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IN THE NAME OF GOD. Reproductive system the system of organs and parts which function in reproduction consisting in the male especially of the seminal.

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2 Reproductive system the system of organs and parts which function in reproduction consisting in the male especially of the seminal vesicles, prostate, urethra, testes and penis and in the female especially of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina and vulva

3 Roots of reproductive system

4 Genit/o: of reproductive organs تناسلی Genital: pertaining to reproduction or to the reproductive organs. Genitalia: reproductive organs. الات ‌ تناسلي ‌ خارجي ‌ Genitoplasty: plastic surgery (Surgical repair) on the reproductive organs. Hypogenitalism: Partial or complete failure of maturation of the genitalia. Microgenitalism: Abnormal smallness of the external genital organs.

5 Macrogenitosomia: Excessive bodily and genital development, with unusual enlargement of the genital organs. Genitofemoral: Relating to the genitalia and the thigh. Progenitalis: On any of the exposed surfaces of the genitalia. Progenitor cell : stem cell Genitourinary: pertaining to genitalia and urinary system Genital herpes: most common viral STI; caused by herpes simplex virus; characterized by periodic outbreaks of ulcer-like sores on genitals and anorictal skin and mucous membranes

6 Gonad/o: The sex gonads غده ی جنسی Gonadotropic: stimulating the gonads. Gonadopathy: any disease of the gonads. Gonadotropin: any hormone having a stimulating effect on the gonads. Hypergonadotropic: relating to or caused by excessive amounts of gonadotropins. Hypogonadotropic: relating to or caused by deficiency of gonadotropins. Hypergonadism: abnormally increased functional activity of the gonads, with excessive growth and precocious sexual development

7 Sex/o: جنسی Sexology: the scientific study of sex and sexual relation. Asexual : Having no sexual desire or interest. Somatosexual: pertaining to both physical and sex characteristics or to physical manifestations of sexual development. Psychosexual: Pertaining to the relationships among the emotional, mental, physiologic, and behavioral components of sex or sexual development.

8 Homosexuality: sexual orientation toward or activity with persons of the same sex. Isosexual: pertaining to the same sex; having secondary sex characters appropriate to one’s sex. Sexualization: 1. The state characterized by the presence of sexual energy or drive. 2. The act of acquiring sexual energy or drive. 3. The act of imputing a sexual meaning or quality to people or behaviors.

9 Gon/o جنسی : Gonocyte: primordial germ cell Gonophore: an accessory reproductive organ, such as a fallopian tube. Gonosome: sex chromosomes

10 Gam/o: جنسی Agamogenesis: asexual reproduction Gamophobia: Morbid fear of marriage. Gamophagia: The disappearance of the male or female element in zygosis.

11 Erot/o: تمایل جنسی Erotopathy: Any abnormality of the sexual impulse. Erotophobia: fear of love, especially of sexual feelings and activity.

12 Pub/o: بلوغ Puberty: the period during which the secondary characters being to develop and the capability of sexual reproduction is attained. Puberal: Relating to puberty.

13 Root of Male Genital System

14 Andr/o: male مرد Androgen: any steroid hormone that promotes male secondary sex characters. ایجادکننده خصوصیات مردانه Andrology: Medical science relating to diseases of male genital organs and of men in general. Andropathy: Any disease, such as prostatitis, special to the male sex. Andromorphous: Having a male form or habitus. Androphobia: Morbid fear of men, or of the male sex. Androgenesis: Development in the presence of paternal chromosomes only.

15 Vas/o: vas deferens مجرای منی بر Vasography: Radiography of the vas deferens. Vasotomy: incision of the vas (ductus) deferens. Vasovesiculectomy: Excision of the vas deferens and seminal vesicles. Vasosection: surgical incision into or division of the vas deferens

16 Prostat/o: prostate gland غده ی پروستات Prostatectomy: surgical removal of part or all of the prostate gland. Prostatotomy: An incision into the prostate. Prostatalgia: pain in the prostate. Prostatomegaly: hypertrophy of the prostate. Prostatitis: Inflammation of the prostate. Prostatolith: a stone formed in the prostate. Prostatorrhea: An abnormal discharge of prostatic fluid.

17 Prostatolithotomy: Incision of the prostate for removal of a stone of prostate. Prostatovesiculitis: inflammation of the prostate and seminal vesicles. Prostatovesiculectomy: excision of the prostate and seminal vesicles. Prostatocystitis: inflammation of the prostate and the bladder.

