel training session which took place at 1055a, and your agency is interested in classroom or online training, send an to

4 How Do GSA’s Integrated Travel Programs Benefit Me?
Provides shared, government-wide solutions that: Help customers manage their travel efficiently and effectively Assist customers in accomplishing their mission Support federal guidance on travel spending (OMB Memo M-12-12, Exec. Order 13589) GSA Travel Programs’ Goal: Provide agencies with programs and services to get more and spend less on travel.

5 Customer Scenarios We are going to follow three Federal customers who use GSA’s Integrated Travel Programs to complete their missions We will highlight the benefits and utility of using GSA’s Travel Programs Let’s meet our Federal customers!

6 Meet Bob Bob is a GS-13, Contracting Officer for the Department of Transportation Let’s follow Bob as he prepares for a trip to his regional office in Chicago

7 Bob Uses E-Gov Travel Service (ETS)
ETS is a web-based, online booking engine that incorporates FTR policy to ensure efficient, one-stop travel reservation booking. Its features include: Online reservation services for air, rail, lodging and rental car Authorization Voucher processing Travel Management Center support Quick reimbursement of approved expenses

8 ETS Benefits for Bob and His Agency
Online reservations are reducing agencies’ travel arrangement costs -- the service can be configured to emphasize the most cost effective travel alternatives Agencies have more transparency into travel costs and internal control over approved expenses Security, policy and utilization of other travel programs is enhanced Travelers are reimbursed in less than 4 days Booking all travel in your agency’s travel tool allows us to capture more travel data which is helpful to us in negotiating better hotel and air fares in future years. Duty of care factor important as well. Is anyone familiar with that term? It’s another reason it’s important to stay in your tool when planning travel. It enables management to quickly determine where their employees are in the event of an emergency.  If you use, or, we may not be able to find you.  You may provide details about your travel to family and friends when you go away, but when an emergency happens that info is important to management.

9 ETS2 Vendors Concur – CGE
CWTSatoTravel - E2 Solutions May be helpful to ask about who is in the audience so you can tailor discussion around the attendees. ETS1 is coming to an end, therefore we are only showing the ETS2 vendors. How many people have moved to CGE or E2? Are any under the old ETS1 tools? DTS is for defense employees.

10 ETS Integrates Existing Policies GSA Travel Programs
Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) Per Diem GSA Travel Programs City Pair Program (CPP) – Air FedRooms® – Lodging U.S. Government Rental Car Program – Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) Travel Agencies Bob knows his agency’s procured ETS system will provide a one stop shop for all federal traveler needs. Bob logs on to book flights and his hotel in one seamless transaction. Don’t book air, get out the system and pick up the phone to make hotel arrangements.

11 Bob Uses GSA’s FY15 City Pair Program (CPP) to Book His Flights
CPP provides discounted air transportation services for Federal travelers government-wide On average, government fares are 23% off comparable commercial fares 8 Contract Carriers Over 7,800 domestic and international City Pairs Saves the federal government ~ over $2.3B annually Since FY14 is wrapping up, let look at the FY15 city pair program – 6,072 domestic city pairs 1,822 international fares A 23% increase in the # of city pairs Nonstop service grew by 4%. NOTER: Only 24% of the government’s market has non-stop service. The eight carriers are Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, SW and United.

12 CPP Benefits to Bob and His Agency
One-way routes, ideal for multiple destinations No advance purchase required No min or max length of stay required No airline change/cancellation fees Tickets are fully refundable Last seat availability No blackout periods Stable pricing enabling travel budgeting Dual fare YCA and discounted _CA Markets We will go into the details of dual fares on the slide which follows Explain a few of the benefits of one-way routes, no advance purchase, no change or cancellation fees, fixed prices. However, note that citypairsearch gives you info on fuel surcharges and airline baggage fees

13 Bob Should Choose the _CA Fare
Deeply discounted fare code is called _CA (“Dash C A”) Available in more than 6,921 markets, an increase of 142% over FY14 Airline controls inventory of _CA availability Example: Washington (DCA) to Chicago (ORD) for (FY15) YCA fare: $181 _CA fare: $90 If Bob is able to book in advance, he can save the most money by using the _CA fare. These capacity controlled fares provide all the benefits of CPP & are at the deepest discount. If Bob has to wait until the last minute to book his flights, he is always able to book the top-quality, discounted YCA fare. This year, the number of markets which include both YCA and _CA fares increased bids from carriers and awards from 2,855 to 6,921, an increase of 142%. By offering more _CA fares, there is an estimated incremental savings of $88.5M Book and approve travel early to take advantage of deeply discounted fares!

