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AIRLINES By: Daniel Schiff United Airlines Boeing 777-200 Los Angeles, California.

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1 AIRLINES By: Daniel Schiff United Airlines Boeing Los Angeles, California

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3 What is an Airline?  An airline is a company which offers air transport for passengers and cargo.  Establishes a series of regular routes along with a consistent schedule. Two Different Types:  Passenger Airlines  Cargo Airlines

4 Airline Key Terms Domestic Flight: Flight that departs and arrives in the same country International Flight: Flight that departs one country, and arrives in another Transcontinental Flight: A flight than spans 90% or more of a Continents distance (Coast to Coast) New York – Los Angeles; Miami – Seattle, Boston – San Francisco Merger: When a more financial stable airline buys out a less stable one to expand its own United merged with Continental (March 3 rd, 2012) Southwest is merging with AirTran (Fall of 2012) E-Ticket: An electronic ticket that identifies the passenger and his/her travel itinerary on specified airline

5 Careers in the Airline Industry  There are many Careers available in the Airline Industry:  Gate & Ticket Agents  Information Technology Technical Engineer (online reservations, website design)  Management Accountant Analyst (cost control, passenger revenue, fleet management) Quality Assurance  Reservation Agents  Flight Operations Pilot & First Officer Flight Attendant(s)  Maintenance  Baggage Handlers

6 History of Airlines  Tony Jannus conducted the United States' first scheduled commercial airline flight  January 1 st, 1914 for the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line.  23-minute flight traveled between St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa, Florida

7 Cargo Airlines  Provide Expedited transportation of goods, information, and other resources from the source of production or warehouse to the client  Cargo Airlines:  FedEx, UPS (two major)  At a High Cost:  UPS: 4LBS. From Los Angeles, CA to Kent, OH NEXT DAY AIR: $86.56 GROUND: $16.95

8 Passenger Airlines There are many distinct characteristics of each airline, but there are two primary company roles:  Low-Cost Airlines  Full-Service Airlines  Regional Airlines  Do Passenger Airlines carry Cargo?  Yes! However revenue of passengers exceeds that of Cargo

9 Low-Cost Airlines  A low-cost is an airline that offers generally low fares in exchange for eliminating many traditional passenger services  Traditionally has one class of service  Coach (Economy Class)  Limited Airline Partnerships  Focus primarily on domestic travel within their country of origin  Sometimes will offer limited seasonal nearby International Flights  Examples?  Southwest/AirTran, jetBlue, Allegiant, Spirit, Frontier

10 Low-Cost Airlines Pros:  Less Delays  Why?  Lower Airfare Cost  Why? Fewer Routes Non-Union Employees Newer aircraft = less fuel consumption Based more on availability Book further in advance, better value (generally) Cons:  Limited Cities Serviced  Window of Reservation Period  Al la cart options:  Baggage Fees, Snack Items, Seat Assignments, Early Boarding Privileges

11 Low-Cost Airlines  Dedication towards Customer Satisfaction:  Fresh Innovations jetBlue Airways – First to offer DirecTV Virgin America – First to offer WiFi across entire fleet - Moodlighting on all Aircraft AirTran Airways – First to offer XM Satellite Radio jetBlue VirginAmerica

12 Full-Service Airlines  A Full-Service Airline:  Flies to many Domestic and International Destinations from its Country of Origin  Extensive Airline Alliances  Persuasive loyalty programs  Complex food and beverage service (select flights)  Regional airline affiliates  Examples? United/Continental, Delta, American, US Airways British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines  Has Multiple Classes of Service Coach (Economy), Business, First Airlines will name them differently Envoy, Upper Class, World Traveler

13 Full-Service Airlines Pros:  More available destinations  Why? Fleet Capabilities Regional Airlines Alliance Affiliations Supply & Demand  Hub & Spoke Cities  Premium Service Business and/or First Class Extensive International Meal Service Cons:  Higher Cost  More Delays  Revenue Service Minded

14 Full-Service Airlines


16 Food Service – Domestic Flights (Including Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii)  Economy (Coach)  0.0 hours – 12.0 hours Beverage Service Complimentary Water, Soda, Juices, Coffee Specialty Drinks: Energy & Alcohol – For Purchase $4-$9 “Fresh” Meals & Snacks for Purchase Range from $ $15.00 Pringles, Turkey Sandwich, Cheeseburger  United Food For Purchase United Food For Purchase  First Class/Business Class  0.0 hours – 2.0 hours Complimentary Enhanced Beverage Service Complimentary Snacks  2.0 hours – 4.0 hours Meal Service (determined by departure time)  4.0 hours + Multiple Course Meal Service (determined by departure time)

17 Full-Service Airlines Route: New York-Kennedy (JFK) – Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Distance: 2,466 Miles Time: 6 Hours, 10 Minutes

18 Full-Service Airlines Route: Washington D.C (IAD) – Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Distance: 2,280 Miles Time: 5 Hours, 51 Minutes

19 Full-Service Airlines Food Service – International Flights  Economy (Coach)  0.0 hours – 8.0 hours Complimentary Meal Service (based on departure time)  8.0 hours – 13.0 hours Complimentary Meal Service Two Full Meals  13.0 hours – 21.0 hours Complimentary Meal Service Three Full Meals  First Class/Business Class  0.0 hours – 8.0 hours Complimentary Meal Service (Three-Choices)  8.0 hours – 13.0 hours Complimentary Five-Course Meal Service (Three Choices) Two Full Meals  13.0 hours – 21.0 hours Complimentary Five-Course Meal Service (Five Choices) Three Full Meals & Pre-Arrival Brunch

20 Full-Service Airlines  Fleet Capabilities  Range from 75 miles to 10,375 miles  Airline Alliances  Star Alliance Continental/United, US Airways, Air Canada, Lufthansa, South African Airways, Air New Zeleand  oneworld American, British Airways, Iberia, Cathay Pacific, FINNAIR, Quantas  SkyTeam Delta, KLM, Air France, Air Europa, Alitalia, China Eastern, Korean Air, Kenya Airways, Aero Mexico

21 Regional Airlines  Fly to smaller cities to connect passengers with hub cities  Akron/Canton (CAK) – Chicago (ORD)  Syracuse, NY (SYR) – New York-Kennedy (JFK)  Fly under Full-Service Airline Name  Won’t know you’re actually flying on one United Express, Delta Connection  What percentage of flights are operated by Regional Airlines?  52% of all flights are operated by a Regional Airline Chances are; you’ve been on one, and didn’t even know Challenges facing Regional Airlines:  Fatigued Pilots/Crew Members (Crash Pad)  Underpaid – First 5 Years: $17,000-$22,000  Aircraft Turn-Around Ratio  How many flights operated per day? 7-10

22 Regional Airlines United/ContinentalDeltaUS AirwaysAmerican ExpressJet Chautauqua SkyWest MesabaAmerican Eagle Chautauqua PSATransStates Colgan AirPinnaclePiedmont Shuttle America Republic Silver AirwaysMesabaMesa CommutAir TransStates GoJet Mesa Republic GoJet TransStates

23 Airlines & Customer Service  One of the most cut aspects of air travel has been service  Recently, more airlines have begun improving the needs and wants of travelers; by recognizing, meeting, and exceeding passenger expectations


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