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Corporate Governance and Administration Conference Jury’s Hotel, Ballsbridge 30 March 2004.

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1 Corporate Governance and Administration Conference Jury’s Hotel, Ballsbridge 30 March 2004

2 Ensuring Compliance within your Company Paul Appleby Director of Corporate Enforcement

3 Introduction Where are we? The ODCE in 2004 Where are we going?  Compliance  Detecting suspected offences  Investigation and enforcement  Insolvency matters Working with the ODCE

4 The ODCE in 2004 (1) Specific remit is Company Law, not other laws or codes of corporate governance We have two main objectives:  encouraging adherence to company law  bringing to account those who disregard it

5 The ODCE in 2004 (2) Satisfactory start to our work Range of ODCE publications available Increases in reported non-compliance Successes with our enforcement work Encouraged by recent TNS/MRBI research

6 The ODCE in 2004 (3) Company Directors (300 sample) 97% feel compliance is very/fairly important 66% consider compliance to be very/fairly easy 54% acknowledged some familiarity with the ODCE 34% rate ODCE as very/fairly effective (18% say no) 30% have seen ODCE Information Books and 83% of those were complimentary about their value

7 The ODCE in 2004 (4) Accountants and Liquidators (130 sample) 95% say that compliance has increased in last 5 years 98% acknowledged some familiarity with the ODCE 66% rate ODCE as very/fairly effective (31% say no) 86% have seen the ODCE’s Information Books and 91% of those were complimentary about their value

8 The ODCE in 2004 (5) Current Challenges Guidance arising from the Companies Act 2003 Large volume of reported offences/misconduct Quantity/range of enforcement activity Number of liquidator reports/other insolvencies Capacity-building within the Office

9 Compliance (1) 2003 Act Guidance required on – Directors’ compliance statement Audit committees Auditor reporting Audit exemption ODCE Information Books

10 Compliance (2) Continue ‘outreach’ programme of seminars Keep our website up-to-date Review ODCE communications strategies Contribute to company law developments Participate in international research

11 Detection of Offences (1) Develop information-sharing arrangements with IAASA, IFSRA, ISE, Revenue, etc. Advance the 400 cases on hands at end-2003 Evaluate close to 1,000 new auditor reports, public complaints and matters in the public domain Progress the current company investigations and undertake some new investigations where relevant

12 Detection of Offences (2) Focus public complaints on company law issues Improve the consistency of auditor reporting Enhance information flows between ODCE and auditors and ODCE and other regulators Consider initiatives in discrete areas like management companies

13 Investigation/Enforcement (1) Advance to decision stage some ‘big cases’ Progress the directors’ transactions cases Prioritise investigation cases of particular merit Select best evidence-gathering instruments  Receipt of Relevant Documentation  Voluntary witness statements  Arrest/detention

14 Investigation/Enforcement (2) Initiate 50 prosecution proceedings Conclude 35 prosecution proceedings Secure 100 convictions Widen the prosecuted offences to 12 types Undertake 10 restriction/disqualification cases

15 Insolvency Matters (1) Ensure compliance by liquidators with their reporting obligations Evaluate close to 1,000 new liquidator reports Monitor liquidators’ restriction proceedings Maintain Public Notice Procedure

16 Insolvency Matters (2) Investigate evasion of accountability process Examine other insolvent company cases  Insolvent liquidation cases with no liquidator  Unliquidated insolvent companies  Dissolved companies after strike-off  Companies post-receivership

17 Insolvency Matters (3) Monitor restricted/disqualified directors Prevent undischarged bankrupts acting Examine possible misconduct by liquidators/receivers

18 Working with the ODCE (1) The ODCE is not an end in itself It is a means by which those infringing the law will be investigated and brought to account Our motivation is to improve the environment for enterprise We’re in the risk reduction and quality assurance business to benefit creditors/other stakeholders

19 Working with the ODCE (2) We welcome information relating to offences We encourage cooperation from related parties We try to reduce the ‘fear factor’ vis-a-vis clients We minimise our use of serious legal powers You should seek professional advice if in doubt Much of our work is intrusive by nature, but it is such in the public interest

20 Working with the ODCE (3) www.  About the ODCE  ODCE Services  ODCE Publications/Statements  Legislation  Court Decisions

21 Thank You Questions?

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