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Luke Rodgers How to communicate with Foster Carer’s.

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1 Luke Rodgers How to communicate with Foster Carer’s

2 About me Award Winning social entrepreneur International project developer Inspirational trainer and speaker Voice for young people in care Care leaver

3 How do we communicate with foster carer’s so that we can effectively support care leavers in education?

4 Sharp transition Child in care Loads of support Stability Services available Compulsory education Care leaver Lack of services Loss of a lot support Education is a choice Indirectly imposed entitlement?

5 Speak to the young people Best people to speak about their carer’s Some young people may not want you to speak to their carer’s or have a carer Listen and respect to the young peoples views Create an avenue from the start

6 We need to be speaking to the young person and get permission to have conversation with their carers, working in collaboration with the foster carer’s from the start of the course is important. Set it out from the start

7 Build links with the local authority Care leavers service (After Care) Service user coordinator will have links with the local authority ‘Collaborative inter-professional working’

8 Communicate effectively Understand similarity's Everyone had different upbringings All experience difficulty's in out lives Everyone's family structure is individual Understand differences Care leavers may need extra support Care leavers tend not to have supportive birth parents Care leavers

9 Consistent commination Highlight concerns early – prevents a build up Don’t be scared to speak to care leaver about things Be aware of ‘spotlighting’ young people

10 I can guarantee that building effective relationships with young people, can be the most effective support you can give to them, Knowing someone is there if they need them. Get to know your care leavers

11 Thank You @luke_rodgers

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