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University of Louisiana at Lafayette Rules Education Meeting August 19, 2009 August Rules Education - Compliance Manual -

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1 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Rules Education Meeting August 19, 2009 August Rules Education - Compliance Manual -

2 Overview Announcements/Updates Review of Compliance Manual Trivia Questions

3 Announcements Team Orientations (times/dates on calendar) LSDBi Hot Topics Off-Campus Checks Team Managers criteria Volunteer Coaches – schedule appointment with compliance office

4 Compliance Manual Athletics Compliance Manual Policies & Procedures 2009-2010

5 Rules Education (p. 8) Athletic Staff Members Mandatory to attend Rules Education Meeting every month. Booster Groups receive the “Ragin’ Cajuns Guide to NCAA Rules for Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Friends” in their season ticket packages; all UL faculty and staff receive it as well. All teams must conduct team orientations where the NCAA’s summary of regulations are reviewed, Student- Athlete Statements and Drug Consent Forms are signed, International forms are signed when applicable, as well as vehicle registration, employment information, housing information, and outside competition forms are completed online with ACS Athletics.

6 Grievance Procedures Please note the Compliance Manual addresses grievance procedures and the university’s sexual harassment policy on p. 2. Please encourage student-athletes to report grievances to an Associate Athletic Director. Sexual harassment issues should be reported to the Associate Dean of Students (Dana Beckurs).

7 Recruiting (p. 9) Responsibility of head coach, recruiting coach, Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance, & Athletic Director to monitor recruiting practices Recruiting logs must be maintained for every PSA either evaluated or contacted by phone or in person. Contacts/Evaluations, phone calls, and correspondence will be inputted by all coaches into Compliance Assistant or ACS Athletics (Internet Database). Records inputted into Compliance Assistant or ACS Athletics will be evaluated monthly by the Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance. Travel reimbursements won’t be approved until contact/evaluation data is entered online.

8 Official Visit Procedure: Step 1 (p.9) Coach submits a “Compliance Official Visit Request” Form along with transcript, test scores if the PSA is in high school, and “Eligibility Request” Form. The PSA is entered into the NCAA Eligibility Center and placed on our institution’s IRL. If approved the Compliance Office mails: Official Visit Letter (notice of 5 official visits), welcome letter from Athletic Director, Graduation Rate Report, Academic Progress Rate Report, Graduation Success Rate Report, and the NCAA’s list of banned drugs to PSA.

9 Official Visit Procedure: Step 2 (p.10) Coach completes a “Request for Official Recruiting Visit” Form is signed by head coach and brought to the Compliance Office for approval. Once approved, the form is sent to the Athletics Business Manager, Athletic Director, President, Comptroller, and Vice President for Business and Finance.

10 Official Visit Procedure: Step 3 (p.10) Coach reviews the “Student Host Receipt/Instructions” with the student-athlete host Student-athlete host signs the “Student Host Receipt/Instructions” form and the “Guidelines for Prospective Student-Athletes and their Student Hosts” form.

11 Official Visit Procedure: Step 4 (p.10) Prospective Student-Athlete visits University of Louisiana at Lafayette The PSA signs the “Guidelines for Prospective Student-Athletes” form.

12 Official Visit Procedure: Step 5 (p.10) Coach completes the “Record of Official Visit” form and has the PSA sign. Receipts are attached to an Expense Account form and turned in with the “Record of Official Visit” form to the Compliance Office for approval. The form is then sent to the Athletics Business Manager. If approved, the form is sent to the University Business Office. A copy of the form is returned to the Compliance Office and filed in the student-athlete’s file.

13 Student Hosts (p. 10) It is the head coach’s responsibility to ensure that student-athlete hosts are aware of all legislation related to hosting a prospect. After the visit, the student host must turn in all monies not spent to the head coach.

14 Two-Year College Prospects A non-qualifier attending a 2-year college for their 1 st year may not be contacted in person on or off an institution’s campus for recruiting purposes. This means that a 2-year prospect who is a non-qualifier, or has not been certified a qualifier at the time, may not come on an official visit.

