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The NHS Reforms – a Policy Analyst’s View

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1 The NHS Reforms – a Policy Analyst’s View
The Procurement and Distribution Interest Group Conference : 9th June 2011 Dr Patricia Oakley, Director Practices made Perfect Ltd. Teaching and Research Fellow Organisational Psychology and HRM King’s College London Tel: Fax:

2 The NHS Reforms – Key Qs What are the key changes for the NHS and the Medicines Market? How can hospital pharmacy services survive the changes? Who will be buying medicines in the future?

3 The Next 30 Years Care of the Elderly – physically well and mobile, socially engaged and psychologically content. Chronic Disease Management including Mental Health and Carer Support. Specialist Surgical and Therapeutic Interventions. New Science: Pharmaco-Therapeutics and Genetics, Molecular Imaging and Diagnostics. Building technologies and flexible designs underpinned with real-time information e.g. Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions, Digital X-ray, Just-in-Time Training Programmes.

4 Health and Social Care Services
Acute Care Services Acute Care and Interventions Day Surgery and Treatment Centres Specialist Centres Intensive Centres Research Centres Aided Living Centre Rehabilitation and Resettlement Services Equipment Services Carer Support Services Education Services Self-Help Services HOME Self Care Aided Self Care Advisory Service Managed Care Practices Maternity and Child Care Services Diagnostic and Imaging Services Minor Surgery Centres Mental Health Care Services GP – Wellness Centres End Stage Support Services Nursing Support and Night Sitting Services Palliation and Symptom Control Services Respite Services and Carer Support Preparation for Death Support Services Bereavement Support Services

5 Focus on the Future – The Wheel Turns Again Proposed Streamlined Public Service Architecture*
Dept. of [Public] Health Permanent Secretary and Chief Medical Officer. Independent Reconfiguration Panel Care Quality Commission Monitor-Market Regulator Workforce Regulators Pay Review Bodies Independent NHS Board and its Regional Directorates Service Commissioning Agencies Chief Executive. Commissioning Director. Medical Director (inc. Workforce). Chief Officers (inc. workforce). Nursing Director (inc. workforce). Workforce Director. R&D Director. £ Controller. Service Providers Network Local Authority Commissioning Agency: Multi-agency service commissioning; Public Health Programmes; “residual” services commissioning. GP Commissioning Groups – Managed Agencies for majority of local people’s needs. GP-Patients Commissioning Partners: Individual Choice; Co-Payment Choice; Means-Tested Services. Subsume most of regional specialist commissioning groups’ work? Subsume the “Cancer Drugs Fund”? National Specialist Commissioning Group e.g. Transplant Programmes, Proton Beam Therapy and “Orphan” Drugs. Foundation Trusts and Academic Health Science Centres. Social Enterprises and Charities. Companies. Partnerships. Workforce – Human Resources Development Shared Service Agency Deanery Schools and HIECs. Assessment Centres. Leadership and organisational Development Consortia. Workforce – Strategic Planning and Investment Shared Service Agency Recruitment and Payroll Agencies. Workforce Planning and Information Consortium. Education and Training Commissioning Consortium. *2nd to be revised once White Paper has cleared Parliament and become the Health Act 2010.

6 The NHS Reforms – Impact Assessment for Medicines Supply Chain Management
Care of the Elderly and those with long-term conditions  growth rate of prescriptions and costs of medicines. Organisation of and long-term investment in the supply chain  critical mass and rate of capitalisation. Economies of scale and localisation  cluster hospital pharmacy investments and services (?Noel Hall?). Group purchasing arrangements to support prescribing groups  Boards, LHBs, GP clusters. Interlacing of public and private sectors in England  public service commissioners, supply chain management, and professional services.

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