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Population Change in the West of Ireland

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1 Population Change in the West of Ireland

2 The population density of the west of Ireland has changed dramatically in the past 200 years. Before the Famine in the 1840’s the population rose sharply. During the Famine, many people died or emigrated to the UK or the US. Emigration continued after the Famine and so the population of the west declined for more than 100 years. Outward migration from these areas is leading to a decrease in the population. In recent years the west is experiencing counter-urbanisation

3 Why did the decline continue?

4 Geography Detectives!!

5 1 2 3 4 5 6

6 CLUE 1: Population Change: Clifden Rural District and Galway
Where did people go? Can you think of any reasons? Back

7 Clue 2… Which area has seen the biggest change in population?
Can you think why?

8 Does this help?

9 Clue 3…the Dublin Region
This will definitely help…

10 Clue 4…Meanwhile in West Clare
What has happened? Why?

11 Clue 5 What is the problem here? Does it link to clue 4?

12 Clue 6 What is the problem here?
Does it link to any of the other bits of evidence?

13 Why has Ireland a low population density and what problems has it caused?

14 one historical reason (something that occurred in the past)
On your white board write down: one historical reason (something that occurred in the past) Potato blight and the famine Farmers leaving farm to one son…others in family emigrated b. one economic reason (to do with money) Clue 2…higher income (18.1% above average as compared to 8.9% below) Clue 2…Dublin region, economic magnet c. one social reason (to do with people) Clue 1…better educational services / jobs are plentiful / entertainment d. one physical reason (to do with the land) Land is hilly, rocky and boggy. Soils are thin and infertile

15 How has a low population density affected the west of Ireland?

16 CLUE 4: fewer babies being born (falling birth rate)… fewer young people… lower marriage rates… young people are migrating away from the rural areas… jobs in cities… not wanting to work on farms… CLUE 5: Famers average age is increasing… (51 – 54)… out-migration of young people… land has been neglected… farms left in the care of the older population. CLUE 6: Empty buildings… lack roads… declining services … don’t attract large-scale commercial or industrial development…economically isolated

17 Low Population Density
Areas of low population density have few people living in them. In Ireland they are usually isolated rural areas or islands. Young people leave these areas when they go to university or for work. They go to the big cities like Dublin, Cork, and Galway. This can lead to many problems such as; - Low marriage rates – few young people remain to start families. - Abandoning farmland – young people don’t want to work on the farm. - Economic isolation – Businesses won’t set up there because there are few workers or customers.

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