18 Epididym/o: epididymis اپیدیدیم Epididymal: Relating to the epididymis. Epididymectomy: surgical removal of the epididymis. Epididymitis: Inflammation of the epididymis. Epididymoplasty: Surgical repair of the epididymis. Epididymotomy: Incision into the epididymis. Epididymo-orchitis: inflammation of an epididymis and testis.

19 Sperm/i: sperm اسپرم Aspermia: failure in a male of production of sperm. Monospermy: Fertilization by the entrance of only one sperm into the oocyte. Dispermy: Entrance of two sperms into one oocyte. Polyspermia: excessive secretion of semen. Hemospermia: Presence of blood in the seminal fluid. Bacteriospermia: Bacteria in the semen or ejaculate. Oligospermia: deficiency of sperm in the semen.

20 Spermat/o: sperm اسپرم Spermatology: The branch of histology, physiology, and embryology concerned with sperm and/or seminal secretion. Spermatocidal: Destructive to sperm. Spermatitis: inflammation of a vas deferens. Spermatocelectomy: excision of a spermatocele. Spermatogeny: formation of sperm cells. Spermatolysis: Destruction, with dissolution, of the sperms.

21 Spermiduct : ductus deferens, ejaculatory duct Spermiogenesis: the second stage in the formation of sperm,in which the spermatids transform into spermatozoa.

22 Semin/i: sperm اسپرم Seminiferous: producing or carrying semen. Seminuria: discharge of semen in the urine.

23 Vesicul/o: seminal vesicle Vesiculography: Radiography of the seminal vesicle. Vesiculogram: a radiograph of the seminal vesicles. Vesiculation: formation of vesicles. Vesiculotomy:Surgical incision of the seminal vesicles. Vesiculectomy: Surgical removal of a seminal vesicle. Vesiculitis: inflammation of a seminal vesicle.

24 Osche/o: scrotum کیسه بیضه Oscheoplasty: Surgical repair of the scrotum. Oscheoma: tumor of the scrotum. Oscheitis: An inflammation of the scrotum. Oscheal: Relating to the scrotum. Synoscheos: adhesion between the penis and scrotum.

25 Orchi/o: testes بیضه Anorchia: Absence of the testes; may be congenital or acquired. Orchialgia: Pain in the testis. Orchiopathy: Disease of a testis. Orchiopexy: surgical fixation of an undescended testis in the scrotum. Orchiotomy: Incision into a testis. Orchitis: Inflammation of the testis.

26 Orchioplasty: plastic surgery of the testis. Orchiotherapy: Treatment with testicular extracts. Monorchia: A condition in which only one testis is apparent, the other being absent or undescended. Orchiocele: hernial protrusion of a testis.( A testis retained in the inguinal canal.)

27 Orchid/o: testes Orchidic: Relating to the testis. Orchidectomy: surgical removal of testes. Orchidorraphy: surgical fixation of an undescended testis in the scrotum. Orchidopexy: surgical fixation of an undescended testis in the scrotum. Orchiditis: Inflammation of the testis.

28 Monorchidism: A condition in which only one testis is apparent, the other being absent or undescended. Synorchidism: Congenital fusion of the testes into one mass. Orchidometer:A caliper device used to measure the size of testes.

29 Test/o: testes Testicular: pertaining to the testis. Testalgia: pain in a testis. Testectomy: excision of one or both testes.(done when a testis is seriously injured or diseased as in testicular cancer.)

30 Didym/o: testes Didymitis: inflammation of a testis. Didymus: testis. Didymalgia: pain in a testis.

31 Balan/o: Glans penis Balanitis: Inflammation of the glans penis or clitoris. Balanic: Relating to the glans penis. Balanoplasty: Surgical repair of the glans penis.

32 Phall/o: penis Phallectomy: Surgical removal of the penis. Phalloplasty: Surgical repair of the penis. Phallotomy: Surgical incision into the penis. Phallitis: Inflammation of the penis. Phalloid: phalliform: Resembling in shape a penis. Phallalgia: Pain in the penis.

33 Phallodynia: phallalgia : Pain in the penis. Phalloncus: A tumor or swelling of the penis. Phallocrypsis: Dislocation and retraction of the penis. Polyphallic: Pertaining to the fantasy of possessing multiple penises.

34 Pen/o: penis Penotomy: Surgical incision into the penis. Penoscrotal: Relating to both penis and scrotum. Penial: Relating to the penis. Penile: Relating to the penis. Penectomy: surgical removal of the penis. Penitis: inflammation of the penis.

