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Lincolnshire Carers Lead

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1 Lincolnshire Carers Lead
Sarah Oliver Lincolnshire Carers Lead

2 The Lincolnshire Carers Strategy
One year on

3 Recognition as equal partners
Lincolnshire Carers Partnership Lincolnshire Young Carers Partnership Carers Working Groups

4 Better communication and access to information
Carers Information Pack Lincolnshire Carers Bi monthly Newsletter Carers Partnership Websites Carers Communication Campaign

5 Broader range of breaks
Carers personal budgets introduced on 1st November Carers are using these for a variety of breaks, e.g.:- A break away with/without the person they care for Holistic treatments Holidays Days out Leisure/hobby activities and equipment

6 Easier access to a carers assessment
Carers Assessment Group An outcome based Carers Assessment Tool Multi-agency Carer Assessors Trusted Assessor Training

7 Peace of mind in an emergency
Carers Emergency Response Group The Carers Emergency Response Service commenced April 2009

8 Easier access to education, training, employment
The Carers Training Partnership Carers Training Questionnaire Carers Education, Employment, Leisure and Learning Scheme. (EELL’s) The Carers Employment Group

9 Improved quality and standards
Carers are involved in selecting providers through:- Writing specifications, Briefing and interviewing potential providers, Selecting providers Contract monitoring

10 Organisations working closer together
The Lincolnshire Carers and Lincolnshire Young Carers Partnerships Lincolnshire Carers Partnership Officer

11 Continue to receive emotional and practical support from voluntary agencies
Lincolnshire Carers Partnerships Multi-agency carer assessors Carers Benefits Worker Carers Team signposting

12 Carers Partnership Officer
Sarah Oliver Carers Lead Simon Murphy Carers Partnership Officer Tel:

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