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Group3 Clair Miao 繆 萱 Jessie Hong 洪瑋庭 Ivy Cheng 張家馨 Candy Huang 黃康恬.

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1 Group3 Clair Miao 繆 萱 Jessie Hong 洪瑋庭 Ivy Cheng 張家馨 Candy Huang 黃康恬

2 About us

3  Our hotel is built for the travelers who do not have much budget for hotel.  Try our best to offer the travelers better service than other same level hotels.  Offer other nonscheduled discount for guests

4  Hometripper is not a hotel for guest, it is a home that guest can fell warm.  Located in the downtown area.  Takes just five minutes to walk from the central station.  ‘Lower price, best service’ is our slogan

5 There are four people in our team  Clair Miao: manager  Jessie Hong: reception personnel, answer guests’ questions.  Candy Huang: hotel designer  Ivy Cheng: handle the financial condition of hotel


7  For starting to plan our B&B (Bed & breakfast) found, of cause, we hope the found can be self-sufficient and the debt ratio can be lower. B&B (Bed & breakfast) is a kind of gradual accumulation undertaking, it can’t grow up rapidly, so preparing our founding is a very important lesson. There are some other ways to raise funds, such like providing by the Government low-interest loans.

8  We decided to raise our fund by making loan from government, bank, and small part of fund from our deposit.  Besides, we found some small enterprises to cooperate, for example: car rental companies and souvenirs companies.

9 Total Start-up Expenses Start-up Assets to Fund $18,000 Total Equipment outlay $92,900 Manpower$12,000 Total capital$117,200 Surplus-$60,100

10 Hometripper Break-even Analysis Monthly Revenue Break-even $8,863 Assumptions: Average Percent Variable Cost 7% Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost $3,797  →60100/8863=6.7 8(month)  → About 6~7month the liabilities can be balance.

11  Below is we projected income statement for the next three years. We think earnings are subject to seasonal fluctuations. So we can try to strengthen our Hometripper market position among the local communities who will patronize the establishment during the low season, and thus offset the negative impact of the season.


13  Paris style - They use many of the brown color, and create a royal image to make the room more like in Paris.

14  England style – They use simple single color in each different object. Also, they use color like Kilt’s pattern.

15  Pop art- the whole room was made of shapes like circle, triangle, or square…etc. They try to use different kinds of color even if they don’t match together. It’s an new and modern way to create room.

16  Greek style - They use blue and white color to make the room more like Greek style. Moreover, use shells to decorate the room so that it just like live near by the ocean.

17  Hometripper provides mid-priced accommodation, and our accommodations’ features have different exotic styles, including Paris style, England style, Pop art, and Greek style. And every style has dissimilar price, but the prices are reasonable. Customers can choose what kind of style they want to live.

18  Paris style AUD$68 First of all, as u see, this picture is our Paris style room, it’s so luxurious and spacious. Paris style is suitable for couple, because it provides romantic feeling.  England style AUD$55 The second picture is England style room which is gorgeous. England style room has good atmosphere, providing customers an unforgettable vocation.

19  Pop art AUD$50 The third is Pop art room, it is cute and lively. Pop art room is suitable for family, it provides a comfortable space and delighted aura.  Greek style AUD$46 The last style is Greek, I don’t need to make too much description, just like u see and u image, choosing this style is like living in the blue ocean and sky! Free and enjoyable!


21  24-hour complimentary coffee, tea and fruit in our cafeteria.  Complimentary breakfast.  Well-stocked mini bar.  Internet on TV and Laptop connection.  Color television with satellite reception of international programming.

22  Wake-up call service.  Local travel tips providing.  Luggage storage.  Radio.  Well-stocked mini bar.  Bathrobe and slippers.  Laundry.  Information for local tours.

23  Complimentary basket of toiletry items.  Hair dryer.  Shoe shine upon request.  Safety box.  Hot-water pot, cup and tea bag

24  Leave the central station and find the Elizabeth Street exit, walk 200 meters to your left, cross the road and Hometripper is right there.  If you are staying here more than three days we will provide you a shuttle bus.


26 Hometripper 238 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW Freecall: 1800 645 200 Phone: + 61 3 9329 7525 Fax: + 61 3 9326 7667 Email:

27  Airport Info Airport Info  Transportation Info Transportation Info  Coachtrans Coachtrans  Sydney travel guide Sydney travel guide  The map of Sydney The map of Sydney  The weather in Sydney The weather in Sydney  Events & Activities Events & Activities  Local tours Local tours


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