15 Permissible Recruiting Materials (p. 11) General Correspondence Business Cards NCAA Educational Information Pre-Enrollment Information (once accepted by UL Lafayette or after signing an NLI) Programs (must be given to PSA in person) Athletics Publications Non-Athletic Publications (available to all students) Questionnaire Student-Athlete Handbook (once accepted by UL Lafayette or after signing an NLI) DVDs (available to all students) Summer Camp Brochures Institutional Note Cards

16 Issuing An NLI (p. 11-12) Check website at for current signing Letters are prepared by secretaries in each department All NLI agreements must be accompanied by a grant-in-aid agreement 2 original NLI letters and 1 quadruplicate Grant-in-aid must be submitted to the PSA (PSA keeps 1 copy of NLI and returns the other and keeps the white (top) copy of the GIA) PSA must sign within 14 days of the issue date Originals are returned to the Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance. A copy is forwarded to the Conference Office within 21 days of the issue date, and the original is kept on file in the compliance office.

17 Other Recruiting Topics Please review p.12-13 to cover the following topics: Rules governing publicity regarding a prospect The One-time Exception-Announcement of all Signings Booster Functions Tryout Rules Amateurism, and Instructions for PSAs to finalize the NCAA Amateurism Questionnaire.

18 Eligibility (p. 14-15) Athletes may not practice or be issued equipment once they have been declared ineligible. Compliance Office must certify incoming freshmen’s eligibility – Coaches will be notified of status International students are encouraged to turn in applications for admissions early, as they generally take longer to process. All applications, transcripts, and TOEFL scores should be submitted to the Director of Admissions and the Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance as soon as the PSA has made a decision to attend UL.

19 Eligibility (p. 14-15) Transfer students’ transcripts are sent to the Student-Athlete Academic Center for academic certification and to determine degree percentage and transferable hours. Walk-ons are allowed to join the team at the discretion of the head coach. They are not allowed to practice or compete until they have received clearance from the Compliance Office and the Training Room. Please refer to the eligibility flow charts beginning on p. 16 to review eligibility certification procedures.

20 Transfers: 2- Year (p. 24) Once a junior college prospect is identified, it is the coach’s responsibility to submit an “Eligibility Request” form and transcript to the Compliance Office. Academic certification takes place at the SAAC If the PSA signs an NLI, he/she will be added to the squad list. A 2-yr. transfer must serve 1 year of residency at the certifying institution unless he/she was a qualifier, completed 2 full semesters, has a 2.0 GPA, has 24 transferable hours. If he/she was a non-qualifier, he/she must have graduated from the 2-yr. college, completed a minimum of 48 transferable hours, attended the 2-yr. full-time for at least 3 semesters, and have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible immediately.

21 Transfers: 4-year (p. 24-25) If a student-athlete is interested in transferring from a 4-year institution and contacts a UL coach, the coach must immediately inform the Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance. The Compliance Office will then send a “Permission to Contact/One- Time Transfer Exception” form to the institution of the student-athlete. If permission is granted, the Compliance Officer will notify the head coach that contact can be made. If the student decides to attend UL Lafayette, the coach must submit an “Eligibility Request” form. A 4-yr. transfer who attended a 4-yr. institution for at least one academic yr. shall be eligible for financial aid and practice, regardless of the student’s qualification status.

22 Transfer Release Appeal (p. 25) Please note that information regarding a transfer release appeal has been included in the Transfers section of the manual. A student-athlete not granted a release for the one-time transfer exception has the right to request an appeal by contacting Cindy Perez, Director of Financial Aid.

23 Financial Aid (p. 26) Renewals: Coaches complete a “Scholarship Spreadsheet” indicating those athletes who are to have their scholarships renewed and the amounts of each scholarship. The form must be turned in to the Compliance Office by June 15 th.

