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Ancient China - Geography

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1 Ancient China - Geography

2 Geography of Ancient China
Isolated Subcontinent ??? Natural boundaries surround China seas to the east desert in the north mountains in the west massive mountains in the southwest more mountains in the south Only 10% of the country has descent farmland

3 Chang Jiang River (Yangzi)
China’s longest river; begins in the Himalayas (Plateau of Tibet) and flows eastward to the East China Sea

4 Chang Jiang River (Yangzi)

5 Huang He River (Yellow)
Yellow because of clay; China’s second longest river; also begins in the Himalayas / Plateau of Tibet and flows eastward to the Bo Hai Bay / Yellow Sea

6 Huang He River (Yellow)

7 Plateau of Tibet / Himalayas
plateau – elevated area of land Southwestern China; high elevation with many mountains; huge part of western China

8 Tarim Basin & Taklamakan Desert
basin – a large area that is lower than the surrounding land Western China; just northwest of the Plateau of Tibet; dominated by Taklamakan Desert

9 Gobi Desert Cool, dry desert in northern China, near the border with Mongolia

10 Manchurian (Northeastern) Plain
Fertile farmland between the Amur River and the mouth of the Huang He River in northeastern China

11 North China Plain Fertile farmland near the mouths of the Chang Jiang and Huang He Rivers in eastern China

12 Yellow Sea An arm of the Pacific Ocean between the Chinese mainland and the Korean Peninsula; connects with the East China Sea to the south; made yellow due to clay

13 East China Sea An arm of the western Pacific Ocean bounded by China, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Ryukyu and Kyushu islands; has rich fishing grounds

14 South China Sea An arm of the western Pacific Ocean bounded by southeast China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Borneo, and Vietnam; world’s largest sea

15 Great Wall of China Qin began construction
The world's longest man-made structure 3,948 mi.

16 Geography of Ancient China
Gobi Desert Tarim Basin & Taklimakan Desert Manchurian Plain Huang He River Yellow Sea Plateau of Tibet / Himalayas East China Sea North China Plain Chang Jiang River South China Sea

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