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NordLaMNordLaM ordic andscape onitoring. The Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR) Environment & Monitoring Data (NMD) working group (

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1 NordLaMNordLaM ordic andscape onitoring

2 The Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR) Environment & Monitoring Data (NMD) working group ( for the “development of the use of image data in Nordic landscape level terrestrial monitoring” NordLaM is a project of the :

3 NordLaM Participation : Nordic operational and quasi-operational, national and regional, landscape level monitoring and related programmes : - national forest inventories Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark - landscape / broad habitat monitoring e.g. 3Q, SLÖ, small biotope monitoring programme (DK) Danish terrestrial monitoring programme (2004) - land cover / land use ‘monitoring infrastructure’ projects e.g. Area Information System (DK), SLICES (FI), Swedish Land Cover Mapping

4 NordLaM is a response to : interest from the NMD for ‘remote sensing’ projects requirements for application of remote sensing in ecology importance of large area monitoring of ‘landscape’

5 For the participants … to increase coordination of Nordic use of images in landscape level monitoring by involvement of remote sensing specialists & non-specialists in examination of relevant remote sensing issues NordLaM goals : For the Nordic Council of Ministers … - to strengthen trans-Nordic aspects of environmental monitoring - to provide input towards future policy and science programmes

6 there are those environmental and ecological issues that demand synthesis on a broad level, incorporating abiotic, biotic & human aspects “A LANDSCAPE PERSPECTIVE” with a need for the collection of monitoring data for the study of pattern, process and change “LANDSCAPE LEVEL MONITORING” some working definitions

7 Is NordLaM a remote sensing project ? For NordLaM: Increasing the use of information from image data is not just a matter of improved image data, or its processing & analysis techniques. These ‘remote sensing’ issues are seen as particularly important within the field of landscape level monitoring. It is also a matter of understanding the characteristics of the information derived by remote sensing … how these interact with information demanding situations … how these interact with information from other sources … this also goes beyond general ‘GIS’ technique issues

8 NordLaM activities : workshops experience and information exchange databasing publications increased coordination and method development through :

9 NordLaM project history : 1999 - recognition of the need for increased Nordic co-ordination of the use of image data in monitoring activities - NordLaM workshop - getting to know the scope of Nordic landscape level monitoring + wider European activities NordLaM 1st meeting, October 1999, Fuglsø, Denmark 2000- TemaNord report of the current Nordic landscape level monitoring programmes and related activities 2001+- a programme of discussions, small workshops, methods demonstrations, creation of a web-site, thematic reports - identification of a set of working topics - ‘Themes’ - initial coordination and methods investigation 2003- final report & NMR publication of status & guidance for use of image data in Nordic landscape level monitoring

10 NordLaM - 7 themes - classification systems partial / full Info integration very high spatial res. images criteria & indicators neglected land- scape features metadata major image archives harmonisation and correspondance of Nordic monitoring classification systems & nomenclatures integration of partial coverage (sample) and full coverage (census) monitoring information use of very high spatial resolution space and aerial photography images in Nordic monitoring RS for information relevant to the understanding of landscape in terms of environmental criteria and indicators standardised metadata for Nordic monitoring activities using images RS for monitoring of specific Nordic landscape features, e.g. marginal farmland, mires use of major RS image archives in Nordic landscape monitoring, e.g. IMAGE2000 00010203 >>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>> with project activities over 4 years :

11 ‘Image Data & Indicators’ This NordLaM workshop = one of the seven topics To examine the ways in which information from image data contributes to and interacts with the requirements for outputs of landscape level monitoring expressed in terms of environmental and ecological indicators.

12 NordLaMNordLaM ordic andscape onitoring “thank you”

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