24 Financial Aid (p. 26) Nonrenewals: Each Coach must complete a “Non- Renewal/Reduction of Financial Aid” form with the names of student-athletes that will not be renewed or will have their scholarships reduced. The Compliance Office must notify athletes of non-renewals or reductions in writing by July 1 st. Athletes have the right to appeal to the Financial Aid Committee.

25 Financial Aid (p. 26-27) Cancellation or additions of scholarships must be indicated in a “Student Update” form and submitted to the Compliance Office. Please see Bylaw for allowable reasons to reduce or cancel scholarships. Summer school aid is allowed only to those athletes who received athletic aid in the previous year and is given in the same equivalency. Incoming freshmen who have signed an NLI are allowed to receive summer financial aid as long as they enroll in the minimum academic-hours requirement (6). Summer school scholarship spreadsheets must be turned in by May 15 th.

26 Playing and Practice Seasons (p.28) Coaches must turn in the “Declaration of Playing and Practice Seasons” form along with a schedule prior to the 1 st practice. Changes may be made and submitted to the Compliance Office. Each head coach must maintain records on “Countable Athletically Related Activities” for each athlete. These forms will be collected at the end of each month at the Rules Education Meeting.

27 Participation Logs (p. 30) The “Participation Log” should be turned in to the Compliance Office immediately following the completion of the season. It should list all student-athletes and scheduled competitions.

28 Male Practice Players Policy (p. 30) It is the position of the Athletics Department that no male practice players will be engaged in practice sessions with women’s teams.

29 Player Pass (p. 31) Student-athletes are allowed 4 complimentary tickets for each home game. (record kept on “Complimentary Ticket List” on ACS Athletics). For baseball, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball: a total of 50 complimentary admissions are available at all Sun Belt Conference games.

30 Unofficial Visit (p. 31) Coaches wishing to obtain complimentary tickets for PSA’s on unofficial visits must submit an “Unofficial Visit Complimentary Pass” form. Each PSA on an unofficial visit may receive 3 complimentary admissions per home game (1 for the PSA and 2 for guests). An “Unofficial Visit” form must be completed by the PSA and head coach when a PSA makes an unofficial visit.

31 Other Player Pass Situations (p.32) A PSA on an Official visit may also receive 3 complimentary admissions (1 for the recruit and 2 for parents or legal guardians only). When needed, a PSA on an official visit may receive an additional 2 complimentary admissions for step-parents per the non-traditional family exception. Each sport must submit a “Prospective Student-Athlete Passes for Athletic Event” form. No complimentary admissions may be provided during official or unofficial visits for post season play.

32 Team Travel (p. 33) Please note the Sr. Associate Athletic Director is able to sign in the place of the Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance to approve travel reimbursements. The Athletic Department’s Class Absence/Travel Policy states: No student-athlete shall miss more than a total of seven MWF and five TR classes in a semester as a result of team travel for competition. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Athletic Director in consultation with the University Athletics Committee. This policy excludes conference tournaments and NCAA post-season competitions.

33 Sports Camps/Clinics (p. 35-37) Camp coordinator must fill out the “Request and Authorization for Athletic Camps/Clinics” form which is approved by the Athletic Director, President, and Student Union Director. A list of all people receiving payment for services during the camp/clinic should be attached to this form. Forms and money are mailed to the Student Union along with registration forms and other camp mail outs. You must use the correct account number. It is the coach’s responsibility to make mailing labels and name tags. Payments for staff cannot be submitted until after the camp is over.

34 Waivers (p. 28) All waiver requests are submitted to the Compliance Office where the Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance makes the determination if a waiver is appropriate and if so, which waiver must be completed.

35 Self-Reporting Procedure (p. 39) All university staff members, administrators, student- athletes, and boosters are required to report a violation to the Compliance Office immediately. Once the Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance reviews the allegations, a preliminary inquiry is conducted to determine the degree of the violation. If it is determined that a secondary violation has occurred, an investigation will be conducted by the Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance. A final report is sent to the Sun Belt Conference and the FAR. If a violation is determined to be major, the Athletic Director is notified and in turn notifies the President and FAR. A final report of the investigation is sent to the Sun Belt Conference and the NCAA.

