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Yousef Torman Managing Director, ASREN 11 th Middle East Network Operators Group Meeting Amman 7-8 September 2012 Towards Developing.

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1 Yousef Torman Managing Director, ASREN 11 th Middle East Network Operators Group Meeting Amman 7-8 September 2012 Towards Developing the e-Infrastructures in the Arab World

2 Some Questions to be answered? –What are Research & Education Networks (RENs)? –Luxury or necessary –Are RENs a competitor for operators and service providers –Status of RENs in the Arab World –REN trends worldwide –Roles and responsibilities

3 What are Research & Education Networks? –Research and education networks are dedicated networks connecting the Universities, Schools, Research Centers, Hospitals, Museums and any other institution that may have research and education activities. –National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) are established to provide connectivity and communications services for the research and education communities at the national level –Regional Research and Education Networks (RRENs) are connecting the NRENs to provide connectivity and services to researchers and educators across the boarders.

4 Major Objectives for R & E Networks –Provide scientific research and education institutions with reliable means of communication in order to facilitate ease of cooperation and coordination –Strengthen the notion of partnership and encourage joint scientific research among communities. –Minimize cost of research by using diversified academic and technical resources to be made available for use on the network with no need for duplicating investment. –Using such dedicated networks would uplift efficiency and productivity and would boost the concept of creativity and innovation.

5 NRENs: Major Services –Unified connectivity to all research and education –Consolidated Internet services –Connectivity to regional research networks,. –Access to content, common repositories, and library resources of all universities with a unified subscription. –Video conferencing services and media streaming. –Consolidated agreements with software vendors. –Common caching, filtering and anti-spam and anti-virus protection services provided by NRENs to all connected institutions.

6 NRENs around the world Africa D.R. Congo (Eb@le) KENET (Kenya) MAREN (Malawi) MoRENet (Mozambique) RwEdNet (Rwanda) South Africa (TENET) SUIN (Sudan) RENU (Uganda) ZAMREN (Zambia) East Asia & Pacific Asia (APAN) South&East Asia (TEIN2) Australia (AARNET) China (CERNET,CSTNET,NSFCNET) Fiji (USP-SUVA) Hong Kong (HARNET) Indonesia (ITB) Japan (SINET, WIDE, JGN2) Korea (KOREN, KREONET2) Malaysia (MYREN) New Zealand (KAREN) Philippines (PREGINET) Singapore (SingAREN) Taiwan (TANet2, ASNet) Thailand (UNINET, ThaiSARN) Vietnam (VINAREN) Europe & Central Asia Europe (GEANT2) Armenia (ARENA) Austria (ACOnet) Belgium (BELNET) Croatia (CARNet) Czech Rep. (CESNET) Cyprus (CYNET) Denmark (Forskningsnettet) Estonia (EENet) Finland (Funet) France (Renater) Georgia (GRENA) Germany (G-WIN) Greece (GRNET) Hungary (HUNGARNET) Iceland (RHnet) Ireland (HEAnet) Italy (GARR) Kazakhstan (KAZRENA) Latvia (LATNET) Lithuania (LITNET) Luxembourg (RESTENA) Malta (Univ. Malta) Netherlands (SURFnet) Norway (UNINETT) Poland (PIONIER) Portugal (RCTS2) Romania (RoEduNet) Russia (RBnet, RUNNET) Slovakia (SANET) Slovenia (ARNES) Spain (RedIRIS) Sweden (SUNET) Switzerland (SWITCH) United Kingdom (JANET) Tajikistan (TARENA) Turkey (ULAKBIM) Uzbekistan (UZSCI) Americas Latin America (redCLARA) Argentina (RETINA) Bolivia (ADSIB) Brazil (RNP2/ANSP) Canada (CA*net) Chile (REUNA) Colombia (RENATA) Costa Rica (CR2Net) Ecuador (CEDIA) El Salvador (RAICES) Guatemala (RAGIE) Honduras (UNITEC) Mexico (Red-CUDI) Nicaragua (RENIA) Panama (RedCyT) Paraguay (ARANDU) Peru (RAAP) Uruguay (RAU2) Venezuela (REACCIUN2) Mid-East & N.Africa Algeria (ARN) Egypt (EUN/ENSTINET) Jordan (JUNET) Lebanon (NCSR) Morocco (MARWAN) Palestinian Terr. (PadI2) Qatar (Qatar FN) Syria (HIAST) Tunisia (MRST) U.A.E. (ANKABUT) South Asia India (ERNET) Nepal (NREN) Pakistan (PERN) Sri Lanka (LEARN)

