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Enterprise Ideas Sustainable Small Farming & Ranching.

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1 Enterprise Ideas Sustainable Small Farming & Ranching

2 Finding your market potential Click on image to start video

3 Best Centerpiece Agricultural Opportunities  Joel Salatin lists in his book, “You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start and Succeed in a Farming Enterprise.”  Based on certain criteria

4 Criteria for making the list:  Low initial start-up cost relative to the ability to generate income  High gross profit margin  Relatively low maintenance requirements  High Cash flow, quick turnaround  History of high success rate

5 The top eight:  Pastured Broilers  Eggs  Salad bar beef  Grass based dairy

6 The top eight: (continued)  Market garden  Home bakery  Bandsaw mill  Small Fruits with U-pick operation

7 Best complimentary enterprises  Criteria Use of existing infrastructure Filling low work times with cash generating jobs Evenly distributed cash flow Increased customer flow

8 10 best complimentary  Pastured turkeys  Lamb  Pork  Rabbit  Firewood

9 10 best complimentary (continued)  Agritourism/recreation  Greenhouse/Flowers  Honey and bee products  Land management – stockers  Cottage industry

10 Choosing your Animal Enterprises  Consider animals that : Fit your temperament Are marketable You can raise with existing or affordable land and facilities Match your time and labor resources Are complimentary to main enterprise

11 Aquaculture Requires water resources MS clipart and photos

12 Aquaculture Requires water resources Some examples of aquaculture enterprises:

13 Goats for milk, cheese and/or meat MS Clipart

14 Goats for milk, cheese and/or meat Some examples of goat enterprises:

15 Sheep for meat and/or wool MS clipart & photos

16 Sheep for meat and/or wool Some examples of enterprises that use sheep:

17 Poultry MS clipart and photos

18 Poultry Products MS clipart and photo

19 Get on the bus! (Chicken run?) Slide used from Living on the Land, Western SARE PDP

20 Livestock and Poultry Production Click on image to start video

21 Exotic birds like Ostrich & Emus MS clipart photos

22 Pigs MS clipart photos

23 Pigs Examples of pig and hog enterprises:

24 Rabbits MS clipart photos

25 Cattle and other Ruminants MS clipart photos

26 Example of some cattle & ruminant enterprises             

27 Buffalo MS clipart photos

28 Choosing your Crop Enterprises What grows in your climate What you can market Those that grow and harvest with existing or affordable equipment Crops that match your time and labor resources Complimentary to main enterprise or that can be used on the farm (feed, cover crops)

29 Vegetables and melons

30 Gourds and pumpkins

31 Herbs (culinary or medicinal)

32 Small fruits

33 Fruit and nut trees

34 Flowers, cut fresh or dried

35 Traditional grains MS clipart photos

36 Pasture, hay and cover crops MS clipart photos

37 Timber and other tree crops MS clipart photos

38 Other potential enterprises MS clipart photos

39 Summary  Many choices and many factors to consider  At this point you should select something that is a possibility for you  The duration of the course will involve an evaluation of the feasibility of this enterprise

40 Credits Presentation developed by Cultivating Success TM : Sustainable Small Farms Education. Photos provided by Cultivating Success TM Staff, unless otherwise noted. Video segments taken from: “Meadowlark Farm: A Case Study of a Small-Acreage Farm” produced by Ben Troka, University of Idaho College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Copywrite 2005, University of Idaho.

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