36 Student-Athletes (p. 40-43) Please review the Student-Athletes section of the manual to learn about: Appearance requests; The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee; The Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund; and CHAMPS Life Skills

37 Benefits to Students (p. 44) Student-athletes are not allowed to receive benefits that are not able to be received by the general student population. Transportation – staff members may provide reasonable local transportation to SAs on an OCCASIONAL basis. Meals – NCAA allows OCCASIONAL meals to be provided to SAs in someone’s home. These may not take place at a restaurant. An “Occasional Meal” form must be completed and approved by the Compliance Office prior to the meal being provided to student- athletes. Exit Interviews – A member of the Exit Interview Committee will administer exit interviews to all student-athletes leaving the university, whether for eligibility or transfer purposes.

38 Employment (p. 45-46) Please review the employment section. Note that specific information regarding student-athlete employment has been provided, including permissible pay rates, and instructions for providing fee-for-lesson instruction.

39 Drug Testing (p. 47-49) Please note that student-athletes become ineligible for one full year following a positive NCAA drug test. The UL drug testing policy is in this section as well as the penalties for positive tests. Appeals procedures are also outlined in the manual.

40 Pregnancy Policy (p. 50-51) Student-athletes have been made aware of the Athletic Department’s Pregnancy Policy which is also located in the Student-Athlete Handbook. Essentially, a pregnant student-athlete shall report their condition to the Athletic Training Staff at the earliest known date of pregnancy, to better ensure the health and welfare of the student-athlete and unborn child.

41 Gambling (p. 52) Student-athletes and athletic staff members are prohibited from engaging in intercollegiate sports gambling. Participation in gambling can jeopardize a student-athletes eligibility. Participation in gambling by staff members warrants disciplinary or corrective action.

42 Booster Groups (p. 53) Head coaches are responsible for their booster groups with respect to their activities, including NCAA Compliance. The Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance will present the NCAA rules and regulations to any booster group upon request.

43 Outside Income Reporting (p. 54) UL Lafayette athletic staff members are required to annually complete the “Disclosure of Outside Income” form and submit it to the Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance who will submit all forms to the Athletic Director. These forms also have to be approved by the President of the University.

44 Compliance Calendar (p. 55-59) Please note that a compliance calendar has been included in the manual to provide a tentative schedule of topics that will be covered at monthly Rules Education Meetings as well as reminders for dates when certain forms are due.

45 Compliance Forms (p. 60) All of the forms mentioned in this presentation can be found in the back of the manual. Forms are also available online at Go to Departments, Staff Documents Click on “Compliance Forms” Username: bulldog Password: cayenne

46 Questions? Please ask the compliance office if you have any questions regarding of the information in the manual or any of the forms that need to be completed. ALWAYS ASK BEFORE YOU ACT! GEAUX CAJUNS! Please ask the compliance office if you have any questions regarding of the information in the manual or any of the forms that need to be completed. ALWAYS ASK BEFORE YOU ACT! GEAUX CAJUNS!

47 Trivia Questions 1) What does a manager have to do in order to perform limited duties?  They may perform limited on-court or on-field activities during practice, games and organized activities (e.g., ball shagging, bounce-passing drills, throw batting practice, signaling in plays at the direction of a coaching staff member) provided they also perform traditional managerial functions (e.g., run clock at practice, laundry, fill water bottles).

48 Trivia Questions 2) What is the username and password to access the compliance forms online? Forms are also available online at Go to Departments, Staff Documents Click on “Compliance Forms” Username: bulldog Password: cayenne

49 Trivia Questions 3) Name one new form that has been added to the Compliance Manual this year? Local Travel Request Occasional Meal SA General Information New SA/Walk-on Practice/Eligibility Certification

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