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$100 $400 $300$200$400 $200$100$100$400 $200$200$500 $500$300 $200$500 $100$300$100$300 $500$300$400$400$500.

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3 $100 $400 $300$200$400 $200$100$100$400 $200$200$500 $500$300 $200$500 $100$300$100$300 $500$300$400$400$500

4 Types of Government

5 Culture

6 Geography

7 More Geography

8 History

9 Types of Government CultureGeography More Geography History $100 $300 $200 $400 $500

10 Types of Government - $100 Egypt votes for their leader. What type of government is Egypt?

11 Types of Government - $200 Government type where the central authority has a lot of power?

12 Types of Government - $300 Nigeria divides power between a national government and state or provincial governments. They also vote for their leaders. Based on this description what type of government do they have?

13 Types of Government - $400 Kenya avoided civil war under their first leader Jomo Kenyatta once they got their freedom from the British and is considered the most “stable East African nation”. They vote for their leaders? What type of government do they have?

14 Types of Government - $500 South Africa has allowed all their people to vote since 1991 when the racist system was revamped. What type of government do they have?

15 Culture - $100 People of this ethnic group speak Arabic and most (but not all) practice Islam-What group?

16 Culture - $200 Ethnic group that is mostly Muslim that speak a mixture of Arabic and Bantu. Common in East Africa. What group?

17 Culture - $300 West African ethnic group that believes in the story of the Golden Stool. Whom?

18 Culture - $400 Ethnic group that are farmers. Originated in West Africa but moved elsewhere in search of farmland. >500 forms of their language are spoken in Africa as a result of their movement. Whom?

19 Culture - $500 This ethnic group traded with the Bantus via “silent trade” and possessed valuable salt that the Bantus didn’t have. Thus, the Bantus traded gold for salt with these people. Whom?

20 Geography - $100 Longest river in the world. What is it?(see visual)

21 Geography - $200 The dominant “lifegiver” in Central Africa. What is it?

22 Geography - $300 This is the largest desert in the world and makes up about 8% of the world’s total land surface. Found in Northern Africa-(see visual)

23 Geography - $400 Dominant mountain range found in North Africa.(see visual) What is it?

24 Geography - $500 “Lifegiver” in West Africa. (See visual) What is it?

25 More Geography - $100 Climate region described as arid (dry) year round with less than 20 inches of rain? North Africa is dominated by this climate region? What climate region?

26 More Geography - $200 Zone of tall grass where Africa’s “Big 5” live? Much of Africa fits this climate region description? What climate zone?

27 More Geography - $300 Zone below the Sahara that is fast becoming desert as well. Short grass that is being “overgrazed” by nomadic herders. What climate region?

28 More Geography - $400 Warm and rainy year round. Area where deforestation is a major problem. Parts of West and Central Africa fit this climate region description. What climate region?

29 More Geography - $500 Name of term used to describe the fact that the desert is getting bigger because of overgrazing (85%) and overplanting.

30 History - $100 Term used to describe the idea that Africans everywhere should unite and work together for the independence of Africa. (a response to colonial rule)

31 History - $200 Civil War in this country from 1967-1970. The Igbo wanted to leave and start a country called Biafra. This country in West Africa is also an OPEC member whom relies heavily on the exportation of oil. What country?

32 History - $300 Name of President in South Africa that ended apartheid in 1991? He shared a Nobel Prize with another famous South African. Whom?

33 History - $400 Former President Hosni Mubarak recently stepped down in this republic because many people felt that he silenced oppositional voices that posed a threat to his rule. An example of the “Arab Spring” revolts. What country?

34 History - $500 Man who spent over 26 years in jail protesting against racism. Became first black South African president in 1994. Those were the first elections where all people could vote. Whom?

35 Types of Government - $100 Egypt is a republic Egypt is a republic

36 Types of Government - $200 Unitary

37 Types of Government - $300 Nigeria is a federal republic-

38 Types of Government - $400 republic

39 Types of Government - $500 republic

40 Culture - $100 Arabs

41 Culture - $200 Swahili

42 Culture - $300 Ashanti

43 Culture - $400 Bantus

44 Culture - $500 Tuareg

45 Geography - $100 Nile River

46 Geography - $200 Congo River

47 Geography - $300 Sahara Desert

48 Geography - $400 Atlas Mountains

49 Geography - $500 Niger River

50 More Geography- $100 Desert

51 More Geography - $200 savanna

52 More Geography - $300 Sahel

53 More Geography - $400 Rain forest

54 More Geography - $500 desertification

55 History - $100 Pan-Africanism

56 History - $200 Nigeria

57 History - $300 F.W. deKlerk

58 History - $400 Egypt

59 History - $500 Nelson Mandela


61 Environment Africa

62 FINAL CATEGORY Name 3 ways that the population of mountain gorillas in the rainforest region of Africa have become “endangered.”

63 1.Refugees move to the rainforest and disrupt natural habitat the gorillas are used to 2.Poaching 3.Deforestation 4.Civil War FINAL CATEGORY

64 END OF GAME Daily Doubles and usage notes follow...





69 JEOPARDY! Slide Show Notes The font for the question & answer slides is “Enchanted;” a copy of this font in located in the “REAL Jeopardy Template” folder. (This font will need to be installed in the C:/WINDOWS/FONTS folder of the computer running the show.) In order to keep all of the sounds and fonts together, copy the entire “REAL Jeopardy Template” folder. To change the categories: –1. Go to “Edit” and “Replace…” –2. In the Find box, type Types of Government (all caps) –3. In the Replace box, type the category in all caps (for example, PRESIDENTS) –4. Click Replace All... To use the Daily Double: –1. Choose which dollar values to set as Daily Double –2. Link that dollar value to one of the DD slides –3. Link the arrow on the DD slide to the correct question slide (so dollar/category match)

70 Running the JEOPARDY! Slide Show On the game board with the categories on top, click on the desired dollar value. (The first game board is used only to blink in the dollar values like the show.) ICONS: –? Go to the answer screen. –House Go back to the game board. –Right Arrow (on Daily Doubles) Go to the question screen. –Turned-up Arrow Reload question screen after incorrect guess

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