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Continuing the work of Jesus... Peacefully. Simply. Together. Our Mission & Ministry Shenandoah District Church of the Brethren.

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1 Continuing the work of Jesus... Peacefully. Simply. Together. Our Mission & Ministry Shenandoah District Church of the Brethren

2 Who are we? The Shenandoah District is us! Me. You. The person sitting next to you. The church down the road, in the next town, across the district. The ladies quilting a comfort for the auction, the volunteer heading to Chalmette to rebuild houses, the young adult in training to be a summer camp counselor at Brethren Woods, the pastor meeting with a young couple for pre-marriage counseling. We are brothers and sisters in Christ working together as partners in the gospel!

3 Who are we? The Shenandoah District is... A family of believers grounded in principles of peace, simple living and service to our neighbors; Called to transform individuals into disciples of Christ, build the Body of Christ and enrich congregational life.

4 Why are we here?  To get to know you and your church and to introduce ourselves, your representatives on the Shenandoah District Board.  To listen and learn about the joys, visions, concerns and questions of our churches and their leaders.  To share about the mission and ministries of the Shenandoah District and think together about ways we can work together to further God’s kingdom in our communities and in our world.

5 Increasing Biblical Literacy Springs Renewal Initiative o Each church that participates in the renewal initiative receives monthly Discipleship Folders that include daily scripture readings. Each month in Year 1 focuses on one of the classic spiritual disciplines. Pastor’s Bookshelf o Now in its sixth year, these monthly seminars for pastors are led by Jim Miller and Joan Daggett and focus on a wide variety of topics and texts o Exploring Biblical values applied to current church leadership issues Brethren Woods: Summer Camp experiences for 600 children and youth o Engaged in building biblical knowledge o New Friendships o Taking next steps as Christ’s disciples Mission Allocation$29,400

6 Quality Pastoral Leadership Christian Growth Institute for Virlina and Shenandoah Districts o 17 students o 12 instructors and Ed Carl, Dean o Training licensed ministers called to be pastors Pastoral Placement o District Executive assisting Search Committees in assessing congregational expectations o Assisting search committees in interviewing, negotiating and voting on candidates o 2009: 15+ active search committees Ministry Ethics Training and 5 year review of ordination for 160 ministers Mission Allocation$77,180

7 Supporting Healthy Congregations Leadership Development o Workshops and training seminars for church leaders on a variety of topics customized for your church or for clusters of churches Youth/Young Adult Ministries o Led by a council of 8 Jr. & Sr. High youth from churches in the district and our Youth Ministry Assistant Love Feast/Deacon Training & Resources o New resources being developed and placed on our website Springs Renewal Initiative o District leadership team of eight members o Seven participating congregations: Mt Pleasant, Rileyville, Friends Run, Linville Creek, Luray and Walker’s Chapel o Now enrolling participating congregations for June 2010 entry Conflict Transformation Resources o We have people and referral resources to assist congregations in challenging times This encompasses everything the District Board and staff do to provide any resource, big or small, to assist our congregations—from books in the resource library to helping a church plan a training event for its Sunday School teachers to providing counsel when conflict arises—we are here to help! Mission Allocation $132,300

8 Mission Partnerships Disaster Ministries o In 2010, 15 trips to projects in Chalmette, LA, & Indiana are planned o Collecting relief kits and offerings for Haiti Earthquake Relief Disaster Ministries Auction o May 14 & 15 at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds Refugee Resettlement o Our Task Team is available to interpret the responsibilities of refugee sponsorship o Small grants are available to churches who agree to sponsor a refugee family Church Development & Evangelism o Goal setting and exploration of church planting possibilities are now underway Mission Allocation$66,155

9 Outdoor Ministries Brethren Woods Camp & Retreat Center The Shenandoah District of the Church of the Brethren has developed Brethren Woods to provide Christian educational opportunities, facilities, and programs for all ages in an inviting woodland setting; encouraging the formation of Christ-centered living, leadership, and stewardship of creation, leading toward wholeness in the Kingdom of God. 2009 Financial Summary Income$ 398,462 Expenses $-363,894 The District Board supports its Outdoor Ministries program at Brethren Woods through a budget allocation for executive staff salary. Mission Allocation $11,025

10 Making Connections On the web at Communication pieces o Pastors Memo o Shenandoah Journal o Shenandoah Update o Annual Directory Collaboration & consultation with local CoB related institutions & agencies o Bridgewater College o Bridgewater Retirement Community o Valley Brethren Mennonite Heritage Center o John Kline Homestead Collaboration & consultation with denominational agencies o Ministry & Mission Board & staff o On Earth Peace o Brethren Benefit Trust o Bethany Theological Seminary Collaboration & consultation with our ecumenical partners o Virginia & West Virginia Council of Churches o Church Women United o Chaplain Services of Virginia Mission Allocation$51,455

11 Questions for Discussion Now that we’ve shared a bit about the district’s mission priorities for 2010, we want to hear your ideas, questions and insights!

12 What is God doing in the life and ministry of your church as you seek to serve Him and minister to your community? Questions for Discussion

13 In what ways have the ministries of the district and its congregations impacted the life and ministry of your church? Questions for Discussion

14 Share ideas that you may have of how we--the district, your congregation and your sister congregations--can partner together to build up the body of Christ in our communities and our world.

15 What other questions or comments do you have for us? Questions for Discussion

16 Thank You!... for allowing us to come and visit today! Your comments and suggestions will be used to help us enhance the ministries and mission of the Shenandoah District. We look forward to working more closely together with our churches to bring the good news of Jesus Christ into our communities and our world. “The harvest is plentiful....” Matthew 9:37

17 Opportunities for involvement:  Volunteer... your time at the office to help with mailings, etc. become a volunteer for Brethren Disaster Ministries or the annual Disaster Ministries Auction.  Share... your leadership skills by becoming involved in the District Board or one of its subgroups your time and monetary resources to support the ministries and priorities we’ve shared today  Pray... for us as we seek to support the ministries of our churches for your sister churches in the Shenandoah District for brothers and sisters across our denomination and in the larger church

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