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China. Geography China has huge deserts, fertile farmland, and some of the world’s largest rivers.

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1 China

2 Geography China has huge deserts, fertile farmland, and some of the world’s largest rivers

3 Population: 1.2 Billion

4 Percentage of Population Without Reasonable Access to Safe Drinking Water Reasonable access to safe drinking water is defined as the availability of at least 20 litres per person per day from an improved source within 1 kilometer of the user's dwelling.

5 Life Expectancy

6 Population Growth since 1000 AD

7 Rivers Yellow River (Huang He) Beginning of Chinese Civilization Yangtze (Chang Jiang) 3950 miles long World’s 3 rd longest*

8 Ancient China Dynasties : Xia Dynasty About 1994 BCE - 1766 BCE Shang Dynasty 1766 BCE - 1027 BCE Zhou Dynasty 1122 BCE -256 BCE Qin Dynasty 221 BCE - 206 BCE (Birth of “China”) Early Han Dynasty 206 BCE - 9 AD Xin Dynasty 9 AD - 24 AD Later Han Dynasty 25 AD - 220 AD Three Kingdoms - Period of Disunion 220 AD - 280 AD Sui Dynasty 589 AD - 618 AD Tang Dynasty 618 AD - 907 AD Sung Dynasty 969 AD - 1279 AD Yuan Dyansty 1279 AD - 1368 AD (Mongol rule; largest extent of empire) Ming Dynasty 1368 AD - 1644 AD Manchu or Qing Dynasty 1644 AD - 1912 AD

9 Terra Cotta Army: Qin Dynasty

10 Great Wall: nearly 4000 miles long


12 3 Regions: North China: – Best soil – Cold, dry climate – Manchuria South China: – Less fertile soil – mild, humid climate – Rice, tea, cotton, citrus Sichuan Basin: – Southeastern region – Good farmland – Valuable minerals

13 China’s people 94% Han Tibetans, Mongols, Uighurs make up remaining 6% 60 ethnic minorities

14 An Aging Planet

15 Development of Chinese language Over 3500 year- old writing system Uses symbols instead of letters Each symbol stands for a word Many Dialects, one written language

16 Chinese Inventions

17 Grand Canal World’s oldest, longest canal

18 Canal Facts Started in 581 Sui dynasty Supplied troops and capital with food Over 1000 miles long Imperial highway built alongside

19 Canal Today

20 Confucius Born about 551 BC A time of war and disunity Developed a new moral code Recorded sayings called Analects, compiled by his students Guide to proper moral behavior

21 Confucius Say… Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Respect yourself and others will respect you.

22 Confucian hierarchy of society Know your place!

23 Confucian values Respect for elders Take responsibility for actions Rulers should be most capable, not inherited Tests of Confucian knowledge required to work in government for over 1000 years in China

24 Revolution! 1911- Chinese Empire ends. Republic declared. Until 1949, Nationalist (Chiang Kai-Shek) and Communist (Mao Zedong) forces struggle for power. Sino-Japanese War (vs. Japan) 1937-1945. China loses territory, independence. After WWII, China becomes Communist under Mao Zedong. America is not happy.

25 Taiwan Nationalist government and army flees to Taiwan Chiang Kai-Shek declares Taiwan to be the real China America supports Taiwan and does not talk to or trade with China until the 1970s! China still threatens to take Taiwan back; America threatens war if China attacks.

26 Taiwan




30 In the 1960s, Mao begins his “Cultural Revolution”. Millions of people die when angry brainwashed mobs tear the country apart. Mao’s Little Red Book becomes the most widely read in China. All other books burned

31 9-9-1976: Mao Dies On his deathbed, Mao brags that he had “burned more books than any emperor.” After Mao’s death, his friends were charged with numerous political crimes.

32 After Mao died, Deng Xioaping took control of China. He understood that Mao’s Cultural Revolution was a failure. Deng encouraged business owners to begin trading with foreign countries. Capitalism began to take hold in China. DENG XIOAPING Deng was named Time’s Man of the Year.

33 China today China is beginning to embrace capitalism, but is still communist. New president is Hu Jintao. His chosen successor is Wen Jaibao. We want to be China’s friend, but we don’t like the way they treat people.

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