14 Lowest Available Airfare Opportunities
OMB is directing agencies to adapt their policies and practices to enable purchasing commercial fares, where there may be additional substantial savings available to the government agency and taxpayers. Who is familiar with Lowest Available Airfares? While we are showing a screenshot of a search done via the USAirways site for travel between Mobile AL and Baltimore Washington., there’s no need to check airline sites or Expedia and Travelocity. You can find LAA options via your ETS tool. I checked Expedia for the exact same flight with USAirways, and that site noted that the tickets are nonrefundable, non-transferrable and there would be a $150 change fee. When I searched GSA’s Concur site,I had the option of viewing contract, discounted contract (_CA) , non contract (me too) and lowest published. Not every agency offers the option of lowest available airfare. CPP may not be your best fare! Your agency ETS can be configured to show CPP and LAA , KNOW YOUR AGENCY’S POLICY ON LOWEST AVAILABLE AIRFARE. Sometimes commercial fares are more affordable than City Pair Fares. Always make the determination of what’s in your agency’s best interest after evaluating penalties and fees for commercial airfare and understanding your LAA policy. Also consider how firm your travel plans are. You must understand and accept risks before purchasing LAA. The $502 roundtrip economy commercial (non-contract) fare was found on 7/14 on The Government contract YCA fare is also with USAir for $276 each way (or $552 round trip) .

15 Consider alternate airports and connecting flights
Alternate airports may have lower fares Weigh the pros and cons of a connection Example: Washington – Phoenix Non-stop from BWI (one way) $238 _CA Departing from DCA with connection (one way) $175 _CA Non-stop from IAD with connection (one way) $247 _CA Alternate airports may have lower fares. You may have significant savings by selecting a non-stop or connecting flight. For folks in the DC area, it is particularly important to check alternate airports. Some agencies require their employees to go to the airport with the cheapest fare (connect or not). For dramatic savings like the one noted above at DCA, it pays to go with the cheaper fare if you want to stretch your agencies travel budget or meet the E.O guidance. However, don’t forget to consider the distance to the airport, how you got there (drive/subway) or the cost of parking in deciding which flight is best economically ** Don’t assume you know the best fares from any airport. The City Pair contracts are renegotiated annually and subject to change Flexibility makes for a good traveler. By weighing out your options, you can save your agency substantial money, just by making small adjustments to your trip. Just like DC, there are cities in the country (10 specifically) that have multiple airport options within reasonable driving distance. Confirm with your agency what the current policies are. In addition, GSA’s Office of Governmentwide Policy expects to clarify further policy on these issues, so stay tuned for updates, etc.

16 CPP Requires Govt Form of Payment
SmartPay® 2 Travel Card Centrally billed Individually billed GTRs might be used to move prisoners or vets from one medical center to another or for invitational travel Government Transportation Request (GTR) rarely used paper form of payment for travel

17 Bob Uses FedRooms ® to Book His Hotel
Book the FedRooms rate Always at or below per diem A multitude of amenities Complimentary breakfast Wireless Internet FEMA-certified and ADA compliant Hotel loyalty points are applicable In FY12 and FY13, FedRooms rates sold averaged 5% below per diem on 1 million room nights for savings of $5M per year  FedRooms is available through ETS, agencies online travel booking tools; mention some hotels offer shuttle service between hotel and airport as well as to federal offices GSA’s Office of Travel & Transportation Services initiated a FedRooms First Campaign in an effort to track savings to the Federal Government derived from using FedRooms only with some exceptions.  Savings off the allowable lodging per diem rate in FY12 was $5.28M; FY13 was $5.22M and after 2 quarters of FY14 is $2.35M. Savings are trending the same so far for 3 quarters in FY14.

