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Pathways 4 Life Presentation by: Davina Lytton, Kelly Davis & Michelle Ebanks.

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1 Pathways 4 Life Presentation by: Davina Lytton, Kelly Davis & Michelle Ebanks

2 Pathways 4 Life Accord Care & Support Dementia Café Coordinator Dementia Hard to Reach Support Workers Age UK- Walsall Dementia Advisors Dementia support workers Dementia Diagnosis Support Worker

3 Aims of the Dementia Support Worker Support Acute hospital staff in improving care by encouraging best practice Improving patient, carer and acute staff knowledge of dementia by providing information. Support people and carers of people with dementia by role modelling Improve outcomes of people with dementia in acute hospitals Improve discharge planning Increase the number of people with dementia returning to their address on admission

4 Referring Agencies Referring agencies: –  Clinical Ward Staff  Mental Health Nurses  Social Workers  Discharge Co-ordinators  Occupational Therapy  Discharge Liaison Nurse  Age UK Walsall  PALS  A & E, Physiotherapy, Sevacare  Family Member / Carer  FEP

5 Statistics Projects Statistics:  By 2020, there will be approximately 3,885 people with dementia in Walsall aged over 65 yrs. People supported since April 23 rd 2012: April – June 201231 July – September 201272 October – December 201279 January – March 201393 April – June 2013105 July – September 2013141 October – December 2013156 TOTAL677

6 Improving Care Encourage best practice by liaising day to day with ward staff to ensure care is of good quality and patient / family concerns / wishes are met. Improve Person Centred Care & actively use and promote the use of the ‘This is me’ document. Encourage appropriate nutrition & hydration and assistance to feed where needed. Improve staff knowledge of dementia by providing information and advice. Decrease isolation by referring to volunteers to engage, befriend and provide bedside activities including reminiscence books, arts and crafts etc.

7 Facilitate Discharge Planning Liaise with IDT regarding discharge planning and offer suggestions for support for when the patient is discharged. Attend case conferences and MDT meetings. Research services, signpost and refer to a wide variety of services and organisations, to include – Pathways 4 Life Dementia Advisors, Dementia Cafes Age UK Walsall Services, e.g. Advocacy Alzheimer’s Society Sevacare (Home from Hospital Support) Care home selection

8 Advice, Information and Support Emotional and practical support to patients & carers. Information on dementia for hospital staff and carers and tips on how to cope with caring for someone with symptoms of dementia. Information regarding the variety of possible products, services and support available post discharge to include assistive technology etc. (hoping to acquire demonstration products). Information about the roles of professionals and complex terminology within the hospitals – e.g. Social workers, OT’s, CHC assessments etc.

9 Service User Feedback Below are just a small selection of quotes from service users and staff: “Since mom was diagnosed with dementia she has been admitted to the Manor several times over the last few years and, in the past, this experience has been very upsetting for both my mom and us - due to the lack of understanding of dementia by both doctors and nursing staff. This time, your (The DSW’s) input and support has made a huge difference and I cannot thank you enough.”

10 Service User Feedback  “You’re a star, so sympathetic to the situation from the family’s perspective.”  “Don’t know what I would’ve done without you.” Staff  “Very approachable staff, willing to help and advise and interact with patients very well.”  “The service has improved attitudes towards dementia.”  “Assists with my role to liaise better with patients and families.”  “Readily available to provide support and information for staff, patients and carers.”

11 Contact Details The Support Workers are part of the Older Adults Mental Health Liaison Team based in Therapies, route 238. Kelly Davis: Tel: 07594 513609 Email: Ext: 7408 Michelle Ebanks: Tel: 07594 513607 Email: Ext: 7408

12 Questions

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