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© Carers Trust The Benefits of Collaborative.

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1 © Carers Trust The Benefits of Collaborative Working Fergus Arkley – Regional Manager

2 © Carers Trust Carers Trust a unique network 116 carers centres, 55 Crossroads Care schemes Together we are united by a shared vision for carers – “to make sure that information, advice and practical support are available to all carers across the UK.” largest provider of comprehensive carers support services, reaching more than: 450,000 carers including over 30,000 young carers,

3 © Carers Trust What is collaborative working?

4 © Carers Trust Amazing Human achievements 12 April 1961 Yuri Gagarin Vostok Space Craft 1 st Human in space

5 © Carers Trust Amazing Human achievements 20 July 1969 Apollo 11 mission The 1 st Human on the moon Neil Armstrong

6 © Carers Trust International Space Station

7 © Carers Trust The National Council for Voluntary Organisations: Collaborative working within the voluntary and community sector - covers a spectrum of ways that two or more organisations can work together. Options range from informal networks and alliances, through joint delivery of projects to full merger. Collaborative working can last for a fixed length of time or can form a permanent arrangement.

8 © Carers Trust Collaboration Spectrum

9 © Carers Trust What is the purpose of collaborative working?

10 © Carers Trust What is the purpose of collaborative working? stronger voice for carers a “joined up approach” for voluntary organisations to provide carer support services more cost effective services as resources become tighter.

11 © Carers Trust Funders appreciate collaboration “We welcome applications from partnerships, as they can be effective in meeting a need or tackling a problem. Collaboration enable organisations to pursue a common vision and work together to achieve more than they could by working on their own.” The Big Lottery Fund

12 © Carers Trust Collaboration in practice

13 © Carers Trust Carer Support Wiltshire 2011 - 4 independent Carers Organisations merged to create Carer Support Wiltshire Out of Hospital collaboration – Using Better Care Fund – 3 hospitals, Age UK, CCG, Wiltshire County Council GP awards – collaboration with Clinical Commissioning Group, Wiltshire CC and GP surgeries Partnership agreement to work with Spurgeons Young Carers Wiltshire Informal with other carers organisations to develop shared approach to initial contact with carers

14 © Carers Trust Questions to ask when exploring collaboration

15 © Carers Trust Agree measurable outcomes for what you do together Outcomes can focus specifically on carers greater range of support services; improved outreach improved information; stronger voice for carers locally and regionally)

16 © Carers Trust Address any potential concerns Carers: Will I get the services and support that I need? Will I be clear about who I need to speak to? How will I raise concerns or make a complaint? Does this mean a cut in services? Will I have to travel somewhere else to get the support I need? Carers representatives & existing staff: Will we lose direction and control? Do we have the necessary knowledge and skills? Will it affect our reputation? Do potential partners want the same for carers? Have we got to do things differently? Could this affect my job?

17 Carers Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (1145181) and in Scotland (SC042870). Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales No. 7697170. Registered office: 32–36 Loman Street, London SE1 0EH. © Carers Trust Thank you Follow us on twitter @carerstrust Like us on Facebook Fergus Arkley

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