18 FedRooms® Hotels: % Savings off Per Diem
FedRooms Hotel and Location GSA Per Diem Lodging Rate FedRooms (XVU) Rate % Off Per Diem Comfort Inn – Downtown DC $219 $199 9% Omni Shoreham – Washington, DC $184 16% Hampton Inn Old Town – Alexandria, VA Radisson – Arlington $189 Comfort Suites, Denver - Aurora $156 $109 30% Hyatt Place – Denver Airport (Aurora) $119 24% La Quinta Inn & Suites - Chicago $209 $190 Holiday Inn Express - Hillside* $129 38% Residence Inn – Lakewood, CO $112 39% When doing research via, know that the rate that appears is the negotiated rate, if you proceed to view and book, you could find rates that are lower as properties to fill in slow times. Another thing you can discover with FedRooms is additional amenities that might make a suburban property appealing, lower rates, meals, and free transportation to government buildings. All those benefits were discovered at the Holiday Inn Express Hillside which offered a rate that was 39% below per diem. While the Marriott does not support FedRooms corporately, there are owner/operated Marriott’s that do participate in the program.

19 FedRooms Rate is NOT the GOV Rate
Fedrooms Rate – negotiated in advance on behalf of the Federal Government GOV Rate – determined by individual hotels NOT always per diem Hidden charges may apply FedRooms rate vs. Gov Rate Government rate aren’t managed FedRooms rates are negotiated in advance on behalf of the Federal Government  Government rates are not always at per diem. Government doesn't equate to per diem necessarily

20 Rate Comparison Hotel Government Rate Per Diem Rate
Cost Exceeding Per Diem Best Western Seattle Airport $186 $152 $34 Hampton Inn Old Town – Alexandria* $219 $210 $9 Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District $199 $155 $44 Marriott - Oakland $214 $112 $102 Courtyard Marriott - Landover $179 $167 $12 Notice that the government rate in Oakland is almost double the per diem rate. Many of the government rates typically require cancellation 24 hours in advance. Be mindful when selecting government rates and make sure to look at the fine print in terms of cancellation, early check out or check in time. Searches conducted 7/18 & 7/21 * Only hotel to offer cancellation on day of arrival

21 FedRooms ® Benefits for Bob and His Agency
Program offers feedback mechanism to improve traveler satisfaction and corporate goals Program reflects traveler needs & desires Offers hotels that travelers want to use Travelers earn rewards’ points Many hotels offer amenities travelers value – free internet, shuttle service, parking, etc. Near business locations Cancellation deadline of 4pm or later on day of arrival Avoid charges, such as early check-out fees Note: FedRooms properties are selected based on analysis of SmartPay data. Hotels are also  recommended by government travelers.  There’s a link at the site to nominate hotels for consideration.

22 13,000+ FedRooms’ Hotel Participants
FedRooms offers a variety to meet the needs of travelers in urban and suburban areas. Realize that a 5 star hotel is not going to be in agricultural areas. FedRooms has your brand!

23 Changes for FedRooms in FY15
Two-tiered approach to securing hotel accommodations for the Government Tier 1 - Covers top 105 domestic and top 10 international destinations Tier 2 – Covers remaining destinations Tier 1 - represents 50 percent of the U.S. government’s hotel spend. We hope to get prices below per diem in those top destinations along with the amenities the government travelers prefer – free internet, breakfast, and shuttle service. SmartPay data will help us to determine how many properties we need in those top destinations. Limiting the number of properties in these destinations will hopefully ensure better prices and filled hotel rooms for the participating properties.

24 Meet Steve GS-12 Program Analyst from the Department of Agriculture
Planning an upcoming conference

25 Steve uses the FedRooms® “Groups & Meetings” Tool to identify a venue for his conference
Provides hotel market research for government meeting planners Utilizes an industry leading on-line research tool Provides a rapid response for worldwide market research Furnishes research considered informational in nature and does NOT constitute an offer or formal proposal Steve visits the FedRooms for Groups and Meetings tool to find a hotel and conference center within the cities.

