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2013/2014 Fall Final Exam Review. 1. The highest point in Texas Guadalupe Peak.

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1 2013/2014 Fall Final Exam Review

2 1. The highest point in Texas Guadalupe Peak

3 2. The only natural lake in Texas Caddo Lake

4 3. Which rivers form borders for Texas? Red River Sabine River Rio Grande

5 4. These people survived by searching for wild plants and animals to eat. Hunter-gatherers

6 5. The time in Texas before the written word Pre-history

7 6. Scenes of Native American life carved into rocks. Petroglyphs

8 7. The initials for A.D. stand for Ano Domini

9 8. Medicine men of Native American tribes were called… Shaman

10 9. The main food source for the Comanche was… Buffalo

11 10. The name of bricks made from drying clay is Adobe

12 11. A people’s way of doing things is known as Culture

13 12. These man-made objects showed how early cultures lived Artifacts

14 13. Which tribe was known as “lord of the Plains”? Comanche

15 14. Which tribe was the most advanced of the Texas Indians? Caddo

16 15. Which tribe was a ‘scavenger’ group and ate anything they could find? Coahuiltecans

17 16. Indian tribes could communicate with each other because they had similar Sign language

18 17. This tribe used canoes because of their location near the Gulf of Mexico. Karankawa

19 18. The conquistadors from Spain brought which animal to the New World? horse

20 19. Which explorer first encountered the New World? Christopher Columbus

21 20. When Tenochtitlan was destroyed, what city was built on top of the ruins? Mexico City

22 21. What year did Columbus sail across the “ocean blue”? 1492

23 22. Which Spanish leaders defeated the Aztecs and Incas? Cortes and Pizzaro

24 23. The outpost built by LaSalle in Texas was named Fort St. Louis

25 24. In response to LaSalle’s activities in Texas, the Spanish Shifted their focus to Texas

26 25. The Spanish soldiers who sought wealth and glory were called Conquistadors

27 26. Cabeza de Vaca reached Texas as a result of which expedition? Narvaez

28 27. Columbus sailed from Spain with the goal of reaching? Asia

29 28. Alvarez de Pineda failed to find riches along the Gulf coast, but his expedition did produce what item? A map of the Texas coast

30 29. How did Fray Marcos de Niza contribute to the legend of the Seven Cities of Gold? He said he saw the Seven Cities

31 30. How were so few Spanish able to conquer the large population of Native Americans? The Spanish had better weapons and armor

32 31. Which explorer traveled in the Panhandle of Texas and the Grand Canyon? Coronado

33 32. The first mission in Texas was Corpus Christi de la Ysleta

34 33. The first mission in East Texas San Francisco de los Tejas

35 34. Jane Long is known as The “Mother of Texas”

36 35. Mexico won its independence from Spain in what year? 1821

37 36. Who did Moses Austin ask to carry out his colonization plans when he died? Stephen F. Austin

38 37. Where did Stephen F. Austin decide to establish his colony? Between the Brazos and the Colorado Rivers

39 38. Many Anglo Americans settled in Texas because they wanted what? Good farmland at low prices

40 39. What hardships occurred while Stephen F. Austin was away from his colony? Drought, Indian raids, and disagreements over land

41 40. What was the advertised price for Austin’s colony in Texas? 12.5¢ per acre

42 41. The wealthiest of Stephen F. Austin’s colonists Jared Groce

43 42. When Moses Austin first went to see Governor Martinez in 1820 about colonization, what was Martinez’ initial reaction? Austin’s plans were refused

44 43. The first cities were built near what natural landforms? Rivers

45 44. Ancient hunters came across what landform? The Bering Strait

46 45. What was the name of the ship the Pilgrims came over on? The Mayflower

47 46. What did the Pilgrims call their new colony? Plymouth

48 47. What ocean did the Pilgrims cross to get to America from England? The Atlantic Ocean

49 48. William Penn was part of a religious group called Quakers

50 49. Before the French and Indian War, _________ owned the 13 American colonies and the northern part of Canada. England

51 50. Why did most people move to Pennsylvania? Good farmland, good climate, and religious freedom

52 51. The Townshend Acts were repealed except the tax on Tea

53 52. The colonists fought against the ___________ army in the American Revolution. British

54 Geographic Regions 53. Amarillo - Great Plains 54. Desert plants - Mountains & Basins 55. Most rainfall; 40-60” rain - Coastal Plains 56. Highest and driest point - Mtns & Basins 57. Region that does not border Mex. - North Cental Plains 58. Big Bend National Park - Mtns & Basins 59. Dense forest,other trees… - Coastal Plains

55 Eras 60. Hunting small game - Archaic 61. Bow and Arrow - Neolithic 62. Drive game off cliffs - Paleolithic 63. Farming - Neolithic 64. Ice Age - Paleolithic

56 Explorer’s Vocabulary 65. The land ruled by someone appointed by a monarch - Viceroyalty 66. A Spanish soldier - conquistador 67. Payment of food or other valuables - tribute 68. Being native to a particular area - indigenous

57 New World / Old World 69. Cabbage - Old World 70. Cashews - New World 71. Citrus - Old World 72. Horse - Old World 73. Peaches - Old World 74. Peanuts - New World 75. Turkey - New World 76. Vanilla - New World

58 Geographic Regions & States Map

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