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1 What Is The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway? The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway is a revolutionary concept in linking beauty, relaxation, wellness,

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1 1 What Is The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway? The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway is a revolutionary concept in linking beauty, relaxation, wellness, networking and sisterhood. Our pamper getaway is one of the most upscale pamper events Washington, D.C. has ever seen and is hailed as D.C.’s newest beauty and aromatherapy monthly weekend destination. The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway has garnered the stellar reputation of presenting luxurious themed events that often include special celebrity guest appearances by athletes, entertainers, and literary artists. Designed exclusively for the sophisticated and discerning woman, The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway was developed for the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere and ambiance for women to be pampered by immensely trained, professional and elite experts in women’s beauty care and aromatherapy relaxation techniques. Each manicure, pedicure, massage therapy treatment and body waxing is named after a phenomenal woman such as: Aretha Franklin, Halle Berry, Jackie O, The Honorable Sandra Day O'Connor, Rita Moreno, Princess Di, Iyanla Vanzant, Lena Horne, Terri McMillan, Julia Roberts, Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey. Our once-a month special delight touches the mind, body and “sole” of a woman. The strategy is to reach, pamper, inspire, invigorate and honor all women in general, and executive females in particular, by providing an escape to a pampering oasis that’s the ultimate indulgence of its kind!

2 2 At The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway we use the finest products and the most innovative equipment that deliver the maximum results. All phenomenal women who attend The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway can enjoy complimentary mimosas, orange juice, bottled water, coffee or tea while they network, or if they prefer, they can curl up and read from an array of national bestsellers and popular publications. Many ladies enjoy the relaxing experience as a perfect opportunity to:  pamper themselves after business travel or working overtime;  escape from the overload of motherhood responsibilities;  celebrate a birthday;  host a bridal or wedding shower;  do something different with their book club;  share a girls day out;  merely engage in exceptional beauty management Once thought of merely as a luxury, today, hand, foot and massage therapy are also viewed by many women as vital treatments that alleviate stress, arthritic pain, and soar muscles. We have created a tranquil, pampering oasis that is la piece de resistance! Women emerge from their spa-getaway feeling inspired, invigorated, and indulged. Why Do Women Enjoy The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway?

3 3 The Charitable Component of The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway Since its debut in 2004, The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway continues to rejuvenate and inspire women ages 18 – 65. But perhaps what is most phenomenal is that The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway also has a special charitable component and regularly gives back to the community to women who perhaps need pampering and enrichment the most. As a volunteer enterprise of Battered Women's Support Services, we assist non-profit organizations that offer free clothing and household items to women survivors of violence, and women of low-income or public assistance. The clothes closets associated with these noteworthy organizations are designed to assist women who are in need of career clothes for job interviews and new employment. By quarterly hosting ultra private events to protect the privacy of these ladies, we assist with providing a well-groomed appearance so they may look their best and feel their best. Our community outreach goal is to help empower women to take control of their own lives. Our outreach mission is to provide luxury, complimentary pampering to women who have been challenged by life’s trials and tribulations by offering a “we-treat” to help them get back on their feet! Everyone deserves a lil’ pampering, peace and tranquility. They will emerge from their spa-getaway experience feeling inspired, invigorated, revived and ready to focus on their bright future back into the mainstream workforce in America.

4 4 The Connection Oprah Winfrey Live Your Best Life Tour we were participating members of “The Live Your Best Life” Tour - an amazing life changing tour, hosted by none-other than one of our noted phenomenal women, Oprah Winfrey. Over the years, the “Live Your Best Life” Tour events have achieved overwhelming success, attracting sold-out crowds in every city. Presented by O, The Oprah Magazine, event attendees experienced the Personal Growth Center, a catered lunch and a life presentation by the host, herself. As you may know, O Magazine is one of today’s leading women’s magazines with a circulation of over 2.2 million readers a month. The 2005 tour was even more incredible as ladies from around the globe were motivated to tap into Oprah’s passion and energy so that they too could grow and become their “best self.” As a special promotion Jam Sports & Entertainment offered a Sweepstakes drawing where the randomly chosen winner(s) who attended The Phenomenal Pampered Getaway on Saturday, April 30th received two (2) ultra luxurious Uniquely Phenomenal Spa Packages that each included a manicure, pedicure, massage, and one (1) ticket to see one of our noted phenomenal women, Oprah Winfrey at her SOLD OUT “Live Your Best Life” Tour at the Washington Convention Center, that was held on May 7th, 2005. We were able to pass on this wonderful cross-promotional opportunity to our sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors by hosting an event that attracted thousands of influential customers with buying power! Our sponsors could therefore showcase and brand awareness to a diverse, target audience of female consumers. The Phenomenal Woman Pampered Getaway provides the optimal and unique platform for our event partners!

5 5 WhoAre Our Phenomenal Women? Who Are Our Phenomenal Women? Professional, career women between the ages of 25 and 60 Doctors Lawyers Professors Women’s organization directors Federal Government contractors Community Leaders Sorority sisters Wedding planners Television and radio personalities Mothers Single career women Homeowners Car owners Business owners Models and actresses Athletes and entertainers Women who are smart, outgoing, leaders, fashionable trendsetters, and enjoy networking with like-minded intellects of sophistication with discerning taste. Women who influence the purchase of consumer products, especially for their households EVERY WOMAN IS A PHENOMENAL WOMAN

6 6 The Strength of Our Phenomenal Women Women earn more than $1 trillion dollars, and 64 percent of all working women now earn more than half their family's income. Women spend $3.5 trillion on retail products and services Commercially, close to 8 million women now own businesses and those companies collectively employ some 18.5 million people. A Roper survey found that two-thirds of all women -- but only 15 percent of all men -- were likely to switch brands "based on a good cause." J.D. Power and Associates reports that women now purchase more than half of all cars sold in the United States and "significantly influence" 80 percent of all auto purchases. Washington Business Journal, 1998

7 7 The Purchase Power of Our Phenomenal Women The 32 million African-American, Hispanic and Asian women in the U.S. have a combined $723 billion in purchasing power* Women influence the purchase of: 83% of all consumer products 94% of home furnishings 92% of vacations 91% of houses 51% of consumer electronics 60% of automobiles ** *Promo Magazine, July 8, 2004, US Multicultural Market **

8 8 The Media Emergence Targeting Phenomenal Women The emergence of women-targeted events such as Pantene’s “Total You” Tour and The Oprah Magazine’s “Live Your Best Life Tour”; as well as television shows such as the Ellen Show, Oprah, and The View show the obvious strength and vastness of the market and its immense purchase power and mass media effect Combined, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian-Americas represent about 88.2 million people, or 30 percent of the U.S. population. They have a whopping $1.3 trillion in spending power

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