26 How the FedRooms® “Groups & Meetings” Tool Works
Go to click the Groups & Meetings tab, open link to online questionnaire Fill out online questionnaire & specify requirements Requirements are sent to FedRooms® hotels in the city(s) selected; hotels respond within 24 to 36 hours Once responses are received, FedRooms® sends a Groups & Meetings Response Sheet within 48 hours Response Sheet information includes: hotel name, date availability, guest room rate, meeting room charges, est. food & beverage costs, if required and any other information that you request You may also reference hotels that are not in the FedRooms program in your requirements and our Groups and Meetings Team will reach out to them on your behalf. We cannot guarantee they will join, but we can ask on your behalf. You can also upload an attachment that includes other needs that aren’t noted in the tool questionnaire

27 Name: Intercontinental Tampa Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Supplier Type: Hotel Chain: Loews Hotels Crowne Plaza Hotels Website: City, State: Tampa, Florida Total Guest Rooms: 323 277 Total Meeting Space: 14,000 Sq. Ft. 12,000 Sq. Ft. Largest Meeting Room: 5,046 Sq. Ft. 4,500 Sq. Ft. Overview: Contemporary comfort awaits you in the heart of Tampa Bay. InterContinental Tampa is centrally located in the Westshore business and shopping district offering guests the most convenient access to world class shpping, dining, entertainment, sports and West Coast Florida's most memorable attractions. The Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk is a deluxe waterfront property offering a more intimate hotel experience in the heart of it all in downtown Tampa. The recently renovated property is located on the banks of the beautiful Hillsborough River overlooking the historical University of Tampa and Henry B. Plant Museum. The Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel beautifully appointed over-sized guest rooms & suites with the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Beds offering a view of either downtown or the waterfront. Hotel amenities include 500 foot of riverfront deck featuring a heated outdoor pool, complimentary high speed wireless Internet access throughout the property, complimentary fitness center; award winning Ashley Street Grille and Lounge waterfront dining; 200 foot private boat dock; Club Level accommodations and Lounge; 12,000 square foot of meeting & function space. Within walking distance are the Tampa Museum of Art, the Tampa Bay Performing Arts, the Tampa Convention Center, Florida Aquarium, Channelside and Ybor City entertainment districts, This report actually included 5 Tampa properties, but to ensure the font was large enough for everyone to read, we are just showing two of the options that were offered

28 Note the extras that the 2nd hotelier is offering to get the business
Proposed Dates: 08-Jul Jul-2013 15-Jul Jul-2013 Availability:- Available 1st Option Available 2nd Option Additional Info: I do have availability for your preferred dates. Guestrooms and meeting space are not on hold at this time. However, we will be happy to do so at the request of a contract. Currently we have the following dates: June 24-27, $84 per night July 15-19, 2013-$79 per night July 22-25, $89 per night General Information Proposal Status: Submitted Proposal Proposal Sent Date: 13-Mar-2013 Proposal Availability and Cost: 8-Jul Jul-2013 Availability: Additional Information: Not currently holding space. Please check your box for a more in-depth proposal via our E-Proposal! Concessions/ Two(2) Upgrades to Junior Suites at Group Rate; Complimentary Airport Shuttle; Complimentary self-parking; Complimentary Meeting Room Rental for General Session Room; Proposal is based on no breakout rooms; Complimentary Guestroom Internet; 10% Discount on AV Equipment; Plated Lunch: $15 Inclusive: Chef's Menu; ** No Space is being held at this time ** Complimentary Full American Breakfast Buffet included in room rate; Complimentary Welcome Reception hosted by hotel; Complimentary overnight valet parking; Complimentary wireless internet in guest rooms; Complimentary wireless internet in meeting space; Group rates available three days pre and post event; Special lunch pricing for group; Group can bring in outside AV, no fees; (3) suite upgrades at group rate; (1) welcome amenity for VIP (1 per 50) Note the extras that the 2nd hotelier is offering to get the business

29 Sleep Room Needs Met? Yes • Four Diamond Property • Onsite restaurant and lounge • 24 hour in room dining • Luxury Linens • Towel and Linen reuse programs available • Flat Screen TV • In-Room Safes • Mini Refreshment Bars Yes Settle in for a comfortable evening in any of our 277 guest rooms and 16 suites. Each features Sheraton’s own Sweet Sleeper (SM) Beds and deluxe shower package, large work desks, two line telephones, complimentary wireless high speed internet, flat panel LCD TVs, and sleeper sofas. Sleep Room Dates 8-Jul Jul-2013 Rates: Single (1 Bed) USD $93 (below per diem)  USD $93 (below per diem) Additional Information: I do have availability for your preferred dates. Guestrooms and meeting space are not on hold at this time. However, we will be happy to do so at the request of a contract. Group rate proposed for the preferred dates are $ % tax per night. Rate is available 3 days pre & post, based on availability. Additional Fees: Service Fee 23% 22% Applicable Tax  7% 7% State/Occupancy Tax  __ / 12% 5% / 7% Self-Parking  Complimentary Inclusive To avoid taxes noted here, consider central billing or a purchase order. This is particularly important if the expenses are being paid for by one office.

