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“Tips and Secrets to Greater Career Success” Making Yourself Indispensable Al Ballon, Stockton District Manager July 2014.

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1 “Tips and Secrets to Greater Career Success” Making Yourself Indispensable Al Ballon, Stockton District Manager July 2014

2  Explore an alternate perspective on building leadership competencies  Learn about the power of self-assessment tools  Overview of pivotal leadership competencies  Share a manager’s perspective on critical skillsets  Unveil stark realities about current work environment Learning Objectives

3 Mark Samuel, IMPAQ CEO “Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability”  Being indispensable means you are adaptable, learning and growing with an organization that changes and evolves … at the end of the day, you are either working to make yourself indispensable or working yourself to make yourself obsolete” Building Leadership Competencies

4 “If you want to get to the top, develop skills that complement what you already do best”  It is pretty easy and straightforward to improve on our weaknesses, get measurable results by linear development – We do so by learning and practicing basic techniques  Developing strengths is very different: Doing more of what you already do well yields incremental improvements. To become better, you need to work on complimentary skills by non-linear development Making Yourself Indispensable: John H. Zanger, Harvard Business Review Article

5  The Interactive Process: Cross-Training  The combination of two activities produces improvement substantially greater than either one can produce on its own  Marathon runner : Run, run, run but also a regimented diet, yoga, muscle building exercises, etc.  Complimentary Competencies  Developing complimentary pairs of competencies can result in significant improvement in overall leadership effectiveness Making Yourself Indispensable: John H. Zanger, Harvard Business Review Article

6  Getting Results  Focuses on results  Establishes stretch goals (vision)  Takes initiative  Interpersonal Skills  Communicates powerfully and broadly  Inspires, persuades and motivates others  Builds relationships  Develops others  Collaborates and fosters teamwork  Character  Displays honesty and integrity  Personal Capability  Exhibits technical/professional expertise  Solves problems  Innovates  Practices self-development  Leading Change  Develops strategic perspective  Champions change  Connect the group to outside world Making Yourself Indispensable: Leadership Competencies

7 Making Yourself Indispensable: Core and Leadership Competencies Model Source: Office of Learning (OL)Office of Learning (OL)

8  Building Strengths …. Step by Step  Identify your strengths  Choose a strength to focus on  Select a complimentary behavior  Develop it in a linear way Making Yourself Indispensable: Building and Magnifying Strengths

9  Complimentary companions to the ability to persuade and motivate others:  Connects emotionally with others  Exhibits clear vision and direction  Develops others  Champions change  Is a strong role model  If rated low on communication, this would be a strong companion to strengthen your powers of persuasion  Remember: Focus on a competency that matters to the organization and something you feel passionate about Making Yourself Indispensable: Building Strengths

10  Supervisor feedback  Are you described as a poor performer, an under-achiever, a solid performer, or a star performer?  Your colleagues  Mentor Feedback  OL: Leadership Self-Assessment toolLeadership Self-Assessment tool Making Yourself Indispensable: The value of Self-Assessment

11  Two main reasons  SSA needs you …… future leaders  The opportunities have never been better !!!  Let’s put it into context  Organizational challenges: Attrition and fiscal constraints  Increased wait times, phone call volume, workloads  How is SSA meeting these challenges?  Flattening of the organizational structure  Online services  Remote assignments: Virtual, Telework  Greater collaboration between components: capacity management/resource sharing Why is Making Yourself Indispensable Sooooo Critically Important?

12  “State of Readiness”  Expand your technical and educational skillset  Raise your visibility  Embrace virtual job opportunities  Be resilient How To Make Yourself Indispensable? As SSA employees, we each play a central role in helping the Agency meet its service commitments despite fiscal challenges.

13 What are some of the key competencies that managers may look for in a prospective Analyst, CR, TE, SCT, TA?  Flexibility … “Attitude defines your Altitude”  Communication skills  Thirst for learning  Interpersonal skills  Ability to prioritize  Problem solver  Integrity  Customer service orientation Making Yourself Indispensable: A Manager’s Perspective

14 What are some of the competencies that I may look for in a prospective OS, ADM, DM? Management-centric  Leadership  Business acumen  Strategic thinking Making Yourself Indispensable: A Manager’s Perspective

15  That thing about mobility  Act the part  Guess what? If you don’t like your boss, he/she probably doesn’t like you either !  Get your hands dirty  There are no guarantees  Get a mentor  Results, results, results  Don’t show your ugly side  Make it difficult for managers not to select you  Maintain a strong life/work balance or you’ll burn out  Have fun at work. It’s OK !  No network, no advancement Stark Realities: “Lo Que Papi A Ti Te Dijo..” Your performance and your career aspirations must focus on adding value to the organization

16  Did I mention “get a mentor” …..  60% of IT managers surveyed stated that a mentor is necessary for success. Yet, only 20% of IT workers have a mentor  Mentors help you navigate through pitfalls, help you clarify your goals, provide you with unfiltered feedback, and much, much more Stark Realities: “Lo Que Papi A Ti Te Dijo..”

17  “All life depends on relationships..” National Geographic  “Those that are flexible, never get bent out of shape”  “Difficult times provide opportunities”  “Being successful doesn’t necessarily make your great. What makes you great is when you reach back and help somebody else to become great” (Joel Osteen) Favorite Quotes

18  Are you able and willing to make yourself indispensable?  Are you ready to disrupt the norm?  Are you ready to embrace a greater leadership role? If You Are …  You need to convince those above you that you are a valuable resource  You must demonstrate that you are indispensable Closing

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