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World Geography Mid-Term Test Review.

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1 World Geography Mid-Term Test Review

2 According to the diagram, what season is it in China on the June 21st solstice?
A summer B winter C spring D fall

3 When does the Northern Hemisphere have the warmest climate?
A when it is tilted most directly towards the Sun B when it faces the Sun for twelve hours a day C when it is warmest in the Southern Hemisphere D when it is tilted away from the Sun

4 Where would a warm rainforest biome be located?
A highlands B low latitudes C middle latitudes D high latitudes

5 An earthquake is part of which sphere?
A atmosphere B biosphere C lithosphere D hydrosphere

6 As a river reaches its mouth, it is often affected by incoming tides, resulting in a landform called a(n)— A source B atoll C delta D current

7 Which of the following is directly responsible for the rotation pattern of hurricanes and typhoons?
A the revolution of the Earth around the Sun B ocean currents C the Coriolis Effect D latitude

8 Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of a plateau?
A volcanic ash B tectonic movement C gravitational pull D soil deposition

9 The climate of an area is determined by several factors
The climate of an area is determined by several factors. Which factor is MOST important in determining a type of climate? A amount of rainfall B proximity to water C longitude D latitude

10 Relative location : ____________ :: absolute location : ____________
A directional terms…longitude and latitude B longitude and latitude…directional terms C geography…cartography D GPS…grid system

11 Which of the following least affects the location of cities?
A location of resources B transportation routes C fertile soil D economic activities

12 As a country's economy develops, it tends to move from ____________ to ____________, which would be much more profitable. A commercial agriculture ...commercial industries B cottage building ... apartment building C cottage industries ... commercial industries D advertising ... word-of-mouth

13 If one were to construct a population pyramid of a country that had recently been in an extended war, which of the following would likely be shown on that pyramid? A a large percentage of men in the 20 to 40 year old range B a larger percentage of men than of women C a small percentage of men in the 20 to 40 year old range D a large percentage of babies in the 1 to 5 year old range

14 What changes, if any, should be made to the graphic above so that it correctly describes positive and negative effects of globalization? A Switch the locations of II and IV. B Change III to be Lower Standard of Living. C Delete I altogether. D Make no change.

15 If you were going to start a commercial agriculture business, which of the following areas would have the MOST promise for its location? A an area with interesting topography B an area with transportation routes and access to resources C an area with a huge labor force close to an international trade route D an area where there is an increasing number of citizens in need of social services

16 Use the information in the chart above to determine which countries would be considered more developed. A 3, 6, 7 B 3, 4, 6 C 2, 4, 7 D 4, 5, 6

17 Which of the following describes animism as a religion and lists the correct location for most people who practice it? A It is the worship of animals and environmental features and is found mainly in many parts of Africa. B It is the belief in an assured afterlife and is found mainly in many parts of China and India. C It is the belief in physical features around a culture and is found mainly in many parts of Europe. D It is the belief in idols or images and is found mainly in many parts of Asia and Australia.

18 People migrate for a variety of reasons
People migrate for a variety of reasons. These are usually categorized as push and pull factors. Which of the following is a PUSH factor? A religious freedom B political stability C better employment D natural disaster

19 Which cultural group would most likely inhabit Northern Canada?
A English B French C Spanish D American Indian

20 What determines the production and distribution of goods in a communist system?
A consumers B businesses C markets D governments

21 Which of the following explains how an increase in elevation affects climate?
A air pressure and temperature decrease B wind speed and temperature increase C air pressure and wind speeds decrease D precipitation and temperature increases

22 Use the passage and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following question.
This region is organized around a large city. The surrounding area is connected to and generally relies on the transportation, communication, and economic activity of the city. Which of the following types of regions is described above? A formal B cultural C functional D perceptual

23 19. Andreas is a country with a large population
19. Andreas is a country with a large population. It is mainly agrarian, but is trying to develop some industries to process its main export coffee. Unemployment is a problem, as well as education of its workforce. Establishing a lasting government has not been successful, but it is trying to get a democracy to work. Using the reading above and your knowledge of social studies, what would be the BEST description of the economy of Andreas? A developed B developing C secondary D tertiary

24 Which of the following is MOST directly responsible for the different seasons on Earth?
A rotation of the Earth on its axis B revolution of the Earth around the Sun C phases of the moon D position of other planets in the Solar System

25 Which of the following has been a benefit of globalization?
A pandemics B increased standard of living C loss of local culture D widespread environmental impacts

26 . All of the continental United States is located on the North American plate except for some of the west coast of California which is located on the Pacific plate. The ____________ is located where these plates come together causing a potential for major ____________. A a rift valley, tornadic activity B Continental Divide, volcanic eruptions C Canadian Shield, erosion D San Andreas Fault, earthquakes

27 . How have advances in agricultural technology been beneficial?
A increased use of fossil fuels B elimination of animal habitats C decreased need of government aid D more efficient production of crops

28 Which of the following would be considered a push factor in human migration?
A lower land costs B lack of career opportunities C improved educational system D more favorable climate

29 The following is a citizen response to the policies of the new president of Honduras.
The Hondurans are proud to be and with legitimate reason. I think at this critical hour of our history, it is necessary, indispensable, that each of us reflect on our responsibility toward Honduras. Mine, not ours, but the responsibility and obligation that I, personally, I have to the country. For this land God has given me or allowed me to take, and which is mine. Honduras mine, me and you and every one of my fellow citizens: it is an inescapable consequence of nationality. Therefore, I, you and each of us that Hondurans constitute collective, are responsible for the care of Honduras and its integrity. Responsible for continuous improvement. Responsible for their progress and development. My obligation to Honduras is the same that I can have for my mother, my wife, for my children. If I put myself and you, this wonderful country will move forward renewed and thriving. Because it is full, full of opportunities. I can!, You can!, We can! We! It only takes one act of will and show my love for this Honduras mine with deeds and not words. —Federico Alvarez, Blog (Modified), Camino Democrático 31. The excerpt above is an example of which of the following? A how to use patriotism to overthrow the government B the belief that Honduras is a great country C how changes can be made in government if people join together D the attempt to influence public policy with nationalistic ideas