35 Roots of Female Genital System

36 Gyn/o: female زن Gynopathy: disease of wemen. Gynoplasty: plastic surgery of the female genital organs. Gynophobia:Fear of women.

37 gynec/o: female زن Gynecology: study of diseases of the female genital tract Gynecopathy: any disease unique to women.

38 Mast/o: breast پستان Mastalgia: pain in the breast Mastectomy: surgical removal of the breast Mastitis: inflammation of the breast Mastopexy: surgical lifting of the breasts Mastodynia: pain in the female breast Mastopathy: breast disease Mastatrophy: atrophy of the breast

39 Mamm/o: breast پستان Mamma :plural of mamilla Mammal:related to breast Mammary:pertaining to the mammary gland or breast Mammectomy: mastectomy Mammogarm: a radiograph of the breast. Mammography: a radiography of the breast. Mammitis: inflammaton of the breast.

40 Mammotropic:having a stimulating effect on the mammary gland Mammotropin:prolaction Mammoplasia:development of the breast tissue Mammotomy: incision of a mammary gland.

41 Thel/o: nipple نوک پستان Thelalgia: pain in the nipples Theleplasty: a plastic operation on the nipple Thelerethism:erection of the nipple thelitis: inflammation of the nipple thelorrhhagia: hemorrhage from the nipple thelarche: beginning of development of the breast at puberty

42 Ovari/o: ovary تخمدان Ovariocele: hernia of an ovary Ovaricentesis: surgical puncture of an ovary Ovariopexy: the opretion of elevating and fixing an ovary to the abdominal wall Ovaritis: inflammation of ovary Ovariotubal: pertaining to an ovary and oviduct Ovariosalpingectomy: excision of ovary and oviduct

43 Oophor/o: ovary تخمدان Oophoropexy: the operation of elevating and fixing an ovary to the abdominal wall. Oophoroplasty: plastic repair of an ovary. Oophorotomy: incision of an ovary. Oophorocystectomy: excision of an ovarian cyst Oophorocystosis:the formation of ovarian cyst Oophorectomy:removal of one or both ovaries Oophoron :an ovary

44 Oo/o:ovum تخمک Ooblast:a primitive cell from which an ovum ultimately develops Oogonium:an ovarian egg during fetal development, near the time of birth it becomes aprimery oocyte Oogenesis:the process of formation of female gamets

45 Ov/o: ovum تخمک ovular: pertaining to an ovular or an ovum ovulation: the discharge of the ovum from the graafian follicle. Ovoplasm: the cytoplasm of an unfertilized ovum Ovotestis: a gonad containing both testicular and ovarian tissue

46 Metr/o: uterus رحم Metrodynia: pain in the uterus Metropathy: any disease of the uterus Metrorrhea: a free or abnormal uterin discharge Metrorrhexis: rupture of the uterus Metrorrhagia: uterine bleeding

47 Uter/o: uterus رحم Uteroplasty: Plastic surgery of the uterus. Uteroscopy: Visual instrumental inspection of the uterine cavity. Uteropexy: Fixation of a displaced or abnormally movable uterus. Uterotubography: Radiography of the uterus and fallopian. Uterovaginal: Relating to the uterus and the vagina. Uterometer: A graduated sound used to measure the depth of the uterine cavity.

48 Hyster/o: uterus رحم Hysterotomy: incision of the uterus Hysterorrhaphy: suture of the uterus Hysterolith: uterine calculus Hysteropathy: any disease of the uterus Hysteroptosis: prolapse of the uterus Hysterography: the graphic recording of the strength of uterine contraction in labor

49 Salping/o: fallopian tube لوله رحمی Salpingitis: inflammation of a fallopian tube. Salpingectomy: surgical removal of a fallopian tube. Salpingoplasty: plastic repair of a uterine tube Salpingotomy: surgical incision of a fallopian tube. Salpingolysis: surgical separation of adhesions involving the uterine tubes Salpingography: radiography of the uterine tubes

50 Cervic/o: cervix گردن رحم cervical: pertaining to the cervix cervicectomy: exision of the cervix uteri cervicitis: inflammation of the cervix cervicocolpitis: inflammation of the cervix uteri and vagina Cervicoplasty: plastic surgery on the cervix uteri. Cervicotomy: incision of the uterine cervix.

