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Name:Liu Shengtian NO. :211205010031 Major:Land Resources Management.

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1 Name:Liu Shengtian NO. :211205010031 Major:Land Resources Management

2 contents Introduction to Land Economics: Scope and Content Concepts of Land Economics Land Resources Supply and Demand The Valuation and Use of Land Farmland Preservation

3 Introduction to Land Economica: Scope and Content

4 Land economics deals with the economic relationships people have with others respecting land it is always concerned with problems and situations in which land,its use,or its control are regarded as factors of strategic or limiting importance.

5 Land economics: a branch of political economy Land economics is an applied branch of economics Land economists often step beyond the bounds of economics to operate as social science land specialists in the broader field of political economy

6 Threefold framework affecting land use Threefold framework involves Technological and economic considerations Institutional arrangements 3 Physical and biological factors 1 2

7 Concepts of land Economics

8 Now, land economics has been tools of analysis. At this part, emphasis is given to three basic ideas.

9 1.The economic concept of land and land resources 2.A classification of land uses by type 3.The concept of land use-capacity

10 一、 The economic concept of land and land resources The economic of land include the question about finger of land 、 land use 、 distribution of land etc revenue Economic relations and issues of economic theory 土地经济是指土地制度、土地利用、土地收益 分配等方面的经济关系及经济理论问题

11 二、 A classification of land uses by type

12 3.The concept of land use-capacity How to make the land have the highest use- capacity ? Efforts were intensified to land more economically and intensively, resulting in continued improvement in land - use efficiency. ( 节约集约用地工作力度加大,土地利用效率继续提高。 )

13 Land Resources Supply and Demand The adequacy of our land resource base call for frequent use of the terms supply and demand. We will follow popular usage (用法) in speaking of supply as the quantity of goods or resources available for use and of demand as the amounts of a commodity (货物) people want and are willing to buy.

14 When we speak of the physical supply (土地的自然供给) of land,we are concerned with the physical existence of resources. The economic supply of land involves only that portion of total physical supply that people want and use. The concept of demand is analogous to (类似于) that of suppy. As a physical concept,demand is associated with desires,needs,and wants for commodities and services.

15 Under real market conditions,supply and demand fanctors tend to follow the model of the perfect market. The amount of any given land resources supplied or demanded are usually responsive to price changes but in most situations,supply and demand reponses tend to be inelastic.

16 The valuation and use of land Land use and valuation was an important concern in the early decades of modern economices, beginning in the late eighteenth century . In a sense, the study of land economics was the beginning of the economics of natural resources. land is clearly an important input factor into many economic activities-agriculture and forestry; residential, commercial, and industrial uses; and mineral exploration. it also supports an enormous variety of ecosystems. Land ownership was also for many centuries the key to personal wealth and social power. Our focus is on the economic principles surrounding the efficient use of land as a natural resource, the determination of the value of land, an how different types of ownership of land affects land use and value.


18 Farmland Preservation

19 Introduction Many states have adopted a variety of farmland presetvation measures that inhibit urban development.

20 Arguments: Threats to national food security; the “ unproductive ” characteu of housing compared with “ productive ” agricluture; the risk of more environmentaldegradation from prsticides if a smaller agricultural land stock is used more intensively;

21 There are many arguments on the other side: Land ’ s highest and best use to urban boundaries can change from rural to urban;when it does,elementary models of land use show that markets will reallocate that land to its most valued use.

22 Food,resources,and people The proportion of the labor force engaged in agricluture has fallen dramatically Contrary to popular impression,food production per capita has been increasing for the half-century since World War Ⅱ,the only decades for which we have acceptable data.


24 Land economics Land economics shows that free exchange within a systerm of private rights leads to dfficient resource allocation.

25 Conclusions A key institution in this success story is the market mechanism which,in turn,rests on the foundation of laws and property rights.


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