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SUNONE SOLUTIONS Your Partner for Harvesting Carbon Credits SunOne Solutions M-AGG Conference June 17, 2010.

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1 SUNONE SOLUTIONS Your Partner for Harvesting Carbon Credits SunOne Solutions M-AGG Conference June 17, 2010

2 SUNONE SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW We develop agricultural, land management, and environmental projects for registration and trading on carbon exchange markets. Our primary focus is carbon sequestration projects for Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFLOU), including REDD, methane capture, and biomass. We are members of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and Climate Action Reserve (CAR), also work with Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and American Carbon Registry (ACR). We have successfully developed over 150 projects accounting for over 3 million tCO2 on over 2 million acres in 11 U.S. states. We provide advisory services and project facilitating for clean energy and other carbon projects. SunOne was recently named the #1 Carbon Offset Aggregator in North America by Point Carbon

3 STRONG STRATEGIC PARTNERS C-Quest Capital Formed by ex-World Bank and Goldman Sachs staff Extensive carbon finance experience Nebraska Heavy Industries Leading Nebraska investment fund, Founding Partner Extensive agriculture networks Endesa Carbono Founding partner of SunOne Solutions Leading European and CDM project developer


5 SunOne’s project development services focus on: Farmland Rangeland Forests Grassland AFOLU: PROJECT TYPES

6 SOIL CARBON OVERVIEW Nearly a quarter of global and 10% of US annual emissions result from land use change. Agriculture lands could sequester approximately 200-400 million MtCO2e annually. Lowest abatement cost: Most projects profitable at $2-4 Vs. $15 to $30 for other projects including Ag Methane, CCS, Land Fill Methane, etc

7 VOLUNTARY CARBON INDUSTRY RegistryGlobal Offsets Issued Total US Projects Total US Forestry Projects Total US Ag Soil Projects ACR 30,322,1613210 CAR 4,985,3004830 CCX 82,308,6002122235 VCS 33,000,0001000

8 TOP SOIL CARBON PROJECT DEVELOPERS CompanyCustomersAcres% of TAM Acres per customer 1422,125,1130.4%14,996 4,5005,500,0001.1%1,222 4,0005,000,0001.0%1,250 3502,000,0000.4%5,714 TOTAL8,99214,274,2513.0%1,626

9 PROTOCOLS AND METHODOLOGIES ACR Forestry Standard v2.0, Accepts CDM AF/RE Working on N20 reduction methodology Discussing soil agriculture, in-house Winrock expertise CAR Forestry Protocol – Several project types, inc. avoided conversion Reviewing literature on soil protocols CCX Forestry Protocol - Several project types Rangeland and Farmland Protocols VCS Has REDD and other forestry methodologies in works Limited soil methodology development

10 Measurement Practice base vs. project “measurement” base Measuring carbon or measuring green tonnage Additionality Project Baseline Scenario – How to define business as usual Regulatory, Common Practice, Implementation Barriers Concern over public lands Permanence Key issue with AFOLU Reversals and buffer pools Leakage issues – important for ranching like forestry Avoided conversion of grasslands MAJOR ISSUES: SOIL AND FORESTRY

11 Forestry “standards” can provide a good model for agriculture soil “standards” as major carbon project issues are similar, particularly with focus on permanence. The blocking and tackle of projects is different, and forester mentality is very different from farmer/rancher mentality regarding carbon. Demand for soil agriculture projects has been way to slow to develop, mainly due to lack of protocols / methodologies and govt support. Shifting to a $3-$4 per ton economically viable measurement approach is key PR value of forestry is higher than grasslands (in a voluntary market). Our govt policies focus too much on sustaining our agriculture “sector” but not our agriculture “lands.” CONCLUSIONS

12 ALABAMA OFFICE 715 Avenue A, Suite 209 Opelika, AL 36801 (334) 749-6111 COLORADO OFFICE PO Box 2969 Denver, CO 80201 (303) 500-5017 NEBRASKA OFFICE 720 "0" St., Suite E Lincoln, NE 68508 (402) 817-4317 TEXAS OFFICE 1227 Heppner Drive Cedar Park, TX 78613 (512) 567-3165 John Hodges Colorado, New York Forrest Mertens Colorado, California John McDaniel Alabama Jace Nore Nebraska Konrad Huber Brazil Kimo Storke Texas OFFICE LOCATIONS CONTACT

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