51 Trachel/o: cervix گردن رحم Tracheloplasty: Rarely used term for surgery of the cervix uteri. Trachelotomy: cervicotomy: Incision into the cervix uteri. Hysterotrachelorrhaphy: Sutural repair of a lacerated cervix uteri. Trachelopexia: Surgical fixation of the cervix uteri.

52 Vagin/o: vagina مجرای تناسلی Vaginectomy: excision of the vagina Vaginitis: inflammation of the vagina Vaginodynia: pain in the vagina Vaginopathy: any disease of the vagina Vaginopexy: vaginofixation Vaginoplasty: plastic surgery of the vagina Vaginotomy: incision of the vagina

53 Colp/o: vagina مجرای تناسلی Colpalgia: pain in the vagina Colpectomy: excision of the vagina Colpitis: inflammation of the vagina Colpopexy: suture of a relaxed vagina to the abdominal wall Colporhaphy: suture of the vagina Colpotomy: incision of the vagina

54 Vulv/o: vulva آلت تناسلی زن vulvectomy: excision of the vulva vulvitis: inflammation of the vulva vulvovaginitis: inflammation of the vulva and vagina

55 Episi/o: vulva آلت تناسلی زن Episioperineoplasty :plastic repair of the vulva and perineum Episioperineorrhaphy:suture of the vulva and perineum Episiotomy:surgical incision into the perineum and vagina for abstetrical purposes Episiostenosis:narrowing of the vulvar orifice

56 Perine/o: میان دو راه Perineal:pertaining to the perineum Perineocele:a hernia between the rectum and the prostate or between the rectum and the vagina Perineoplasty:plastic repair of the perineum Perineorrhaphy:suture of the perineum

57 Clitor/o: clitoris Clitoromegaly: An enlarged clitoris. Clitoroplasty: Any plastic surgery procedure on the clitoris.

58 Clitorid/o: clitoris Clitoridectomy:excision of the clitoris Clitoridotomy:incision of the clitoris,female circumcision Clitorimegaly:enlargement of clitoris Clitoris:the small elongated, erectile body in the female,situated at the anterior angle of the rima pudenda and homologous with the penis in the male Clitorism:1) hypertrophy of the clitoris 2)persistent erection of the clitoris

59 Hymen/o: hymen Hymenology: the science dealing with the membranes of the body Hymenectomy: excision of the hymen Hymenitis: inflammation of the hymen. Hymenotomy: incision of the hymen.

60 Men/o: menstruation قاعدگی Menolipsis: temporary cessation of menstruation Menorrhalgia: painful menstruation Menostasia/menostasis: absence or abnormal stoppage of the menses

61 Root of Pregnancy and Birth

62 Amni\o: amniun آمنیون Monoamniotic twins:twins developing within a single amniotic cavity Amniotomy : surgical rupture of the fetal membranes as, a means of inducing or expediting labor Amnioscopy : Examination of the amniotic fluid in the lowest part of the amniotic sac by means of an endoscope introduced through the cervical canal. Amniorrhexis : Rupture of the amniotic membrane. Amniorrhea : Escape of amniotic fluid Amnionitis : Inflammation of the amnion

63 Amniogenesis : the development of the amnion Amniography : radiography of the pregnant uterus after injection of an opague contrast medium into the amniotic fluid Amniocentesis: trans abdominal performation of the amniotic sac,in order to abtain a sample of amniotic fluid Amniocorial : pertaining to amnion and chorion

64 Amnioinfusion: injection of solution into the amniotic fluid,usually to induce abortion Amnion: the innermost fetal membrane Amnioscope: an endoscope that. Amniotic: pertaining to the amnion Amniotome: an instrument for puncturing the fetal membranes

65 Chori\o: chorion Choriocapillaris : capillary lamina of choroid Choriogonadotropin : chorionic gonadotropin Chorioadenoma : adenoma of the chorion. A benign neoplasm of chorion, especially with hydatidiform mole formation Choriollantois : Extraembryonic membrane formed by the fusion of the allantois with the serosa or false chorion. In mammalian embryos, it forms the fetal portion of the placenta; in avian embryos, it is fused with the shell. Chorioamnionitis : Infection involving the chorion, amnion, and amniotic fluid; usually the placental villi and decidua are also involved.inflammation of the fetal membranes

66 Chorioangiosis : An abnormal increase in the number of vascular channels in placental villi; severe chorioangiosis is associated with a high incidence of neonatal death and major congenital malformations. Choriomammotropin : human placental lactogen Chorioretinitis: retinochoroiditis Chorioretinopathy : A primary abnormality of the choroid with extension to the retina Monochorionic : Relating to or having a single chorion; denoting monovular twins Neurochorioretinitis : Inflammation of the choroid, the retina, and the optic nerve.