7 National Efforts (Arab Countries) More to Come.. CountryNREN JordanJUNet MoroccoMARWAN TunisiaKCC EgyptEUN SudanSUIN Saudi ArabiaKASCT & KAUST PalestinePADI 2 SyriaHIAST, SHREN SomaliaSomaliREN UAEANKABUT QatarQatar Foundation OmanThe Research Council – OMREN

8 EUMEDCONNECT Programme EUMEDCONNECT Research and Education network project 2004 -2014 (3 phases), 14M Euro of EC funding The only regional Research and Educational Network in the Arab Region National Research and Education Networks in Algeria (ARN), Egypt (EUN), Tunisia (CCK), Jordan (JUNET), Morocco (MARWAN), Palestine (PALNET) and Syria (HIAST) were connected to its European counterpart GÉANT More 2 million users in around 700 institutions

9 Regional Efforts, historical background PAN Arab Network, 2005 Rome Declaration 2006 NAP, the Network Access Points 2007 CAMREN 2008 ASREN 2011

10 ASREN is the association of the Arab region NRENs and strategic partners. A legal non for profit organization with Arab NRENs as shareholders Promoting world-class Pan-Arab e-Infrastructures and E-services for the R&E communities to boost Scientific Research and regional Cooperation

11 ASREN: Vision and Mission Vision Statement: Pan-Arab collaborative research and education projects and activities, contribute to boost the scientific research, innovation and education levels in the Arab countries by uplifting efficiency and productivity of research and education communities. Mission statement: To implement, manage and extend sustainable Pan-Arab e-Infrastructures dedicated for the Research and Education communities and to boost scientific research and cooperation in member countries through the provision of world-class e-Infrastructures and E-services.

12 Objectives To build, maintain and consolidate regional e- Infrastructures dedicated to e- Science and education across the Arab Countries To facilitate the collaboration and cooperation among the researchers and academicians in the Arab region To contribute to create and sustain National Research and Education Networks (NRENS) Regional network that Interconnects the NRENs of the Arab Countries Harmonization of policies and standards Advocating at the regional level amongst decision makers and stakeholders Knowledge resources, exchanges Arabic contents Usage of e- Infrastructure s and services Regional partnerships joint research Supporting NRENs to implementin g technologic al solutions Exchange of expertise and best practices

13 ASREN Functions Core Functions

14 Dave Lambert, President and CEO of Internet2

15 ? Are RENs a competitor? Are RENs a necessity or a luxury?

16 Fahem Al Nuaimi, CEO, Ankabut, UAE

17 ASREN Official Launch (2010) Launched in the League of Arab States in Cairo under the Patronage of HE Amre Moussa, the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (Honorary Chairman of ASREN) Chaired by HE Talal Abu Ghazaleh ASREN was officially Registered in June 2011

18 The e-AGE 2011 The 1 st International Platform on Integrating Arab e-infrastructure in a Global Environment, e-AGE2011, conducted in Amman December 2011 under the Royal Patronage. The conference was attended by high level representatives including Ministers and decision makers, academics, network professionals, researchers, scientists from 32 countries. The event included: –EUMED Event 4 –Internet2 SIG Middle East Meeting –ASREN 1st Annual Meeting 11 Arab NRENs were present and 8 NRENs signed letters of accord to start joining ASREN

19 Registration is now open

20 ASREN is calling for Telecom Operators and ISPs to help RENs and give special prices for connectivity Governments and Regulators to pay special attention to the establishments of RENs as a special case To have joint activities and meetings with MENOG and other groups with similar activities The establishment of neutral telecom infrastructures A message to the Arab IGF to include R&E requirements in their planning

21 Special Thanks to Sponsors

22 Sponsorship Opportunity As a sponsor, we offer you Branding & visibility on conference publications, Speaking on Panel, Stage announcement, Complimentary booth, Exemption of participation fees, Acknowledgment in conference material & press Complimentary advertising space, and much more Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al-Nahayan, Minister, Higher Education & Scientific Research of UAE e-AGE 2012 is expected to host more than 400 people including ministers, high level representatives, decision makers, academics, network professionals, researchers, & more

23 Thank You Contacts:

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