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Derbyshire Festival 2014 An introduction to the Festival and its Organisation.

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1 Derbyshire Festival 2014 An introduction to the Festival and its Organisation

2 Derbyshire Festival 2014 Festival launched April 2008 by the Provincial Grand Master. Two objectives (1) to increase awareness and use of the Fund in Derbyshire and (2) to raise £2,000,000 for the Masonic Samaritan Fund by 2014. W.Bros. Martin Bates and Richard McDonald appointed to lead the Festival. Supported by a Festival Executive, plus Area Directors and Lodge Festival Stewards.

3 Derbyshire Festival 2014 Executive Martin BatesChairman Richard MacDonaldVice Chairman Steven VarleySecretary Mike KniftonFinance Tony HarveyCommunications Phil BowlerProjects Peter WhysallOperations Phil AblottMarketing

4 Derbyshire Festival 2014 Area Directors Roger Till Derby Steve Jones Chesterfield, Dore Peter Massey Burton-on-Trent Charles Cunnington Ilkeston, Long Eaton David Yates Belper, Duffield Mick Hitchcock Alfreton, Ripley Rob Atkin Ashbourne, Bakewell, Matlock Bath, Wirksworth Ian Copestake Buxton, Glossop, New Mills

5 Derbyshire Festival 2014 Role of Area Directors Liaise between Festival Executive and Lodge Festival Stewards Promote the Masonic Samaritan Fund in their Areas Co-ordinate events and social functions Relay Lodge information to the Events and Communications Directors Co-ordinate the sale of merchandise in their Areas.

6 Derbyshire Festival 2014 Festival Steward Every Craft lodge has been asked to appoint a Festival Steward. Could be the Charity Steward or someone else, depending on how a Lodge wishes to organise its charitable fund raising. If not the Charity Steward, he should work in close co-operation with the Charity Steward

7 Derbyshire Festival 2014 The role of the Festival Steward Promote the Derbyshire Festival in his Lodge. Organise Lodge fund-raising via gift-aid, events, raffles, etc. Key communication channel between the Festival Executive and the Lodge.

8 Derbyshire Festival 2014 Planned Fund Raising Events A number of fund raising events have already been organised or are planned. Plans include : –A lunch on 15 th February. –A golf day on 17 th April. –A dinner for Masters of Lodges on 20 th June.

9 Derbyshire Festival 2014 Merchandising Ties Bow Ties Handkerchiefs Gloves Festival Jewel What else would you like?

10 Derbyshire Festival 2014 Presentations in Lodges The Executive would like every Lodge to receive a presentation on the Festival each year. Presentations will normally be given by the local Area Director, supported by the Executive. Presentations will be updated regularly, to ensure the message is current and relevant.

11 What can we do to support the Festival?  Give regularly, using gift aid, starting as soon as you can afford it.  Support events and fund-raising activities.  Organise events as a Lodge.  Encourage brethren and families to use the Fund.  Transfer funds raised to MSF, so they can be used as grants. Derbyshire Festival 2014

12 How much do you want from me? “If every Freemason in Derbyshire donated the price of two pints of beer every month, under a gift aid pledge for the duration of the Festival, we would achieve the Provincial Grand Master’s financial goal.” We are asking every Derbyshire Freemason to give what they feel they can afford. Derbyshire Festival 2014

13 Festival Jewel Available to all brethren who have donated a qualifying amount of £100 to the Derbyshire Festival 2014. Or have paid £25 of a pledge that amounts to at least £100. Cost of the jewel is £15, plus £1 postage and packing. Available from Director of Finance using form sent to qualifying brethren from MSF.

14 Any questions? Derbyshire Festival 2014

15 Because Derbyshire Cares Derbyshire Festival 2014

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