30 Which of the following is the best example of how air conditioning technology has allowed humans to adapt to the environment? A It has allowed the growth of urban centers in areas of extreme heat. B It has allowed people to work later at night and increase productivity. C It has helped to decrease disease in humid areas of the south. D It has increased the use of electricity in both urban and rural areas.

31 . Which of the following is a significant environmental challenge to developing nations in South America? A toxic emissions B sedimentation C deforestation D droughts

32 Use the passage and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following question.
A group of people has __________cultural perceptions when they believe that their cultural values are more important than others. This is usually because they view cultural characteristics through a specific __________. Which of the following best completes the excerpt above? A ethnorelative, stereotype B stereotypical, ethnic view C dominant, perception D ethnocentric, cultural lens

33 All of the following are ways that humans have modified the environment of Latin America EXCEPT —
A building of the Panama Railroad B burning of the rainforest for farmland C building winding roads through the Andes D studying the environment through expeditions

34 What trade agreement of the 1990s changed trade patterns between the United States and Canada?
A Pacific Rim Free Trade Agreement B North American Free Trade Agreement C Canadian-American Free Trade Agreement D United States Tariff Policy Agreement

35 . Which physical feature is a natural border between Argentina and Chile?
A mountains B deserts C rivers D plains

36 . The Columbian Exchange occurred among Africa, Latin America, North America, and Europe. What is a lasting effect on Latin America from this exchange? A Europe colonized the area. B Slavery continued on plantations. C New products came from Africa that continues to be used today. D African cultural influence is evident today.

37 . The use of terrace farming by the Incas is an example of which of the following?
A modifying the environment B destruction of the environment C irrigating dry areas using the drip technique D use of advanced technology equipment

38 According to the map, what geographic feature was essential for migration to the Americas?
A Isthmus of Panama B Pacific Ocean C Beringia Land Bridge D Canadian Glaciers

39 . Which example BEST demonstrates a European nation's use of technology having lasting social, environmental, and economic impacts? A the use of terracing in Switzerland to provide additional farmland B the application of artificial fertilizers in Ireland to improve potato crops C the use of polders in the Netherlands to reclaim land from the sea D the partitioning of Germany after World War II

40 . Which factor has most contributed to the reorganization of European national boundaries since 1990? A religion B ethnicity C political parties D economies

41 Use the list and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following question.
- Found between 5 degrees north and 5 degrees south of the equator - Sailors originally noticed the stillness of the rising air which was not blowing in any direction - Officially known as the Intertropical Convergence Zone The list above describes which of the following? A doldrums B polar winds C westerlies D tropical storms

42 Where would France likely fall on the economic spectrum?

43 Which country most likely has the highest standard of living?
A Poland B France C United Kingdom D Bulgaria

44 Use the lists and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following question.
Regions 1. formal region 2. functional region 3. perceptual region Descriptions a. a central area connected to others by transportation, communication, or economic activity b. a subjective image created by people's thoughts and feelings about an area c. an area that shares common human or physical characteristics Which set correctly matches the types of regions and their descriptions? A 1a, 2b, 3c B 1b, 2c, 3a C 1a, 2c, 3b D 1c, 2a, 3b

45 . Which of the following most influences the marine west coast climate of Europe?
A prevailing westerly winds off the Atlantic Ocean B the Alps C prevailing southerly winds off the Mediterranean Sea D deforestation

46 . Which of the following is the most accurate description of how the Andes Mountains were formed?
A The Nazca Plate and the South American Plate are converging. This causes an uplift of the land on the western side of the South American Plate due to the subduction of the Nazca Plate. B The South American Plate and the Nazca Plate are diverging. This causes the formation of mountain ridges on the western side of the South American Plate due to the convection under the Earth’s surface. C The Nazca Plate and the South American Plate are converging. This causes a subduction of the land on the western side of the South American Plate due to the converging of the Pacific Plate. D The South American Plate and the Nazca Plate are transforming. This causes the formation of mountain ridges on the western side of the South American Plate due to the tectonic movement of the Earth’s surface.

47 Spain built Europe's first __________ plant nearly 40 years ago and is the largest user of this technology in the Western world. Spanish companies lead the market, operating in regions including India, the Middle East, and North America. Spanish innovation contributes to bringing sustainable ________ to millions. Which terms complete the paragraph above about technological innovation in Europe? A oil refining…energy B desalination…clean water C desalination…energy D nuclear…transportation

48 . Where are the least developed countries located in Europe?
A north B south C east D west

49 . federalism : United States of America ::___________ : ___________
A European Union : economic policy B socialism : communism C supranationalism : European Union D economic treaties : common good

50 The French government imposes a quota on the importation of foreign movies. For every seven foreign movies shown, a theater in France must show one domestically produced movie. Which reason is the likely motivation for limiting foreign movies in France? A to prevent a loss of French culture B to improve exports of French films C to protect theater profits D to monitor the messages of foreign films

51 . Areas of Europe affected by a Mediterranean climate most likely experience —
A warm, dry summers B short growing seasons C cold, snowy winters D heavy rains

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