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Ben Pathe | Patient Conversations on and off Patient Opinion.

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1 Ben Pathe | Patient Opinion @BenP1972 Conversations on and off Patient Opinion


3 Francis Report, 2013 “The NHS should be commended for its willingness to cooperate with Patient Opinion, exchange information with it, and make use of its facilities. As was recognised by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, it would be helpful if the profile of this sort of feedback facility was raised and kept in the public eye.”

4 Francis Report, 2013 “I could not help feeling that, in Francis' vision of the future, the patient remains something of a passive onlooker, not an assertive participant. It runs the risk of an undue reliance on the system getting it right for the patient. We know all too well that this is not enough.” Stephen Thornton, chief exec, The Health Foundation


6 Francis & Transparency “Patients and the public live a life outside the NHS… The knowledge they make available through web sites like Patient Opinion reflect their experience of what is happening inside, but is also created by their lives outside the health service… The more knowledge we have about what is going on inside the system that has been created by people who live outside it the better the NHS will be.” Paul Corrigan, ex-policy advisor to the PM

7 Keogh Report, July 2013 “Patients, carers and members of the public… should be confident that their feedback is being listened to and see how this is impacting on their own care and the care of others.”

8 Keogh Report, July 2013 “Realtime patient feedback and comment must become a normal part of provider organisations’ customer service and reach well beyond the Friends and Family Test.”

9 Keogh Report, July 2013 “The public have now become not just informed participants in the process, but active assessors and regulators of the NHS. This represents a turning point for our health service from which there is no return.”

10 Berwick Report, August 2013 “Hear the patient voice at every level – even when that voice is a whisper”

11 Berwick Report, August 2013 “Patient feedback is instrumental to the measurement, maintenance and monitoring of safety. Feedback should be collected as far as possible in real time and be responded to as quickly as possible.”

12 Berwick Report, August 2013 “All organisations should seek out the patient and carer voice as an essential asset in monitoring the safety and quality of care.”



15 Widgets



18 Subscriber blogs

19 Using PO/CO… Service users and carers can give honest feedback safely and easily Staff know how their care is experienced Services can make constant improvements based on feedback Everyone can see how services are listening and changing in response

20 Activity to date Almost 60,000 stories online Read 58 million times Used by over 500 organisations oProviders, commissioners, CSUs… oRegulators, government, MPs, councillors… oHealthwatch, patient groups, educators, researchers… Almost 2,000 staff listening

21 Story Relevant staff ResponseComment 1 Service User Comment 2 Patient Organisations CQC and Monitor GP Consortia HealthWatch, H&W Boards National government, and MPs Automatic notification Comment from patient Conversations on Patient Opinion Service improvement

22 Care Home Step down facility Ambulance Local NHS FT hospital Ambulance Community physio “The ambulance arrived quickly” Daughter “We really liked the step down home but it was awful arriving there at 22.00 after waiting all day for the hospital to discharge her” Daughter “We often find residents coming back to us late at night” Care home comment How stories improve integration across health and social care Health services Social care

23 Story FT staff ResponseComment covers both responses Service User Comment CCGs Patient Organisations CQC Local Authorities, HealthWatch National government, and MPs Automatic notification Comment from patient Integrating conversations on Patient Opinion and Care Opinion Hospital improvement Care home staff Response Care home improvement Health services Social care

24 Patient and carer stories Health and social care providers CQC CCGs, LATs, NCB Education & research LINks, HealthWatch patient groups




28 John’s story Early December 2012 John left his story on NHS Choices about the care of his mother: hygiene standards, basic care, lack of information, poor handovers and attitude of staff though equally highlighted good care and staff. His opening line recognised the prompt and professional work of the Macmillan nurses. ULH responded on 18 th December. ULH heard nothing more.

29 John’s story December 2012 John left his story on NHS Choices: In February PO contacted ULH. John wanted to reply but couldn’t on NHS Choices; his mother had died – on the day ULH left their response. He had many questions and PO recognised his need to talk to ULH. ULH met John in April – a very tough, emotional meeting. Despite complaints and concerns John still recognised what went well; especially Macmillan CNS. Ended the meeting with a gift……..

30 To story-teller themselves To commissioners & regulators To people who read the story To providers of care Collective value of PO


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