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Airlines By: Daniel Schiff United Airlines Boeing

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1 Airlines By: Daniel Schiff United Airlines Boeing 777-200
Los Angeles, California

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3 What is an Airline? An airline is a company which offers air transport for passengers and cargo. Establishes a series of regular routes along with a consistent schedule. Two Different Types: Passenger Airlines Cargo Airlines

4 Airline Key Terms Domestic Flight: Flight that departs and arrives in the same country International Flight: Flight that departs one country, and arrives in another Transcontinental Flight: A flight than spans 90% or more of a Continents distance (Coast to Coast) New York – Los Angeles; Miami – Seattle, Boston – San Francisco Merger: When a more financial stable airline buys out a less stable one to expand its own United merged with Continental (March 3rd, 2012) Southwest is merging with AirTran (Fall of 2012) E-Ticket: An electronic ticket that identifies the passenger and his/her travel itinerary on specified airline

5 Careers in the Airline Industry
There are many Careers available in the Airline Industry: Gate & Ticket Agents Information Technology Technical Engineer (online reservations, website design) Management Accountant Analyst (cost control, passenger revenue, fleet management) Quality Assurance Reservation Agents Flight Operations Pilot & First Officer Flight Attendant(s) Maintenance Baggage Handlers

6 History of Airlines Tony Jannus conducted the United States' first scheduled commercial airline flight January 1st, 1914 for the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line. 23-minute flight traveled between St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa, Florida

7 Cargo Airlines Provide Expedited transportation of goods, information, and other resources from the source of production or warehouse to the client Cargo Airlines: FedEx, UPS (two major) At a High Cost: UPS: 4LBS. From Los Angeles, CA to Kent, OH NEXT DAY AIR: $86.56 GROUND: $16.95

8 Passenger Airlines There are many distinct characteristics of each airline, but there are two primary company roles: Low-Cost Airlines Full-Service Airlines Regional Airlines Do Passenger Airlines carry Cargo? Yes! However revenue of passengers exceeds that of Cargo

9 Low-Cost Airlines A low-cost is an airline that offers generally low fares in exchange for eliminating many traditional passenger services Traditionally has one class of service Coach (Economy Class) Limited Airline Partnerships Focus primarily on domestic travel within their country of origin Sometimes will offer limited seasonal nearby International Flights Examples? Southwest/AirTran, jetBlue, Allegiant, Spirit, Frontier

10 Low-Cost Airlines Pros: Less Delays Lower Airfare Cost Cons:
Why? Lower Airfare Cost Fewer Routes Non-Union Employees Newer aircraft = less fuel consumption Based more on availability Book further in advance, better value (generally) Cons: Limited Cities Serviced Window of Reservation Period Al la cart options: Baggage Fees, Snack Items, Seat Assignments, Early Boarding Privileges

11 Low-Cost Airlines Dedication towards Customer Satisfaction: jetBlue
Fresh Innovations jetBlue Airways – First to offer DirecTV Virgin America – First to offer WiFi across entire fleet - Moodlighting on all Aircraft AirTran Airways – First to offer XM Satellite Radio jetBlue VirginAmerica

12 Full-Service Airlines
A Full-Service Airline: Flies to many Domestic and International Destinations from its Country of Origin Extensive Airline Alliances Persuasive loyalty programs Complex food and beverage service (select flights) Regional airline affiliates Examples? United/Continental, Delta, American, US Airways British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines Has Multiple Classes of Service Coach (Economy), Business, First Airlines will name them differently Envoy, Upper Class, World Traveler

13 Full-Service Airlines
Pros: More available destinations Why? Fleet Capabilities Regional Airlines Alliance Affiliations Supply & Demand Hub & Spoke Cities Premium Service Business and/or First Class Extensive International Meal Service Cons: Higher Cost More Delays Revenue Service Minded

14 Full-Service Airlines


16 Full-Service Airlines
Food Service – Domestic Flights (Including Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii) Economy (Coach) 0.0 hours – 12.0 hours Beverage Service Complimentary Water, Soda, Juices, Coffee Specialty Drinks: Energy & Alcohol – For Purchase $4-$9 “Fresh” Meals & Snacks for Purchase Range from $ $15.00 Pringles, Turkey Sandwich, Cheeseburger United Food For Purchase First Class/Business Class 0.0 hours – 2.0 hours Complimentary Enhanced Beverage Service Complimentary Snacks 2.0 hours – 4.0 hours Meal Service (determined by departure time) 4.0 hours + Multiple Course Meal Service (determined by departure time)

17 Full-Service Airlines
Route: New York-Kennedy (JFK) – Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Distance: 2,466 Miles Time: 6 Hours, 10 Minutes

18 Full-Service Airlines
Route: Washington D.C (IAD) – Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Distance: 2,280 Miles Time: 5 Hours, 51 Minutes

19 Full-Service Airlines
Food Service – International Flights Economy (Coach) 0.0 hours – 8.0 hours Complimentary Meal Service (based on departure time) 8.0 hours – 13.0 hours Complimentary Meal Service Two Full Meals 13.0 hours – 21.0 hours Three Full Meals First Class/Business Class Complimentary Meal Service (Three-Choices) Complimentary Five-Course Meal Service (Three Choices) Complimentary Five-Course Meal Service (Five Choices) Three Full Meals & Pre-Arrival Brunch

20 Full-Service Airlines
Fleet Capabilities Range from 75 miles to 10,375 miles Airline Alliances Star Alliance Continental/United, US Airways, Air Canada, Lufthansa, South African Airways, Air New Zeleand oneworld American, British Airways, Iberia, Cathay Pacific, FINNAIR, Quantas SkyTeam Delta, KLM, Air France, Air Europa, Alitalia, China Eastern, Korean Air, Kenya Airways, Aero Mexico

21 Regional Airlines Fly to smaller cities to connect passengers with hub cities Akron/Canton (CAK) – Chicago (ORD) Syracuse, NY (SYR) – New York-Kennedy (JFK) Fly under Full-Service Airline Name Won’t know you’re actually flying on one United Express, Delta Connection What percentage of flights are operated by Regional Airlines? 52% of all flights are operated by a Regional Airline Chances are; you’ve been on one, and didn’t even know Challenges facing Regional Airlines: Fatigued Pilots/Crew Members (Crash Pad) Underpaid – First 5 Years: $17,000-$22,000 Aircraft Turn-Around Ratio How many flights operated per day? 7-10

22 Regional Airlines United/Continental Delta US Airways American
ExpressJet Chautauqua SkyWest Mesaba American Eagle PSA TransStates Colgan Air Pinnacle Piedmont Shuttle America Republic Silver Airways Mesa CommutAir GoJet

23 Airlines & Customer Service
One of the most cut aspects of air travel has been service Recently, more airlines have begun improving the needs and wants of travelers; by recognizing, meeting, and exceeding passenger expectations


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