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The Train Is Part of the Vacation Experience The Amtrak Experience Part 2 Click to go on.

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1 The Train Is Part of the Vacation Experience The Amtrak Experience Part 2 Click to go on

2 Long Distance Routes in the Southwest Click to go on

3 Routes on the West Coast Cascades Pacific Surfliner Cascades Pacific Surfliner Click to go on

4 All Aboard! Click to go on

5 Coach Class How to Ride A Train Coach-the most economical way to travel Click to go on

6 How to Ride A Train Business Class – on Regional and many short to medium distance trains, Business Class offers:  more leg room  complimentary non-alcoholic beverages  newspaper Click to go on

7 Private accommodations on overnight trains  Individual temperature and lighting controls  Restroom/shower facilities (in room or nearby)  Daytime seating; converts to bed for nighttime travel  Various size rooms are available for singles, couples, families and passengers with disabilities Traveling in Sleepers How to Ride A Train Click to go on

8 How to Ride A Train Long Distance Coach Coach passengers enjoy large reclining seats with foot and leg rest; fold-down tray table, individual reading lights, and overhead racks for luggage. Wide windows fill the car with sunlight and allow you to enjoy the scenery. Click to go on

9 Dining Services  On Long Distance trains all passengers can enjoy meals at tables in the Dining Car  Variety of menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner  Meal is included with Sleeping Car ticket Click to go on

10 Dining Services On shorter trips, trains feature Café Cars where sandwiches snacks and beverages (including cocktails, wine and beer) are available. Need picture Click to go on

11 Socialize with other passengers in a casual atmosphere, where you can enjoy beer, wine, sandwiches and other snacks. Dining Services Lounge Car Click to go on

12 Sightseer Lounge Bi-level lounge cars on Superliner trains with panoramic windows for spectacular views. Sandwiches, snacks and beverages are available. Dining Services Click to go on

13 Traveling Information Click to go on

14 Traveling Information Passenger ID – Amtrak passengers are required to produce photo identification when picking up tickets, checking baggage and traveling on board Amtrak trains. Valid Photo ID includes a Valid Passport. Click to go on Baggage – Carry-on is limited to two pieces per passenger. Luggage may not exceed 50 lbs. per piece and must not exceed 28”x22”x14” in size. Checked baggage is available at many stations and on many trains. Three bags can be checked. All bags must be visibly tagged with passenger information. Airport Stations – connecting service to and from Amtrak train station to airport: Mono Rail – Newark Liberty International Airport Bus – Thurgood Marshall BWI International, Baltimore; New York’s JFK and LaGuardia

15 Traveling Information Quiet Cars – many short to medium distance trains have a Quiet Car where customers are asked not to use cellular phones, pagers or the sound features of laptop computers, and to speak only in subdued tones. This provides a quiet atmosphere for those who want to work or rest without distraction. Click to go on Amtrak Lounges – comfortable waiting area at major Amtrak stations for First Class and Sleeper Car Passengers. Friendly staff, complimentary soft drinks, juice, pastries and snacks, comfortable seating, television monitors and more. Phone Services – unrestricted use of personal cell phones (except Quiet Car). Many trains also have Railfone service which requires a major credit card to use.

16 Sleeping Car Bedroom Ensuites – bedrooms on Superliner and Viewliner equipment can be combined to create one large room for parties with more than two passengers. Traveling Information Click to go on Coach Seating – reservation required on most trains; first-come, first-served basis. On long distance trains, the conductor may assign seats. A pillow is provided for long distance trains. The digEplayer™ - a portable digital entertainment device pre-loaded with 12 movies, television shows, music videos, 60 hours of music, Amtrak route guides, city info and much more. Available for rental at select stations.

17 Welcome Aboard!

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