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CONNECT Our Future – Project Update Sushil Nepal, Project Manager.

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1 CONNECT Our Future – Project Update Sushil Nepal, Project Manager

2 Process Map – where are we? We Are Here

3 Work Group Deliverables Percent Complete CONNECT Products/Deliverables Completed as scheduled On Target for Completion as scheduled

4 Preferred Growth concept Affirmation  Major (re)investment in walkable downtowns, mixed-use activity centers, walkable neighborhoods & major transit corridors  More housing choices, travel choices, open space/farmland preservation & job centers  Smaller service areas for providing local government services Affirmed by CONNECT Consortium on July 29, 2014

5 Preview of Framework Structure

6 Regional Framework Products: Goals  User-friendly, graphically rich  Engaging user experience  Use and boost the “brand”  Celebratory, promotional, informational and educational  Easy to update Tools that assist communities to implement the Preferred Growth Concept and Strategies

7 Framework Document  Encapsulates the story of CONNECT  Primary user: all. Needs to engage the “expert” as well as the casual reader  NOT a traditional report  magazine style  Serves as a teaser - Provide enough to interest the reader in getting more information  directs readers to the website (use of QR codes, links, etc.)

8 Framework Document Outline Magazine Style From the Editor Spotlight Faces of CONNECT (interspersed) The CONNECT Essentials About CONNECT The Region Our Future Who Participated? What’s Online Features One each about the priorities: Why is this a priority Making it happen Here’s why it works What you can do Ideas from around here and there Tools (interspersed) The Future of CONNECT

9 Framework Website

10 What’s Next? Sept 18 th Program and Policy Forum meeting to review, discuss and comment on content/structure of Framework Approval of Final Framework at November Program and Policy Forum meetings Influence local policies and policies at State and Federal Level (handout for reference)

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