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PODS Parent Carer Forum Wednesday 21 st May 2014 WELCOME.

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1 PODS Parent Carer Forum Wednesday 21 st May 2014 WELCOME

2 Introduction to Passport for Life Project  Introductions  Context – SEND Reforms  Person Centred Planning – why and how  One page profiles  Awareness Card  Completion of the Passport for Life  Writing One Page Profiles  End

3 Why complete a Passport for Life  To help professionals and communities understand your child.  How their additional need, disability or SEND affects them.  How they can be best supported to access what is important to them.  Families have control over their child’s information and a family led document this will be important to you.  Held securely via website and information lands back into PODS email.

4 The One Page Profile  A way for parents to share their expertise about their child.  A single sheet – one page!  Personalisation agenda is embedded in the SEN Reforms under the Children & Families Act (2014).  Developed by Helen Sanderson Associates and by Family Footings.  Gives a positive, practical and useful framework to share information about young people.  It will tell you: what is important to your child, what people like about your child and how best to support them

5 Why complete a One Page Profile  It’s part of the Passport for Life Project...  Written by people who really know the child over a period of time.  Better understanding of the young person as an individual.  Maintain consistency for how the young person is supported.  Guidance on how to support and engage with your young person in a positive and effective manner.  Use it when child/YP attends a new setting, a new place, local clubs  Share most important things that people need to know.  To update understanding when something changes (eg moving schools)  Tailored information to specific settings – school, childminder, dentis, Brownies, Taxi escort

6 So what do you like (about your child/YP)

7 Awareness Card  A credit card sized plastic laminated card  Key information about your child  Photo or not  Contact details for emergency  On the back are key elements for your child – remember not all children are the same so these can be tailored for your requirements.

8 Passport for Life  Let’s get going  Introduction of how to access on line  – passport button – read guidelines  All pages are self explanatory and you can complete as little or as much information as you like.  Include pictures where prompted.  On submit – the file lands in PODS email box.  Information can only be printed in-house (safety and data protection) and will not be shared with anyone outside.  Thank you

9 GO !!!   Passport Link  Read guidelines and instructions

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