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Saddleback Laguna Lodge No. 672 F. & A. M.

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1 Saddleback Laguna Lodge No. 672 F. & A. M.
Masonic Etiquette

2 “Good Manners will open doors that the best education cannot”
Clarence Thomas

3 Manners In and Around the Lodge Building
Courtesy and Respect People & Property Manner of Address Grand Lodge; Officers; PM’s; Brothers Guest Keep him Engaged and/or Hand off Don’t let him feel like a stranger Be Aware of your surroundings Appropriate Topics Language & Wear a Name Badge Clean up is Everyone’s responsibility a.) Bro. Forbeets (last name) or Bro.Pheats Forbeets or just Bro. Pheats. b.) Worshipful Forbeets (unless told otherwise by that particular person and for that particular person only) c.) Depends on the Body and what Office/position they hold (give examples) d.1) Inspectors of the District - Worshipful Forbeets Inspct. Of # Masonic District (typ. PM of #123 ABC F&AM Lodge) d.2.) or Wor. Forbeets Grand Lodge Committeeman of ABC Committee e.) MWM for Grand Master, Right WM for DepGM Sr & Jr Grand Wardens, Very WM for Gr Treas. Gr Sect. & Gr Lect., Very Reverend for Grand Chaplain, & Worshipful for everyone else entitled

4 Manner of Dress and Personal Hygiene
Clean; Neat; Well Pressed & Groomed Business Casual Jacket & Tie Preferred for Ritual Business Casual if necessary Shoes Polished No Hats permitted in Lodge Except for religious or Health reasons Always look your best Changing area available at Facility Possible Storage of Tux/Suit at Facility Only WM wears a hat

5 Apron worn (Outside all other garments)
How to Enter the Lodge Be On Time Officers in place 5 minuets early (set up earlier) Apron worn (Outside all other garments) Not to be worn outside the building If You Are Late Check with the Tiler Check Columns and Jewels At Labor or Refreshment Giving the Sign at the Altar Which Degree ** Move Presentation into Lodge Room ** Be mindful at what is going on at the time Enter/Exit at anytime Sign Tilers Register I.e.: Pheats Forbeets E.A. for 1st Degree Pheats Forbeets F.C. for 2nd, & Pheats Forbeats for 3rd Activity at Altar-sign at door and sit, if no activity-sign at Altar

6 Lodge Meeting Etiquette
Addressing the Worshipful Master Not Addressing Other Brethren Worshipful Master and Brethren Concept of Address Side Conversations During the Meeting Electronic Devices Joking and Horseplay Be respectful of Candidate Degrees Returning from “at ease” or “refreshment” promptly a.) Worshipful Master, Worshipful, ALWAYS b.) Worshipful Master & Brethren d.) Not Tolerated, not good manners, Be respectful to WM e.) not permitted in Tiled Lodge, (only hearing aides) f.) not tolerated

7 How to Exit the Lodge Pedestal Stations never Vacant Sign at the Altar Activity at the Altar - By the Door Return the Apron to the Apron Stand

8 Manners for Masons Outside the Lodge
Be on Time Confirm social commitments and appointments Call well ahead if you are going to be late or to reschedule or cancel RSVP All Invitations Promptly Yes I/we will attend – Thank you for your invitation No I we will be unable to attend – Thank you for your invitation

9 Manners for Masons Outside the Lodge
Treat others with courtesy and respect Have good personal hygiene Have good table manners Be aware of special situations – they have unique etiquette attached to them Send Thank Your Cards/Notes s Promptly Reciprocate when possible; bring something when appropriate or ask if anything is needed Freemasonry & It’s Etiquette Amy Vanderbuilts Complete Guide of Etiquette If going to be late call ahead of time, especially to your Coaches Meet with Coaches at least 1 hour per week

10 Channels of Communication
Protocol Channels of Communication Brother/ Brother Seek Guidance from Coach; Lodge Officer / Master Tiler; Chaplain or PM Inspector If Candidate Problem Senior Warden / Master Ritual Correction Officers Coach; Coach; Senior Officer Candidate Correction Coach Prompting in Lodge Officers coach or designated by Speaker ONLY

11 Resources Purchase a good book on Etiquette Other Modules available
Tiler Investigations Coaching Officers duties (due 2012) Chaplain (due 2012)

12 Famous quotes Manners easily and rapidly mature into morals. Horace Mann Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back. Thomas Sowell

13 Saddleback Laguna Lodge No. 672 F. & A. M.
Masonic Etiquette Thank you

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