30 Benefits of Conference Planning Tools for Steve and His Agency
Proven tools that consolidate data and market research processes to a simple few steps Tremendous time savings by having all data needed in a single easy to use set of spreadsheets Steve can justify his recommendations with documented data driven analyses and market research Again, remind the attendees that this is market research that can be offered to acquisition personnel if you find something to your liking. In a nutshell, this is good documentation that you can fill away to justify what you decide in the end.

31 Meet Nancy A Travel Manager at Department of Education
Nancy’s staff has been tasked with reducing travel spend, per OMB Memo M-12-12

32 GSA’s Travel Services Solutions (TSS)
A Multiple Award Schedule 599 providing a variety of high-quality commercial travel services, to include: 599 1 Travel Consulting Services 599 2 Travel Agency Services 599 3 Lodging Negotiations and Management Services 599 4 Air Charter Services – Owner operated 599 5 Air Charter Services – Brokers Introduction to New Services and Products  If Nancy wants to contract for travel related services on behalf of her agency, she can get a head start by considering GSA’s TSS Schedule -- Want someone to review your agency’s travel spend? Consider Travel Consulting Services Everyone has a travel agency embedded in their ETS service to ensure timely delivery of air fare needs or to change flight plans 599-3 was used by GSA to contract for the FedRooms program and ELS Need to move prisoners or patients from a VA facility, there’s Air Charter Svcs

33 Benefits of Travel Consulting Solutions for Nancy and Her Agency
Nancy is focused primarily on (SIN 599-1) to procure expert travel consulting services and help her agency evaluating current policy and procedures to ultimately reduce travel costs Travel Consulting contractors provide advice on travel related matters to include: Improving aspects of the travel process to realize cost and/or administrative savings Reengineering business processes Developing policy Developing customer satisfaction surveys Mitigating risk for travel security

34 Benefits of Travel Services Solutions (TSS) for Nancy and Her Agency
Streamlines the acquisition process by using GSA contracts Schedules rates are ceiling prices Deeper discounts can be negotiated at the task order level Provides easy access to pre-qualified contractors to help support federal agency travel management needs

35 New Offering: Car Sharing Program
New Pilot Program – Starting October 1, 2014 Launched in Four Cities Boston, New York, Washington DC, Chicago More cities to be considered later Four Vendors Awarded BPA – CarPingo, Enterprise, Hertz, ZipCar Look for Car Sharing updates on GSA’s Travel Site To take advantage of this service, your agency must establish a task order. This service is ideal to have when your agency doesn’t have a fleet vehicle available and you don’t want to pay for a costly cab ride. Not for TDY travel. Some of the companies charge a participation fee and some don’t. Cardless entry. Vehicles can be parked within walking distance of gov’t bldgs. On average, the hourly rate for a vehicle is $10 or less. For more information and until the webpage is established, contact

36 Recap GSA offers integrated services to manage travel
ETS is an end-to-end solution and aligns policy with programs (preferred booking channel) City Pair, FedRooms® and Rental Cars can all be accessed through ETS City Pair provides flexibility and high value with government-wide savings FedRooms® provides policy compliant hotels with rates at or below per diem in over 4,600 locations GSA is your source for efficient conference planning and travel service needs

37 How to Realize Potential Cost Savings
Reservations made online vs. offline Online Booking Saves avg. of $25 per transaction Book hotel, air, and car rental online at one time Airfare Book City Pair _CA over YCA Book Lowest Logical Airfare Use alternative airports, connecting flights Hotel Here’s your cheat sheet to stretching your travel dollar and saving your agency money when traveling. FY11 68% oline = $20M Saved Based on a recent audit done on actual rates per room night, the FedRooms rates were 5% below per diem Make FedRooms® “first choice” Every Trip, Every Time Ask for FedRooms® rate Conference Planning Travel Manager oversight of conference planning Video conferencing / technology in lieu of face to face Use GSA Meeting Planning Tools

38 For additional information visit:
Thank You! Or Call For additional information visit:

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