67 chorioangioma : an angioma of the chorion Choriocele : protrusion of the chorion through an aperture Choriogenesis : the development of the chorion Chorioma : any trophoblastic proliferation

68 Placent\o: جفت Placentoma: deciduoma placentotherapy: Therapeutic use of an extract of placental tissue Thermoplacentography : Obsolete method for determination of placental position by detection of infrared rays from the large amounts of blood flowing through the placenta. Plasentitis: inflammation of the placenta Placentography: radiologic visualization of the placenta after injection of the contrast medium

69 milkLact\o: Lactobacilli: Plural of lactobacillus. Lactobezoar: A bezoar attributed to enriched calcium or casein content in some formulas prepared for premature infants Lactocrit: An instrument used to estimate the amount of butterfat in milk Lactochrome : lactoflavin1 lactorrhea: excessive milk flow lactoscope: galactoscope lactotroph: A pituitary cell that produces prolactin,a type of acidophil in the adenohypophysis that secretes prolactin Lactotrophic : Older term for prolactin-producing.

70 Lactobacillus: a genus of bacteria Lactocele: galactocele Lactogenesis: galactopoiesis Lactogen: any substance that enhances lactation Lactose: a suger derived from the milk of mammals Lactosuria: elevated levels of lactose Lactotrope: lactotroph

71 Galact/o: milk Galactocele: hydrocele filled with milky fluid Galactography: radiography of the mammary ducta Galactosis: the formation of milk by the lacteal glands Galactostasis: cessation of milk secretion/abnormal collection of milk in the mammary glands

72 Gest/o:peregnanc Gestosis : Any disorder of pregnancy. Progeston : 1. Any agent capable of producing biologic effects similar to those of progesterone; most progestogens are steroids like the natural hormones. 2. A synthetic derivative from testosterone or progesterone that has some of the physiologic activity and pharmacologic effects of progesterone; progesterone is antiestrogenic, whereas some progestogens have estrogenic or androgenic properties in addition to progestational activity.

73 Gravid/a: pregnant حاملگی Gravida : a pregnan woman Multigravida : A pregnant woman who has been pregnant one or more times previously Nulligravida: A woman who has never conceived a child Nausea gravidarum: morning sickness primigravida : gravida,during the first pregnancy Gravidic : occurring in pregnancy Gravidocardiac: pertaining to heart disease in pregnancy Gravimetric: pertaining to measurement by weight Gravid uterus: one containing a developing fetus

74 Toc/o:child birth زایمان Ectocornea: The outer layer of the cornea Monotocous: Producing a single offspring at a birth. Tocography: The process of recording uterine contractions. Tocophobia: Morbid dread of childbirth Tocology: obstetrics

75 زایمان Part\o: Partogram: Graph of labor parameters of time and dilation with alert and action lines to prompt intervention if the curve deviates from expected.

76 Para: awoman who has given birth to زن زاییده an infant or infants Nulipara: A woman who has never borne a child Obstetric paralysis: obstetric palsy nonparametric: A group of statistical maneuvers that can be applied effectively to nonnormal or nongaussian data that is nonnormal or nongaussian in distribution. Myeloparalysis : spinal paralysis parabiosis: the unin of two individuals as conjoined twins Paracentesis: surgical puncture of the cavity for the aspiration of fluid

77 Ped/o: child or children طفل Pedodontia: pedodontics pedodontics: The branch of dentistry concerned with the dental care and treatment of children Pedodontist: A dentist who practices pedodontics Pedogenesis: Permanent larval stage with sexual development, as in certain gall midges (genus Miastor). Pedogram: A record made by the pedograph Pedograph: An instrument to record and study the gait Pedography : Production of a record as made by a pedograph

78 pedometer: An instrument for measuring the distance covered in walking. Pedomorphism: Description of adult behavior in terms appropriate to child behavior Pedophilia: In psychiatry, an abnormal attraction to children by an adult for sexual purposes. Pedophilic : Relating to or exhibiting pedophilia Stapedotomy : A surgical technique for the improvement of hearing in otosclerosis: a hole is made in the footplate of the stapes bone through which is placed the piston-shaped end of a prosthesis, the other end of which is attached to the long process of the incus bone. Pedodynamometer: an instrument for measuring leg strength

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