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Achievement for All Julie Jeanes Head of Linwood School Main Provision / AfA Coach.

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1 Achievement for All Julie Jeanes Head of Linwood School Main Provision / AfA Coach

2 What is Achievement for All?. Achievement for All is a tailored school improvement framework, delivered in partnership with leaders, teachers, parents, pupils and support professionals, that aims to raise the aspirations, access and achievement of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people including those with SEND. The 3 As

3 The 2009 Lamb Inquiry into SEND made several recommendations for improving provision In 2009, Brian Lamb OBE was commissioned to make recommendations on how provision could be improved for SEND learners Core recommendations  Greater transparency for and involvement of parents in decision-making  Schools’ accountability for the progress of children with SEND  Schools to be supported in setting high aspirations for all, focusing on attainment and developing wider outcomes 3

4 Achievement for All (AfA) was piloted in 454 schools in 10 Local Authorities over 2 years LAs in the pilot  Redcar & Cleveland  Sheffield  Oldham  Nottingham  Coventry  Gloucestershire  Essex  Camden  Bexley  East Sussex  454 schools: primary, secondary, PRUs and special  AfA Project leads worked with schools to implement school- specific strategies  Funded by DfE, delivered in partnership with AfA team and National College 4

5 Achievement for All: background Achievement for All 3As Ltd Charity founded by Professor Sonia Blandford, chaired by Brian Lamb. Commissioned by DfE, 16 th June 2011 to deliver national rollout of Achievement for All in partnership with schools and LAs

6 The Achievement for All Framework Element 1.Leadership of Achievement for All - to ensure schools maintain a focus on the achievement, access and aspirations of the lowest attaining 20% of pupils including those with special educational needs and disabilities Element 2. High quality teaching and learning - leading to improved progress for all pupils Element 3: The structured conversation with parents – to improve parents’ engagement with school and their involvement in their child’s learning and achievement Element 4: Wider outcomes – to support the participation, enjoyment and achievement of children in all aspects of school life and beyond

7 Achievement for All: background Achievement for All pilot 2009-2011  “AFA has put SEND back in the classroom.” (Head teacher, Bexley)  “Through AFA, teachers have a much clearer picture of this (vulnerable, SEND) group of pupils.” (Manchester University)  “I feel listened to and really valued in the structured conversations.” (Year 5 parent)  “I know exactly what type of support my son is receiving and what his targets are so that I can help him more too.” (Year 5 parent)  My son is now more confident, he interacts better, he is learning more and he feels better about himself. He used to really struggle and was so clingy with me.” (Year 1 parent)  “I feel very comfortable coming into this school even though I have not felt like this in other schools and I used to hate school when I was a kid. I feel confident now when I help my child with her reading.” (Year 1 parent – also has older children in secondary school)

8 Bournemouth Schools- Currently 10 Primary Schools, 2 Special Schools registered and possibly 1 Secondary Coaches- 7 coaches

9 Further information Achievement for All 3As Ltd

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