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Certification Program and Sustainable Tourism Value Proposition April 2010 Center for Sustainable Tourism.

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1 Certification Program and Sustainable Tourism Value Proposition April 2010 Center for Sustainable Tourism

2 Sustainable Travel International Non-profit focused on Non-profit focused on providing programs that help travelers, businesses and destinations protect the environment, preserve cultural heritage and contribute to economic development. Leave the World a Better Place®

3 Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification FACTORS TO CONSIDER CostCost Quality & Comprehensiveness of ProgramQuality & Comprehensiveness of Program Educational ValueEducational Value Credibility of OrganizationCredibility of Organization TSC / GSTC AlignmentTSC / GSTC Alignment Brand AffiliationBrand Affiliation Marketing & Communications SupportMarketing & Communications Support Complimentary ProgramsComplimentary Programs

4 Expanded baseline for measuring performance, adding socio- cultural and environmental dimensions to the traditional economic benchmark. A positive triple bottom line (3BL) means a net: Improvement in conservation of the natural environment Social benefit for local communities Profit for business owners and shareholders Gain for national and regional economies Holistic Approach to Sustainable Tourism TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE

5 Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification A voluntary procedure that utilizes a set of criteria designed to assist travel providers in mitigating their negative environmental, economic, and socio- cultural impacts and maximizing the benefits they provide to the environment, local and indigenous people and their communities. TOURISM SUSTAINABILITY COUNCIL

6 Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification “THE GOLD STANDARD” Global Focus, Local ApplicationGlobal Focus, Local Application TransparencyTransparency ComprehensiveComprehensive Educational OrientationEducational Orientation Systematic ApproachSystematic Approach

7 Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification SECTOR SPECIFIC Tour OperatorsTour Operators AccommodationsAccommodations AttractionsAttractions Transportation Service ProvidersTransportation Service Providers DestinationsDestinations

8 Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification SYSTEMATIC APPROACH Self-assessment ToolSelf-assessment Tool Eco-assessedEco-assessed On-site AuditOn-site Audit Eco-certifiedEco-certified

9 Self-assessment Tool

10 Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification EXCEPTIONAL VALUE Fees based on total number of roomsFees based on total number of rooms Preferential rates are available for bulk purchasesPreferential rates are available for bulk purchases Third-party auditor fees are based on total number of roomsThird-party auditor fees are based on total number of rooms Advisory support services and complimentary educational materials availableAdvisory support services and complimentary educational materials available

11 Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification EXCEPTIONAL VALUE STEP can be endorsed by or customized for destinations to address their unique social, cultural, environmental and economic attributes, as well as regional goals and priorities. STEP can also be licensed to ministries of tourism and destination management organizations, so they don’t have to expend significant resources in developing their own tourism standards, verification protocol, and auditor and consultant training programs.

12 Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification ASSESSMENT & DEVELOPMENT “STI were very thorough and practical in their approach to reviewing all elements of the Ecolabel and subsequent Ecolabel course that we offer our clients” “We have gained extra exposure thanks to our affiliation with STI as a result of STI press releases and extra website links that have improved our websites Search Engine Optimisation.” - Mary Mulvey, Greenbox CEO

13 Luxury Eco Certification Standard Addresses luxury hoteliers’ unique needsAddresses luxury hoteliers’ unique needs 100 steps to sustainability100 steps to sustainability All-inclusive pricingAll-inclusive pricing LEADING QUALITY ASSURANCE

14 Regional Development Metropolitan areas, states, provinces, countriesMetropolitan areas, states, provinces, countries Examples PortlandPortland STEP ScandinaviaSTEP Scandinavia STEP IrelandSTEP Ireland DESTINATION STEWARDSHIP Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification

15 GLOBAL MARKET Global Programs*3303 (* 3200 of these are Blue Flag for beaches) Europe3253 Americas547 ISO 90012924 ISO 14001414 Total3903 (excluding Blue Flag and ISO certified Co’s.) Source: UNF Commissioned Study, 2007 Represents a small fraction of the industry in a very young certification market!


17 Why STI? LEADERSHIP Carbon Management, Quantification & OffsetsCarbon Management, Quantification & Offsets Travelers’ PhilanthropyTravelers’ Philanthropy 3BL Measurement, Management & Verification3BL Measurement, Management & Verification Resource Conservation (Water, Waste & Energy)Resource Conservation (Water, Waste & Energy) Education, Outreach & ConsultingEducation, Outreach & Consulting

18 Why STI? COMMUNICATIONS & OUTREACH 25,000 Media Contacts25,000 Media Contacts 500,000 average monthly web visits500,000 average monthly web visits 25,000 - 35,000 average monthly web visitors25,000 - 35,000 average monthly web visitors 30,000 e-Newsletter subscribers30,000 e-Newsletter subscribers “Green” listings on Expedia, Travelocity and in AAA“Green” listings on Expedia, Travelocity and in AAA

19 GREEN.TRAVEL Designed to become the premier resource for travelers wanting to engage in responsible travel; Designed to increase awareness of sustainable tourism and to be a one-stop-shop for information and resources for consumers; Designed to be a social networking site and booking portal for trips, car rentals, airfare and much more.

20 Why STI? EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE Private Sector and Public SectorPrivate Sector and Public Sector Sustainable Tourism DevelopmentSustainable Tourism Development International TeamInternational Team Industry LeadershipIndustry Leadership

21 For More Information Contact: Brian T. Mullis Visit: Email: Phone: Phone: +503 488 5500 (USA Office) +720 273 2975 (Direct)

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