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The Geography of the Nile

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1 The Geography of the Nile
Chapter 3 Sec. #1

2 The Course of the Nile The Nile is the world’s longest river
The Blue Nile begins in Ethiopia and is one source of the Nile The White Nile begins deep in Central Africa and is the other source of the Nile Both rivers meet in Khartoum which begin the Nile’s journey north to the Mediterranean Sea

3 The Nile Through Ancient Nubia
The Nubian section of the Nile contained 6 cataracts, or breaks in the river Lower Nubia was located between the first and second cataract These areas had little farm land

4 Ancient Nubia Farther South between the second and sixth cataracts is Upper Nubia, an area with more farmland The farm land was a 2 mile strip on either side of the river

5 The Path of the Nile The Egyptian part of the Nile ran for 700 miles from the first cataract to the Mediterranean Sea In the North, the Nile spread out to form a fertile, marshy area called Lower Egypt

6 The Delta At the end of the Nile in the North, the river split into several streams that flowed into the Mediterranean Sea These streams were shaped like a triangle and are called the delta which contained rich farmland

7 The Gifts of the Nile In the spring water comes rushing down and carries rich soil called silt to the land The Egyptians praised Hapi, the god of the Nile for providing food to its people

8 Black Land and Red Land Black land was the land that had fertile soil good for farming Red land was the desert lands surrounding The Nile River protecting it from invaders Egypt did not have to worry about invaders and enjoyed 2000 years of peace

9 Growth of Civilization Along the Nile
From 4000 B.C. communities appeared long the Nile Nubians fished in the Nile because farming was difficult The Nile was a highway for trade The Red Sea was a link to Mesopotamia as well Goods were brought by caravan and overland trade routes to towns in Egypt

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