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Business Letters.

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1 Business Letters

2 Business Letters Difference between business and personal business letters is: Business Letters are printed on letterhead paper. No return address is needed. Margins: Top: 2 inches Left, Right Bottom: 1 inch Block Style: No indents: everything typed at the left margin.

3 Special Parts of a business letter
Attention Line. Should be used only when the writer does not know the name of the person who should receive the letter. For example, if a writer wants a letter to go the director of special collections of a library but doesn’t know the name of that person, Attention Special Collections Director or Attention Director of Special Collections could be used. When an attention line is used in a letter addressed to a company, key it as the first line of the letter and envelope addresses. When using an attention line, the correct salutation is Ladies and Gentlemen.

4 Special parts (CONT.) Subject line. The subject line specifies the tope discussed in the letter. Key the subject line in ALL CAPS, a DS below the salutation. Reference initials. If someone other than the writer of the letter keys it, key the keyboard operator’s initials in lowercase letters at the left margin a DS below the writer’s name, title, or department. DO NOT KEY REFERENCE INITIALS IF YOU TYPED AND CREATED THE LETTER! Attachment/Enclosure notation. If another document is clipped or stapled to a letter, the word “Attachment” is keyed at the left margin a DS below the reference initials. If another document is included but not attached, the word “Enclosure” is used.

5 Special parts (cont.) Copy notation
A copy notation indicates that a copy of a letter is being sent to someone other than the addressee. Use “c” followed by the name of the person(s) to receive a copy. Place a copy notation a DS below the enclosure notation or the reference initials if there is no enclosure: c Mary Wilson, James Mitchell

6 Special parts (cont.) Blind copy notation USPS Letter Address Style:
When a copy of a letter is to be sent to someone without disclosing to the addressee of the letter, a blind copy (bc) notation is used. When used, bc and the name of the person receiving the blind copy are keyed at the left margin a DS below the last letter part on all copies of the letter except the original bc Meagan Margin, Jacob Smith USPS Letter Address Style: The letter address for any letter format may be keyed in uppercase and lowercase letters, or it may be keyed in ALL CAPS with no punctuation (USPS style).

7 Open and Mixed Punctuation
Open: No punctuation follows the salutation or complimentary close. Dear Mrs. Jones Sincerely Mixed Punctuation: There will be a colon after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary close. Dear Mrs. Jones: Sincerely,

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