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Lexiles and Differentiated Reading Instruction 2008-2009 AAPS Curriculum and Instruction.

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1 Lexiles and Differentiated Reading Instruction 2008-2009 AAPS Curriculum and Instruction

2 Understanding Lexile Levels An educational tool that links text and readers under a common measurement Characterizes readers with a measure and text with a measure Allows educators to forecast the level of comprehension a reader is expected to experience with a particular text

3 How Common? Over 19 millions students will get a Lexile measure from a linked test this year Over 450 publishers have titles with Lexile measures Nearly 50,000 books to search at Over 70 million articles in database

4 Test Publishers Harcourt: SAT-10, SAT-9, and others Riverside: The Iowa Tests CTB/McGraw-Hill: TerraNova Scholastic: SRI, Read 180

5 Database Services Allow educators to provide leveled, informational text from 70 million articles EBSCO ProQuest Big Chalk Follett Library Services

6 The Unification of Reading Reading Motivation EBSCO Online Reader Hooked on Phonics HOSTS Scholastic Read180 Scholastic Reading Counts! Success for All Periodical Databases Bigchalk/ProQuest EBSCO NoveList Pearson Scholastic Rand McNally Rigby Rosen SRA/McGraw-Hill Book Distributors & Databases Baker & Taylor The Book Source Follett Library Services Follett Software Co. Ingram RRBowker Sundance Test Publishers School/Public Libraries Follett Software Company Follett Library Services Mackin Library Media Prebinders The Booksource DEMCO Econoclad Permabound Bound-to-Stay Bound Textbook Publishers Addison-Wesley Britannica Globe-Fearon Holt Rinehart & Winston Houghton Mifflin Prentice Hall Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Hampton-Brown Harcourt School Publishers SRA/McGraw-Hill Scott Foresman Steck-Vaughn The Wright Group Trade Book Publishers Modern Curriculum Scott Foresman Crabtree Dominee DK Publishing Lee & Low Globe-Fearon Hampton Brown Harcourt Holt Leapfrog Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Educational Testing Services (ETS) Harcourt Educational Measurement North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Northwest Evaluation Association Riverside Publishing Texas Education Agency Utah State Office of Education CTB/McGraw-Hill

7 Determining Text Difficulty Syntactic Complexity the number of words per sentence longer sentences are more complex and require more short-term memory to process Semantic Difficulty the frequency of the words in the corpus of written text (corpus has over 650-million words)

8 John Grisham Titles The Pelican Brief660 The Firm680 The Client730 The Partner790 The Brethren810 The Rainmaker830

9 Lexiles and Newspapers Reuters1440 NY Times1380 The Washington Post1350 The Wall Street Journal1320 Associated Press1310 USA Today1200

10 Other Lexile Levels High School Lit.700-900 College ( 2 or 4 yr.) Lit.800-1050 H. S. Textbooks975-1150 College Textbooks1100-1300 US Military1200 Corporate Entry-Level1200-1300 Loan Apps. Tax Forms1200-1300 SAT/ACT/AP1100-1200

11 Lexile Can Calculate How well the reader will comprehend the information in the text The reading ability a reader is expected to need in order to comprehend text at a specific level

12 The Lexile Calculator

13 0 difference between Lexile level of book and reader = 75% comprehension -250 levels = 50% comprehension +250 levels = 90% comprehension

14 Lexile Level Does Not Reflect Themes Text Structure Implied Meaning Prior Knowledge Age Appropriateness Interest

15 How Can We Use Lexile Information? Determine Level of Support Student will Need with Text Create Small Groups for Differentiated Instruction Evaluate Student Progress Evaluate Programming

16 Highly Effective Schools Common and Widely Known Standard for Success Belief in Efficacy of Students and Teachers Periodic Measurement Toward Standard and Reflection on Data Instruction through Trained and Certified Professionals Ongoing Professional Development Consistent Differentiation in Instruction Whole-Group, Small Group, and Individual Instruction

17 Reading Workshop Model Base of Independent Reading Behavior Short, Explicit Teaching Applied to Independent Reading Behavior Verbal and Written Response to Independent Reading Small Group, Differentiated Reading Instruction

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